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What is your BitTorrent Client and why?


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    • µTorrent
    • Deluge
    • qBittorrent
    • Transmission
    • Vuze
    • rTorrent
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I have tested about 15+ clients for windows, linux and mac.

My final choice is qBittorrent(it's like old good utorrent 1.7.7 but faster more handy and stable)

IMHO best client around :smile:

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wuu4jcK.pngqBittorrent v3.1.10 released! :smile:


Note regarding the installation: There's nothing hidden in this app, no bundles, no unwanted ads or anything like that. It's 100% clean so the setup process should be easy enough and without any unwaranted advertising. Just remember that although the application itself is clean, you are responsible for the data that you will upload or download through a torrent.


The first interaction: If you're a fan of the old uTorrent (like me) I am sure that you will appreciate the simple interface. You have access to everything you need to customize this client from "Option" area. The transfers from all torrents will appear on a left column close to the "Search" feature (which requires Python 2.x if you want to use it). You can even lock down qBittorrent with a password if you want to keep your activity private.


Performance: I (and a few friends of mine) was able to reach the maximum speed provided by my ISP on Windows (100 Mbps). Obviously such high-speed transfers are usually made from close locations but what I am trying to say is this: there's no limitation coming from this software. If there's any limitation it will come (in most cases) from your ISP or hard drive (e.g. if your Internet connection has 1 Gbps you should know that you can't reach this speed with a HDD and you will need a solid-state drive - SSD).


Final conclusion: You really don't need a manual to learn how to use this client. If you used any other similar client before (uTorrent is the best example) you will need just a few minutes to get comfortable with this program. After a few days you will feel that you have found the perfect Bittorrent client. Actually, the whole FossHub team use and highly recommend qBittorrent (just like all the other apps). If you also find this software useful, please...donate folks! The author(s) will appreciate each and every donation!

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I use to be a big fan of uTorrent 2.2.1 (was never a fan of uTorrent 3.x and its ads) but then recently I had issues with it grinding my PC to a halt. It would monopolize the drive completely, not writing mind you, just prevent anything from access for a time. Now, this wasn't an issue when I had a dedicated drive for incoming files, but when I had to move that to a partition on the windows drive, it was hell.


Anyway, Im currently using qBittorrent, its like uTorrent but purple. Oh, and it doesn't monopolize my PC and lock up everything like video playback for a time while downloading... randomly. However, I think it's not as good at seeding. I swear I had more uploading going on while using uTorrent.

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Absolutely opposite result :-/

Is there no consistency in these free programs?! lol


I recently switched back to uTorrent after giving qBittorrent and Deluge a go. Deluge was nice, loved the sort by tracker option, but had a few crashes with it. Latest uTorrent still annoys me with it's ads, and it still has the same bring system to a crawl if torrents are on a partition shared with windows. But so far, it seems to be uploading more. Have to run it a few weeks to know.


It's probably ALL just timing. Upload is after all dictated by demand, and demand can be random.

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