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Found 8 results

  1. xttp:// did anyone test this ? looks like a transmission port to win
  2. qBittorrent v3.2.0 was released. After a long wait it is released. WebUI users will need to reset their passwords. Windows user with many torrents don't need to manually exit the application before system shutdown anymore. Thanks to all the contributors. Below follows the HUGE list of changes. FEATURE: Show actual protocol for listen success/failure in the log. Needs libtorrent v1.0.0 (Gelmir) FEATURE: Support per tracker re-announce. Needs libtorrent v1.0.0 (Gelmir) FEATURE: Support saving in network locations. (Gelmir) FEATURE: Support Qt5 (mostly Glassez) FEATURE: Code optimizations resulting in a more CPU efficient and snappier qBittorrent. (sorokin) FEATURE: WEBUI code rewritten, refactored and improved. (glassez, pmzqla, buinsky) FEATURE: Add option to hibernate computer in Auto-Shutdown menu (Bruno Barbieri) FEATURE: Cache preferences in memory. Minimize chance of settings corruption. Closes #1272, #1523, #1694. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Option to disable connections not supported by proxies. Closes #1894. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Haiku OS support (diger) FEATURE: Add a save resume data interval option(useful for SSD). (john-peterson) FEATURE: Add "Last Seen Complete" column (pmzqla) FEATURE: Add "Last Activity" column (pmzqla) FEATURE: Add "Total Size" column (pmzqla) FEATURE: Show current speed limits in the status bar (pmzqla) FEATURE: Episode filtering for RSS (Gelmir) FEATURE: Highlight files when opening containing folder on Windows and Linux(nautilus, dolphin, konqueror). (Gelmir, pmzqla) FEATURE: Setting to ignore RSS rule matches for X days (Gelmir) FEATURE: Add hotkeys and buttons for Top and Bottom priorities (alfrix) FEATURE: Implement peer relevance column. Closes #1630. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Show reason why a peer was blocked. Needs libtorrent 1.0.x. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Use the 'fastest_upload' setting as seed choking algorithm. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Allow to set text options for the toolbar icons (pmzqla) FEATURE: Add 'Resumed' torrent filter (john.s.peterson) FEATURE: 'Add New Torrent` dialog has a button for quickly choosing a location (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Copy selected peers as IP:Port format. (ngosang) FEATURE: Show info hash in the torrent details in 'Add New Torrent' dialog. (sledgehammer999, chrishirst) FEATURE: New feature: Remove empty labels (ngosang) FEATURE: Add "Copy name" option in right-click menu of torrent list. Closes #2452 (chrishirst) FEATURE: Implement tracker list in the side panel. Closes #170. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Implement a 'Completed' status. Closes #2326 #2483 #939. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Columns for session-based download and upload statistics (LazyBui) BUGFIX: Use completed time from libtorrent directly. Closes #1726. BUGFIX: Speedup and fix a bug in torrent moving. (sorokin) BUGFIX: Scan Folder dialog now remembers last location (Bryan Roscoe) BUGFIX: Show input box to filter torrent list only when the list is shown (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Add placeholder text to the input to filter the torrent list (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Put directories first when sorting torrent content by name (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Fix missing icon for open action in file list (Gelmir) BUGFIX: Set placeholder text to torrent content filter. (sorokin) BUGFIX: Fix torrent creation when data is too large (sorokin) BUGFIX: Load torrents that have big metadata file. Closes #1889. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Use correct separator for "OR" condition in RSS rules (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Don't waste UI space in 'Content' window. Closes #2159 (alfrix) BUGFIX: Fix the language selection in the combobox when the system locale only has a lang equivalent and not a lang_COUNTRY one. Closes #1786. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Don't overwrite the 'Add Paused' setting from the Add New Torrent Dialog (Gelmir) BUGFIX: Fix file preview when .!qB extension is used (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Ensure that the priority column has enough width when queueing is enabled. Closes #2263. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Don't put limits to the alternative speed limits (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Make space key change all selected files' checkboxes (sorokin) BUGFIX: Don't block peers that use privileged ports. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Accept multiple files at once. Closes #2253 (buinsky) BUGFIX: Don't touch torrents whose files are missing. Closes #342 #2308 #2469. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Save the new save path first in the history. Closes #2382. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Fix default tracker in 'Create Torrent' dialog. (ngosang) BUGFIX: Let the OS decide the default interface regardless of IPv4/IPv6. Closes #2156. (Chocobo1) BUGFIX: Delete the correct selected torrents when the list is filtered. Closes #2729. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Don't use HTML in tray icon pop-up on OSX. Closes #2830. (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Fix crash when trying to open destination folder on a torrent with no metadata. Closes #2522. (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Change torrent name when metadata is retrieved. (ngosang) COSMETIC: Removes white bar in the labels list. Closes #1151. (ngosang) COSMETIC: Fix speed printing in the tray icon and in the title bar. Closes #2737. (sledgehammer999) COSMETIC: Change the color scheme used (sledgehammer999) RSS: Display remote images in the preview (Mladen Milinkovic) RSS: Format html descriptions in the preview (Mladen Milinkovic) RSS: Support overriding global "Add paused" option on per rule basis (Gelmir) WINDOWS: Fix automatic python download. Closes #2076. (sledgehammer999) WINDOWS: Fix crash when searching the registry for installed python (glassez) WINDOWS: Tell Windows to wait during shutdown. (sledgehammer999, paolo-sz) OSX: Use the configure script to prepare the build in Mac OSX too. Closes #2295. (sledgehammer999) OSX: Fix the build (David Christenson) LINUX: Distribute systemd service file for the nox build (sledgehammer999, leigh123linux) LINUX: Create qBittorrent.appdata.xml (alxpl) SEARCH: Update KickassTorrents plugin (pmzqla) SEARCH: Remove vertor engine. Closes #2260. (DoumanAsh) SEARCH: Small fix of import in legittorrents engine (DoumanAsh) SEARCH: Add combo box for fast search engine switch (DoumanAsh) SEARCH: Fix error in mininova search engine (ngosang) SEARCH: Fix piratebay. Closes #2270 (DoumanAsh) SEARCH: Updated URL in kickasstorrents search engine (ngosang) SEARCH: Torrentz search engine added (ngosang) OTHER: Drop libtorrent 0.15.x support OTHER: Drop Qt < 4.8.0 support OTHER: Migrate build system to autotools (sledgehammer999) OTHER: Remove deprecated feature of separate DHT port. (sledgehammer999) OTHER: Speedup compilation speed (sorokin) OTHER: Backtrace generation now works on MinGW. (Gelmir) OTHER: New translation: Hindi(India).
  3. Steam users who want to discuss the latest news about the torrent site KickassTorrents may notice that their chats are censored. The popular instant messaging service is sending all mentions of the domain into a black hole, while warning that other torrent sites are potentially malicious. With millions of active users Steam is not just a game distribution platform, but also a social network and a communication tool. Many people use Steam’s instant messaging tool for chats with friends. About games of course, but also about lots of other stuff. Interestingly, it appears that Steam doesn’t want its users to talk about certain topics. When the popular torrent site KickassTorrents went offline earlier this week, one Steam user noticed that his messages on the topic were being censored. “There is no warning or blocked message notification. The messages simply disappeared,†we were told. After running some tests, which have been replicated by TF, it’s clear that messages mentioning the domain name are not coming through. It’s not just the domain that’s censored, but the entire message. Below is an example of the vanishing text where the user sent the following three lines. 1. The next line may be missing 2. A line mentioning 3. Was there a line 2 The person on the other end of the conversation only sees line 1 and 3, without a warning or notification that the second line was not sent. It’s unclear why Steam is censoring these conversations. TorrentFreak contacted Valve to find out more about the disappearing chats, but at the time of publication we have yet to receive a response. It would be easy to conclude that the copyright infringing links on are the reason, but then it’s strange that The Pirate Bay and all other torrent sites are not affected. Interestingly, however, seems to be the only one that’s affected right now. Other domains including and are flagged by Steam as potentially malicious, and users get a warning if they attempt to open them. These domains do show up in private chats though. Without a comment from Valve the true reason for the awkward censorship measures remains unknown. It is clear though, that Steam is keeping a close eye on what people talk about. That by itself is already quite concerning.
  4. 关于“立å³ç¦ç”¨ä¸‹è½½å®¢æˆ·ç«¯ä¸­DHT功能â€çš„é‡è¦é€šçŸ¥ï¼è¯·ä»”ç»†é˜…è¯»ï¼Œé©¬ä¸Šæ‰§è¡Œï¼ æ ¹æ®æœ€è¿‘会员å馈的情况åŠPTè”盟相关站点的积æžå‘ŠçŸ¥ï¼Œè¿…雷普通版从7.8版本开始ã€è¿…雷尊享版ã€è¿…é›·æžé€Ÿç‰ˆã€è¿…雷精简版等å„个版本都已开始支æŒåŠ 密链接,防迅雷å¸è¡€è®¾ç½®å·²ç»å½»åº•å¤±æ•ˆï¼Œä¸ºäº†ä¿è¯å¹¿å¤§TTGer的利益,请立å³ç¦ç”¨è‡ªèº«æ‰€ä½¿ç”¨ä¸‹è½½å®¢æˆ·ç«¯ä¸­çš„DHT功能ï¼ï¼ä¸ç¦ç”¨DHT还å¯èƒ½å¯¼è‡´PASSKEY的泄露。PASSKEY泄露å¯èƒ½è¢«åˆ¤å®šä¸ºå…¬ç”¨å¸å·ï¼Œå¯¼è‡´å¸å·è¢«å°ç¦ï¼Œè¯·å„ä½åŠ¡å¿…在公告å‘出åŽç¡®è®¤è‡ªå·±å®¢æˆ·ç«¯çš„DHT功能已关闭,在7天åŽç®¡ç†ç»„将开始进行彻查,passkey泄露严é‡ä»¥åŠå¼€å¯DHT网络的会员å¸å·å°†è¢«BAN,请å„ä½å‘¨çŸ¥å¹¶ç§¯æžé…åˆï¼ Google Translate: Important Notice on "Download the client immediately disable DHT function"! Please read carefully executed immediately! Based on the positive feedback to inform members and the recent alliance PT related sites, the Thunder ordinary version from 7.8 version, Thunder Exclusive Edition,Ultimate Edition Thunder, Thunder Lite, and various versions have begun to support encrypted link, anti-vampire Thunder settings have been complete failure, in order toensure the interests of the majority TTGer, disable itself immediately download the client using the DHT function! ! Not disable DHT may also lead PASSKEY leakage.PASSKEY leak may be judged to be a public account, resulting in the account beingbanned, please be sure to send the announcement to confirm their client's DHT is turned off, the management group at 7 days will begin a thorough investigation, passkeyand open disclosure of serious DHT network members account will be BAN, pleaseknown and actively cooperate!
  5. BitTorrent Inc., the company behind the popular file-sharing client uTorrent , unveiled its serverless chat client today. BitTorrent Bleep allows users to communicate via text or voice, fully encrypted and without the need for central servers. Encrypted Internet traffic surged worldwide after the Snowden revelations, with several developers releasing new tools to enable people to better protect their privacy. Today BitTorrent Inc. contributes with the release of BitTorrent Bleep, a communication tool that allows people to exchange information without the need for any central servers. Combined with state of the art end-to-end encryption, the company sees Bleep as the ideal tool to evade government snooping. Bleep’s main advantage over some other encrypted messaging applications is the absence of central servers. This means that there are no logs stored, all metadata goes through other peers in the network. “Many messaging apps are advertising privacy and security by offering end-to-end encryption for messages. But when it comes to handling metadata, they are still leaving their users exposed,†BitTorrent’s Farid Fadaie explains. “We reimagined how modern messaging should work. Our platform enables us to offer features in Bleep that are unique and meaningfully different from what is currently available.†Bleep Bleep The application’s development is still in the early stages and the current release only works on Windows 7 and 8. Support for other operating systems including popular mobile platforms will follow in the future. Aspiring Bleep users can create an account via an email or mobile phone number, but an incognito mode without the need to provide any personal details is also supported. The new messaging app is not the only ‘breach safe’ tool the company is currently working on. Last year BitTorrent launched its Sync application which provides a secure alternative to centralized cloud backup solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive. BitTorrent Inc. is inviting people to test the new Bleep application, but warns there are still some bugs. Those who want to give BitTorrent Bleep a try can head over to BitTorrent’sexperiments section to sign up for the pre-Alpha release.
  6. The makers of the popular file-sharing software Vuze have released a brand new BitTorrent client. Vuze Leap is a dummy-proof application with a simple interface, which uses minimal resources. According to the company there is a massive demand for a clean and straightforward BitTorrent client. Vuze is one of the most recognized BitTorrent brands. Their client is used by millions of people each day and has a steadily growing user-base. In recent years Vuze’s core BitTorrent client has evolved into an advanced download solution with every complex feature heavy BitTorrent users could wish for. The downside of being so complete is that the application can be quite overwhelming to newcomers. In addition the application is somewhat of a resource hog. The Vuze team has taken these complaints to heart and coded “Vuze Leap,†a brand new client that is both simple and lightweight. “We sought to deliver a simpler experience as a counterpart to the powerful, full-featured core Vuze BitTorrent Client that has pleased millions of users for years. Even with file-sharing being a part of internet usage for years, we continued to hear, from some users a desire to have a simpler experience that was less resource intensive,†Vuze’s Claude Tolbert tells TorrentFreak. Today the first Vuze Leap beta is unveiled to the public. The torrent client works out of the box. Users are presented with a big search box which they can use to search for torrents without having to leave the application. When a search term is entered, Vuze Leap will automatically search for matching content on Google, the Internet Archive and elsewhere. This can then be downloaded with a single click. After a download is completed users can play media files directly from the client, or navigate to the download folder as they would do with other torrent clients. Vuze Leap automatically categorizes files into various categories to keep the library organized. Vuze’s new BitTorrent client is best suited to less tech-savvy users who don’t necessarily need all the advanced features the core Vuze client has to offer. Through its simpler interface Vuze Leap should make BitTorrent more accessible to people who are new to torrents. “We believe that Vuze Leap extends usability to users who may be new to filesharing or don’t require the power and functionality that the core Vuze BitTorrent Client provides. However, both provide an outstanding experience to users,†Tolbert says. TorrentFreak tested the application and it works as advertised. It certainly feels much lighter and faster than the core Vuze client. The built-in search is handy as well, although users may have to scroll down to get the best search results, which often come from Google. The application is currently only available for Windows but support for other operating systems is expected to follow in the future. Those who are interested in taking Vuze Leap for a spin can download the latest beta release after signing up for the beta test. The download link comes with the confirmation email.
  7. Vuze, one of the most-used BitTorrent clients with millions of active users, is speaking out against piracy. The team behind the popular file-sharing software is urging their users not to "steal" from rightsholders. In addition, they encourage people to consider reporting illegal behavior. Following in the footsteps of the makers of uTorrent, the Vuze team is now taking a stand against piracy. The California-based company says it will focus more on highlighting legal content through social media and other outlets. Vuze emphasizes that its technology is completely legal, but wants its users to understand that sharing files without permission of copyright holders isn’t. “Although torrents themselves are a legitimate way to share files, understanding the rights of copyright holders and what content they have or have not authorized for free distribution is the core to understanding the difference between it being legal or illegal to share or distribute content using Vuze,†the company notes. “Remember, if you use Vuze torrent client software for P2P file sharing then use it responsibly. Be aware of illegal torrents and avoid downloading them. Don’t infringe copyright,†Vuze adds. This position is sensible for a technology company to take. Also, Vuze does highlight that copyright is a complex issue, and that there are ongoing discussions with varying positions. The bottom-line according to Vuze, however, is that downloading something without the permission of the owners is stealing. “Now we can get into all sorts of political, social and even religious discussions on this topic, but right now as the laws exist in most places downloading and sharing content without the authorization of the rights-holder is stealing, and even if one copy was purchased, passing digital copies around via P2P is still illegal, sometimes criminally so.†“Sharing and downloading infringing MP3s and MPEGs is virtually the same as swiping from a brick-and-mortar,†Vuze adds. The “stealing†mention is a touchy subject. Many people, including scholars and a U.S. federal court, believe that this term should be avoided when talking about piracy. Even the MPAA’s Chris Dodd agreed on this. “We’re on the wrong track if we describe this as thievery,†Dodd said two years ago, although the MPAA still uses the term today. Vuze, however, doesn’t avoid this type of strong language. The company wants to make it clear that piracy is not allowed. In fact, the company encourages its users to follow suit, and “consider reporting illegal content infractions.†Aside from the promise to highlight legal content on its blog, they also provide some tips for users to spot infringing content. Vuze hopes that with these guidelines, users will be able to steer away from any illegal behavior. “We want to again stress that we respect the rights of copyright holders, and hope and expect that you do too,†Vuze concludes. Whether that’s going to happen remains to be seen. Several studies have shown that more than 90% of all public transfers via BitTorrent are copyright infringing, and it will be hard to flip these numbers around.