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    Image hosting/uploading is undergoing planned maintenance.
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    10x Filelist Invites. RULES: 1. Add Like & REP 2. Reply this post, and don't forget to mention me @dricia 3. Do not PM me, I will PM you. 4. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite. Good Luck.
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    Hello I Have Invite : Morethan.Tv, Baconbits, 32page, Retrowithin, Lztr, Uhdbits, Horrorcharnal I Have Account : Brokenstones, ourbits, learnflakes, Notwhat.cd, I Want Invite or account : TV-Vault, U2.dmhy, Bibliotik, GGn, Cinemageddon, Music-vids, ABnormal
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    1. Do not PM me until i will chose you. 2. Click Like . 3. Add Positive Rep. 4. Reply to this post to apply and please mention me @Bujie 5. I maybe request Proofs, Speedtest OR SeedBox. 6. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you receive the invite. winners: IPT 1@SAJDEHGAR 2 3
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    Open Registration Red alert! Red alert! Members of the Fleet, DRADIS has developed difficulties and as a result a lone cylon skinjob has managed to infiltrate the fleet. The skinjob managed to make its way undetected to the Combat Information Center and sabotaged the jump drive. The mother frakker has been caught and airlocked into deep space by the Colonial Marines. Whilst repairs to the jump drive are underway we will be having an Open Registration! // So say we all Discuss this post here
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    Google Translation: Update on the current situation of the tracker Hello everyone, The situation of XKT as well as our staff lately was very complicated. For various reasons, I preferred to communicate without restraint in order to be as transparent as possible with our members. Indeed, I announced this deadline of July 20th concerning a possible closure of the tracker for the following reasons: - On the one hand: having personal problems in recent months, I had no time to invest fully and fulfill my role as administrator. - Another: the main developer of the tracker abandoned the project a while ago, leaving the changes in progress and those to come in standby. - And to finish: I had difficulties to assume almost alone the payment of the servers necessary for the life of the tracker. And not running after the donations, the situation got worse little by little. A very generous contributor from our staff has fortunately helped to meet the needs of the tracker these last 2 months (Many thanks to him for the support). At present, we have found members who are ready to do what is necessary to keep our community alive for as long as possible! There are no words to express our gratitude. But we are still looking for motivated people to help us manage XKT, from both a development and moderation perspective. In short, a complete staff to recompose! If people are interested to help XKT: they do not hesitate to contact me by private message if it took them the desire to be part of our staff! Yours truly, D****
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    Domain Name Change Notice The website visit URL is temporarily adjusted to https://pt.m-team.cc You can access the temporary address if you can't access the original address, or add a 45.**.**.*** tp.m-team.cc to the hosts.
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    Thank you so much for contributing to our community with this giveaway! Please make sure you follow these rules: 1. After sending the invites/accounts you offered, DO NOT forget to announce the winners in the topic and then ask our staff members to close it. Keep in mind that if you close the topic (while some members already applied) without announcing any winners (or even keep it open without announcing any winners) you may get banned permanently from here! 2. Keep the thread open for a while, until you find some well deserved winners. Do not giveaway your invites/accounts to the first applicants, because good (maybe even better) users may apply later. The MAXIMUM period of time you can keep a thread open is 4 weeks. This is allowed ONLY for really good/rare trackers. For other lower level trackers, 2 weeks is enough. 3. You are allowed to BUMP your thread (by posting "still available", "I am waiting for more applicants" etc.) ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS. 4. In order to make it even easier to keep in touch with each other you better use the mention system (@ Username). This way users get email notifications when someone mentions them and makes it way easier to give/get invites! For example: " @Inviter i would like this invite" OR " @Inviter send me a PM with your email". Quoting a user's post also does the job, since the system sends an email notification as well in this case.
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    Just a quick note to advise that I found an issue with the database that goes back to the upgrade that I did last March to the Mysql server that hosts the database for this site, which was causing some errors with date entries into the database, specifically related to sending invitations, and also the user last login date. There may have been other places where this was also occurring, which I have not yet discovered. The fix should have resolved this problem wherever it was occurring. As always, if you encounter any database errors, please make sure you report them so that they can be addressed.
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    Google Translation: Appeal! We are looking for uploaders to the site! There should be 3 different categories of torrents for different markups! If you are interested in this, please sign in. High reward for signers, we provide Seed server in this respect contact us for details!
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    The Pirate Party political movement owes its early success to sticking up for The Pirate Bay, following a raid in Sweden. Since then, it has come a long way. In recent years Pirates have delivered many excellent politicians and Marcel Kolaja, one of the new MEPs, has just been elected as a Vice-President of the EU Parliament. When the Swedish Pirate Party was founded in early 2006, the majority of the mainstream press was skeptical, with some simply laughing it away. But they were wrong to dismiss this political movement right off the bat. Following their victory at the local elections, the Swedish Pirate Party secured a seat at the European Parliament in 2009. The success inspired people in other countries to form their own Pirate parties, and by 2014, the number of Pirate Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) had doubled. During the last European Election, just a few weeks ago, this number doubled again to four, showing that the movement is certainly no fluke. While the Swedes were on the forefront in the early years, Germany and the Czech Republic now lead the way, with one and three MEPs respectively. These Pirates in the European Parliament are not sitting idly by. During the last term, Julia Reda was at the forefront of many lawmaking discussions, particularly with regard to the new Copyright Directive. While Reda recently left Parliament, the new MEPs obviously have similar ambitions. It’s clear that the Pirate Party will continue to play a vital role in the European Parliament. The movement can list another achievement too after the first Pirate was elected as a Vice-President of the European Parliament. With 426 votes, Marcel Kolaja was elected with an absolute majority in the second voting round. He will serve as one of the fourteen Vice-Presidents tasked with replacing the President as chair of the plenary if needed, as well as a variety of other tasks. The 39-year-old Kolaja is a Czech software engineer and activist, who’s been active in the Pirate Party since the start of the decade. In his new position, he aims to promote transparency and digitization in the European Parliament. “My role of a Vice-President would be to make the European Parliament more open and transparent, to help ensure that the rules of the Parliament are applied equally to all Members and to work on improvements of the rules where they are currently lacking,” Kolaja says. The newly elected Vice-President also hopes that this experience in information technology and digitization can be used to benefit the European Parliament. “It is my hope that my expertise and insights in these fields will be a valuable contribution in the future Bureau’s discussions on improvement of the work in the European Parliament,” Kolaja adds. In addition to the vice presidency, Marcel Kolaja will also become a member of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) and a substitute member of the Culture and Education (CULT) Committee. The three other Pirate Party MEPs were also assigned to various committees. Markéta Gregorová will join the International Trade (INTA) committee. Mikuláš Peksa will be a member of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE), while Patrick Breyer joins the Legal Affairs (JURI) committee. Needless to say, the Pirates have come a long way since the first raid on The Pirate Bay in 2016, when they were first propelled into the mainstream. Source: Torrentfreak.com
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    Hello, Welcome to Invite Scene! Make sure you read our Guidelines and enjoy your stay here. If there is anything you need or have any queries, just let us know . Best regards, Invite Scene Team.
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    10 x BitHDTv - 2 x FileList - 3 x WOP - Rules: 1. Reply here to apply. 2. Send me a PM. 3. Add Like +Rep. 4. +1 Feedback after recieving the invite. Good luck for everybody
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    Google Translation: CDN failure The CDN is currently experiencing a global failure. Website services may be affected by a 502 error. Please wait for the service provider to fix it.
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    A migration of the seedbox is underway, the bot will be offline so expect no uploads of your favorite tv for 1-3 days depending of the migration status starting from today.
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    New contest The Pervy Journey To Smut Peddler Since there are no giveaways for uploaders gaining ranks, I would like to start giving out credits to all users that work towards gaining ranks that require you to upload new content. Get promoted to Great Perv and receive 3,000 credits Get promoted toSextreme Perv and receive 9,000 credits Get promoted to Smut Peddler and receive 18,000 credits Discuss this post here
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    European media and entertainment executives have almost no faith that content piracy will wane in the coming years, despite content owners’ increasing engagement in combatting the problem with a combination of technology and cross-industry initiatives. That’s according to a new report from security and multiscreen user experience solutions firm NAGRA, which found a mere 7% of M&E executives saying the proportion of European consumers accessing content illegally will fall by 50% or more in the next five years. “In mostly smaller, emerging [Central and Eastern Europe] markets where piracy hits hard, there might be a more significant decline as the ecosystem acts to address the problem and its impact on churn and revenue,” the report reads. “What we’re seeing with the growth of premium OTT services are new opportunities for people to stream content illegally. There are always new emerging challenges for pay TV operators to deal with.” Live video streams — including the rebroadcasting of live streams on social media platforms — was pointed out as one of the top concerns among executives in the report, though content owners are more actively engaged in combatting these forms of piracy, using a combination of technologies like forensic watermarking and cross-industry initiatives, to identify and remove illegal streams. Outside of piracy, the report also polled executives on OTT disruption, with 26% of executives saying the growth of paid OTT services will have a negative impact on the industry over the next five years. Additionally, 79% said OTT subscription services are a valuable component of pay TV offerings. “These latest findings shed new light on the key priorities and trends affecting service providers in Europe and are the first of a range of findings to result from the 2019 Pay TV Innovation Forum research program,” said Simon Trudelle, senior director of product marketing for NAGRA. “The growth of OTT services is undoubtedly having an impact on the pay TV and content industries and digital transformation is emerging as a key priority. It is exciting to see that while challenges exist, focus is on creating opportunities for growth and in the end, delivering services that will delight consumers and keep them engaged. The next few years will prove to be pivotal in this regard.” Jon Watts, managing partner of MTM— which published the report with NAGRA — added: “Europe’s pay TV industry is at a crossroads, with slowing growth in many markets and increasing competition on the horizon. After nearly two decades of growth, we’re starting to see the signs of a very different industry – with a greater focus on the network, a broader offering of products and services, and new approaches to aggregation and content retailing. It’s encouraging to see signs of optimism and widespread interest in these new approaches, as the industry looks for the next wave of growth opportunities that will see it into the 2020s.”
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    Despite all the condemnation from media producers, torrents still exist. Users continue sharing movies, music, and software via P2P sites. The legal status of such platforms varies from country to country, but Mexico remains one of the few free zones, along with the Netherlands. Why is it so? There are numerous torrent trackers available online. Some are more successful than others at staying afloat. For instance, the kickass torrent has undergone shutdowns in several countries, but may still be accessed. Some sites are geoblocked by governments, which can be circumvented with a VPN. Users in Mexico, however, enjoy the freedom of file sharing with a few caveats. Mexican laws Modern technology has boosted human productivity overall, transferring numerous services to the internet. However, the progress has its downsides, such as leaking of content online. In Mexico, there are simply no working laws that would prohibit torrent trackers. You could download anything using a torrent site and get away with it. Some regulations do exist, but they lack clarity and are simply not respected enough. Non-commercial forms of file sharing still have not been addressed by legislators directly. Despite some initiatives concerning stricter penalties for unauthorized file sharing, it is only rhetoric. According to some research findings, torrents are a source of music files for an overwhelming majority of Mexican residents (up to 90%). The trend is perfectly logical considering the minuscule share of authorized music distribution services in the country. When there are few legal ways to access music, peer-to-peer networks save the day. Increasing broadband and the presence of internet cafes have contributed to the rise in such downloads. Piracy Rampant music piracy is a predictable outcome, and its scale is shocking. A local anti-piracy company reports that almost everyone – 97% of the country’s population – admits consuming music illicitly, with half of them using stream-ripping. Therefore, in terms of piracy, Mexico is high on the list, which triggers harsh criticism from the United States. Multiple USTR reports have highlighted low progress in enforcement. According to the American Chamber of Commerce, 80% of Mexicans who download pirated content consider it a minor offense. The entertainment industry incurs significant losses. According to the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the country is the second biggest foreign source of illegal camcords. A different view However, not all American companies are outraged. Spotify, which entered the Mexican market in 2013, is not angered by the soaring piracy rates. The company is extremely happy with Mexico-based customers. It has even dubbed Mexico the “streaming music capital” of the world. The city has more Spotify users than New York or any other megalopolis. Hence, torrent sites, which reflect the modern nature of easily sharable content, still exist and thrive. In Mexico, like the rest of the world, the digital revolution has transformed the human perception of numerous life dimensions, from personal relationships to learning to shop and entertainment. Whether restrictions will be introduced, is still unclear.
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    Google Translation: Weekend Quiz! Hi there. On Saturday night at 20:30 2019.07.06, a Quiz is held in the chat box. There will be 10 + 1 questions. On Sunday, 2019.07.07, at 20:30, a Quiz is held on the chat room. 15 + 1 questions will be. Both days will be with the old kind of quiz. There will be mixed questions. From the four of the given responses should be selected one. Prizes: For each question, the first three correct answers will win 2000 to 1000-500 bonus points. Basic rules: You have to describe the correct answer exactly as it is next to the question, just accept it. Small and big fonts also count, it's a completely accurate answer. You can start with great starters. A maximum of 2 answers can be given to a question (if you first spoil it). It is forbidden to correct the response already sent. Write it down again, new line. After 5 podium finishes, you can not answer many questions, but we will write that to someone who will reach it. Good game!
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    COINOPS FW/COINPS Its come to my attention that certain unofficial coinops fw uploads have been causing problems with the official builds. The team an BP his self do not have the time to fix problems they are unaware of being caused by this, there time is better spent improving the new builds for official release. From now on unless its authorized officially by BP himself could you please state clearly in the upload title (UNOFFICIAL) an in the description that any problems occured by installing this upload will not officially be supported by the coinops team if problems occure, failure to follow these rules may result in your account being deactivated .. Thank you for your time
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    We've opened applications again for a short time. Now is your chance to tell us why you want to be part of our community!
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    Hello, Welcome to Invite Scene! Make sure you read our Guidelines and enjoy your stay here. If there is anything you need or have any queries, just let us know . Best regards, Invite Scene Team.
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    BeyondHD has a simple mission be a friendly community focused tracker built for and by movie/tv show lovers. It's because of this mission that we encourage ALL members to participate in the community by leaving comments, rating titles or posting in the forums. In addition, we strongly encourage members to share their ideas on how we can continue to improve our site whether it be via new policies, additional features or contest suggestions. We really mean it when we say that we want our user base to drive us forward. Staff members do not wish to be constantly in drivers seat because we strongly believe that members should have a voice when determining the direction BeyondHD takes. Since Theone has been running an idea/feature contest with some great results, we feel it's now the right time to start asking for your ideas for running weekly/monthly competitions. Before you hit Google and search for "contest ideas", here are some caveats that should be mentioned: 1. We want to avoid constant upload competitions (although, some may happen in the future). 2. Any ideas need to voted on by members. While there won't be official polls, feel free to agree or disagree with presented ideas (constructively). 3. Feel free to suggest suitable prizes (whether it be badges, new features involving icons/etc, BP, fl tokens, etc.) 4. Be original! We will constantly monitor the comments on this news item and will act upon any contest suggestions that are well received. Ohhh.. one last thing. Staff will be handing out prizes to those people whose ideas get used. ( PS: If you have some great non contest ideas/features we could add to the site, feel free to post them here: BP contest ) -- If you have a contest suggestion or want to "vote" on a contest suggestion, post below. Thanks again for being a part of our community, - BeyondHD
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    Google Translation: Maintenance Hello everyone, The tracker is undergoing maintenance that will disrupt the cooperation of the torrents, another update soon.
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    Free download days Between 2019-06-21 00:00:00 - 2019-06-24 00:00:00 our torrents do not count download volume fix your ratio and please do not run hit '&' run, keep seeding!
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    Crazyhour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 14 Hours 28 Minutes 43 Seconds.
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    Google Translation: Due to the great heat, freeleech during the weekend.
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    Hello, Welcome to Invite Scene! Make sure you read our Guidelines and enjoy your stay here. If there is anything you need or have any queries, just let us know . Best regards, Invite Scene Team.
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    Hi ladies and gents, I’m giving away some invites … 4x PassThePopcorn, 2x IPtorrents, 3x Waffles Rules: 1. Reply here to apply 2. PM me 3. Add Like +Rep 4. +1 Feedback after receive the invite. Best of luck ...
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    Hello everyone! I have some invites to give away. 10 x nCore Invites GiveAway Rules: 1. Reply here to apply 2. Send me a PM 3. Hit Like +Rep 4. Drop a positive feedback after you receive invite. Regards.