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    Hi ladies and gents, I’m giving away some invites … 4x PassThePopcorn, 2x IPtorrents, 3x Waffles Rules: 1. Reply here to apply 2. PM me 3. Add Like +Rep 4. +1 Feedback after receive the invite. Best of luck ...
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    2 x BIT-HDTV Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't fo rget to mention me @dricia. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+ positive feedback. after you received the invite. Good Luck.
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    Rules: 1. Apply here. Please Do not PM me. 2. Do not post any proofs unless i ask you to do so. 3. LIKE THIS POST 4. Active member applying will be a PLUS! 5.Give me a feedback after receiving invite .
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    HD-Monkey invites 3x, first come first served. RULES: 1. Add Like & REP 2. Reply this post, and don't forget to mention me @CryptoSeller 3. Do not PM me, I will PM you. 4. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite. Good Luck.
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    1 x IPTorrents Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't fo rget to mention me @dricia. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite. Good Luck.
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    1 x TorrentDay Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't fo rget to mention me @dricia. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite. Good Luck.
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    Thank you so much for contributing to our community with this giveaway! Please make sure you follow these rules: 1. After sending the invites/accounts you offered, DO NOT forget to announce the winners in the topic and then ask our staff members to close it. Keep in mind that if you close the topic (while some members already applied) without announcing any winners (or even keep it open without announcing any winners) you may get banned permanently from here! 2. Keep the thread open for a while, until you find some well deserved winners. Do not giveaway your invites/accounts to the first applicants, because good (maybe even better) users may apply later. The MAXIMUM period of time you can keep a thread open is 4 weeks. This is allowed ONLY for really good/rare trackers. For other lower level trackers, 2 weeks is enough. 3. You are allowed to BUMP your thread (by posting "still available", "I am waiting for more applicants" etc.) ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS. 4. In order to make it even easier to keep in touch with each other you better use the mention system (@ Username). This way users get email notifications when someone mentions them and makes it way easier to give/get invites! For example: " @Inviter i would like this invite" OR " @Inviter send me a PM with your email". Quoting a user's post also does the job, since the system sends an email notification as well in this case.
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    Invite Scene Official Store for Private Torrent Invites Hello, This selling thread is one of the old selling thread in this forum since 2011. Every tacker is categorized properly by exact content and shorted by A-Z format. We personally believe you will get everything here, If you are looking for something thats not in our list, let us know, we will get that for you. So, lets take a look at our store. We have following accounts and invites for sale. HD Trackers HDBits https://hdbits.org M-Team http://tp.m-team.cc HDCorea (B2S) https://hdcorea.me/tb PiXELHD https://pixelhd.me Awesome-HD https://awesome-hd.net x264 http://x264.me SceneHD https://scenehd.org TTG http://totheglory.im HDR http://hdroute.org HD-Spain https://www.hd-spain.com HD-Torrents http://hd-torrents.org WiHD http://www.world-in-hd.net 3DTorrents http://www.3dtorrents.org Blu-Bits http://www.blu-bits.com Bit-HDTV http://www.bit-hdtv.com BitHQ http://www.bithq.org HDCmct http://hdcmct.org HDME http://hdme.eu CCFBits https://ccfbits.org AceHD http://acehd.net HDTracker http://hdtracker.org HD-Space http://hd-space.org HD-Bits.ro http://www.hd-bits.ro HDCenter https://hdcenter.cc BlueBird-HD http://bluebird-hd.org Blu-Evolution http://blu-evolution.org Blu-Torrents http://blu-torrents.net HDTime http://pt.hdtime.pro HDSky http://hdsky.me HD-Mkv http://hd-mkv.me UHDBits http://uhdbits.org TorViet http://torviet.com Queros http://qqqueros.com HQSource http://hqsource.org HD-Only https://hd-only.org General Trackers IPTorrents http://on.iptorrents.com TorrentLeech http://torrentleech.org SceneACCess http://sceneaccess.org PreToMe https://pretome.info BitHumen http://bithumen.be GFT http://www.thegft.org RevolutionTT https://www.revolutiontt.me Bemaniso http://bemaniso.ws NorBits http://www.norbits.net PolishTracker http://polishtracker.net nCore http://ncore.cc Sparvar https://www.sparvar.org Frolik http://frolik.me/wp-login.php Chorome http://www.chorome.net FinBytes http://finbytes.org TheInternationals (ex-TTi) http://theinternationals.biz TorrentDay http://www.torrentday.com Speed.cd http://speed.cd AceTorrents http://www.acetorrents.net D2.Vu (Demonoid) http://www.D2.vu TorrentBytes http://www.torrentbytes.net Fano http://www.fano.in FileList http://filelist.ro FunFile https://www.funfile.org Greek-Team (MyTog) http://www.greek-team.cc Ethor http://ethor.net XtreMeZone http://www.myxz.org DanishBits https://danishbits.org Acid-Lounge http://www.acid-lounge.org.uk MySpleen http://www.myspleen.org Goem http://goem.org AppzUniverse http://www.appzuniverse.org Balkanelite http://balkanelite.org Bitleechers https://www.bitleechers.me CloneBits http://clonebits.org DigitalHive https://www.digitalhive.org PolishSource http://polishsource.org PostFile http://postfile.org PTFiles http://ptfiles.net AlphaRatio https://alpharatio.cc All4Nothin http://all4nothin.net PiSexy https://pisexy.me Zamunda.NET http://bg-zamunda.net RuTracker.org http://rutracker.org Movie Trackers TehConnection http://tehconnection.eu PassThePopcorn http://passthepopcorn.me PirateTheNet http://piratethe.net DVDSeed http://www.dvdseed.eu KaraGarga https://karagarga.in SDBits http://sdbits.org Cinematik http://cinematik.net Gormogon http://www.gormogon.com Secret-Cinema http://www.secret-cinema.net TheHorrorCharnel https://horrorcharnel.org ILoveClassics http://www.iloveclassics.com Cinemageddon http://cinemageddon.net AsianDVDclub http://asiandvdclub.org VideoSeed http://www.videoseed.com TV Trackers BroadcasThe.Net https://broadcasthe.net MoreThan.tv http://morethan.tv Freshon http://freshon.tv BitMeTV http://www.bitmetv.org TV-Vault http://tv-vault.me TVStore http://tvstore.me E-Learning Trackers BitMe http://www.bitme.org Bibliotik http://bibliotik.org BitSpyder http://bitspyder.net MyAnonamouse http://www.myanonamouse.net BrokenStones http://brokenstones.me ThePlace http://theplace.bz TheGeeks http://thegeeks.bz BitSeduce http://bitseduce.com Deli.sh http://deli.sh ABTorrents http://www.abtorrents.me StopThePress https://stopthepress.es ElbitZ.NET http://elbitz.net LibraNet http://www.libranet.org LearnBits http://learnbits.me ScienceHD https://sciencehd.me TheOccult http://theoccult.bz TheVault http://thevault.bz Porn Trackers Fux0r http://hey.fux0r.eu PornBits http://pornbits.net Forumophilia http://www.forumophilia.com Malacka http://malacka.ws CherryKiss http://www.cherrykiss.org Adult-Cinema http://adult-cinema-network.net Deviloid http://www.deviloid.net Sinderella https://blady.me Pornbay http://pornbay.org Pussytorrents http://pussytorrents.org YourExoticTorrents http://torrents.yourexotic.com Game Trackers BlackCats-Games http://www.blackcats-games.net BitGamer http://www.bitgamer.ch GazelleGames http://gazellegames.net Music Trackers Pedro's https://xbtmusic.org Waffles https://www.waffles.fm TranceTraffic http://www.trancetraffic.com Music-Vid http://www.music-vid.com TranceRoute http://www.tranceroute.com ProAudioTorrents http://proaudiotorrents.org TorrenTech http://www.torrentech.org PsyTorrents http://psytorrents.info JpopSuki http://jpopsuki.eu HotVibes http://hotvibes.org Audionews http://forum.audionews.org Beathau5 http://tracker.beathau5.com Gettorrents https://gettorrents.org Glabella http://glabella.org HQMusic http://tracker.hqmusic.vn IndieTorrents http://www.indietorrents.com KrayTracker http://kraytracker.com LzTr http://lztr.us Romanian Metal Torrents http://metal.iplay.ro Music-Torrents http://music-torrents.ro Reggaetraders http://www.reggaetraders.net TheAudioScene http://theaudioscene.net Zombtracker http://zombtracker.the-zomb.com AudioNews https://audionews.org Panda.cd http://panda.cd OpenMV https://mv.open.cd OpenCD https://open.cd/ Psytorrents https://psytorrents.info Sports Trackers RacingFor.Me https://www.racingfor.me MMA http://mma-tracker.net XtremeWrestling http://www.xtremewrestlingtorrents.net T3nnis http://t3nnis.tv FormulaMonkey http://www.formulamonkey.com WorldBoxing http://www.worldboxingvideoarchive.com Tenyardtracker http://tenyardtracker.com HD-Sportbits http://hd-sportbits.org Aussierules http://aussierul.es Acrossthetasman https://acrossthetasman.com Cartoon Trackers CartoonChaos http://www.cartoonchaos.org AnimeBytes https://animebytes.tv 32Pages https://32pag.es Apple Trackers BrokenStones http://brokenstones.me VideoSeed http://www.videoseed.com MacTorrents https://mac-torrents.me Images & Design FFFFOUND! http://ffffound.com Dribbble http://dribbble.com Designspiration http://designspiration.net Piccsy http://piccsy.com Grafolio http://grafolio.net TemplateP2P http://templatep2p.com GFXNews http://forum.gfxnews.org CGPeers http://cgpeers.com Reasons to do business with us: You are dealing with this forum's Administrator and #1 Seller Extremely fast sales Free safety tips and lifetime after sales support Exclusive discounts and very cheap prices One month guarantee for all the accounts Live chat support almost 24x7 and lots of freebies! Click here to send us a message and tell us what you are looking for You can also add me on Instant Messengers Skype: invitervegas Google Hangouts: invitervegas@gmail.com Windows Live Messenger: invitervegas@hotmail.com Yahoo! Messenger: invitervegas@yahoo.com
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    2 x TheHorrorCharnel Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't fo rget to mention me @dricia. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+ positive feedback. after you received the invite. Good Luck.
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    :) active user Good ratio Other torrent sites
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    Tracker's Name: SceneCube Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://scenecube.xyz/signup.php Closing date: Nov/Dec Additional information: SceneCube (SC) is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / General Releases.
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    Tracker's Name: DXDHD Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.dxdhd.com/login Closing date: Open until 19 Dec. Additional information: DXDHD is a new Private Torrent Tracker for HD/UHD Movies / TV / General Releases.
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    racker's Name: Son of Shun Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link: http://www.sonofshun.com/forums/prof...er&agreed=true Closing date: N/A information: Movies / e-learning
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    Tracker's Name: SmithsTorrents Genre: Music Sign-up Link: http://www.smithstorrents.co.uk/prof...4f6d36eba8c5b0 Closing date: N/A
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    Promote Invite Scene, Get Free Reputation Points! It's been years since Invite Scene was officially relaunched, but we have met lots of people who still don't know about Invite Scene. They are in a search of decent Private Torrent Trackers and Invites sharing sites like Invite Scene but still lost out there. In an effort to increase our user base and promoting our website even more, we have initialized a promotion campaign. It's time to spread the word about the best invite forum, Invitescene.com. It's easy and simple. Post the following text to any Social Networking Sites, Blogs or Forums. The more the better (and the more reputation points you can earn!). Some possible places to promote Invite Scene are: LinkedIn, Blogger, Google+, Delicious, Flickr, Myspace, Digg, Disqus, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Pinterest, Orkut, Hi5, Last.fm, MyLife, Sina Weibo, DeviantArt, LiveJournal, Tagged, CafeMom, Ning, Meetup, VKontakte, Multiply, Qzone, Renren, Bebo, Friendster, 977 Music etc. https://www.invitescene.com is the best invite forum. There, you can get free (or even buy/trade/sell) invites for every private torrent tracker. You can find TorrentLeech, IPTorrents, SceneAccess, BroadcasThe.Net, What.cd, PassThePopcorn, HDBits, CHDbits, fux0r, bibliotik and any other invite. This forum has a great community and many interesting threads like reviews, open registration trackers, news, tutorials and more. Check out the following YouTube Video Review and register NOW for free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTKowHeyn3Y Terms: Spread the word at any Social Networking Sites, Blogs or Forums and post a link here with screenshots. If your posting on various Blogs or Forums, ensure you read their posting guidelines first. What we don't want to do is create a negative impression by spamming or posting on completely irrelevant websites. Do not overlap your postings. (if you already posted at xyz site then try to find another site and spread the Invite Scene template) We will accept proofs only from active and real accounts. Don't even think about creating a new or fake account, in order to get the reputation points. Once your links and screenshots gets verified by our crew, your account will be awarded 30+ Free Reputation points. Those points will help you to maximize your value here and you'll have a higher chance to win invites from giveaways. Don't forget to follow our Twitter and like our FaceBook. This is the best way to be always up to date, with the most recent news and updates.