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  1. howdy all i have up for trade is the 2nd best tracker atm! so i need good offers Pm me with offers!
  2. Nice GA's with detailed description. Not applying! Since u r a new member, i'd like to say " bienvenue" Thanks
  3. 1st of all learn, how to talk in forums!
  4. thank u for this giveaway! i apply for revtt! liked & repped & feedback added!
  5. Hello guys. Up or trade are invites of i have invites of 1 x torrentday 1 x Hd-Space 1 x Iptorrents 1 x alpha ratio 1 x seedfile I want invite of M-team or offers! Thanks
  6. Hello I have invites of Iptorrents Torrentday Hd-Space Ptfiles Acid Lounge Accounts: Cinematik Waffles I'm looking for an invite of M-Team. Thanks
  7. great GA! Reps added! i'd like to apply for classix unlimited! thanks
  8. i apply for black cat games! Thanks so much for this. I'm a gamer & i love games. Thanked & repped
  9. yes invite is still available try to be more active & partcipate!
  10. hello there! Buddy, u hv 4 posts only. Be an active member & then apply. Good luck yes invite is still available