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Invite Scene Community Rules & Guidelines

We like to keep it simple at Invite Scene, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make your stay enjoyable.

These guidelines are here to protect those who post, just as much as they are designed to assist those who moderate. By posting here at Invite Scene, you agree to abide by these guidelines and waive any right to continued membership should we deem it necessary to terminate said membership.

Red Rules

Upon breaking these rules you will be dealt with immediately, these are the most severe offenses and we take breaking them very seriously.

  • Mild racism is tolerated, however we do not take hateful/harsh racism lightly.
  • Posting pornography, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material in non-designated sections, or shock sites in any section. Don't do it, it doesn't make you cool.
  • Posting gore or graphic imagery for disruptive purposes isn't allowed.
  • Planning or talking about hacking other websites isn't allowed.
  • You are not to share or sell your account, this is a violation and you will be banned if caught.
  • Bumping topics only one time in 24 hours. If you do it more than one time you need a valid explanation.
  • Spamming multiple topics over a short period of time. We will notice, don't do it.
  • Flaming and ranting in the wrong sections. Don't do it, take your negative attitude off the board or into the specified section.
  • Linking to virii and/or spyware and phishing sites. You will be caught and banned.
  • We will find out your personal information upon infecting a member. We don't take lightly to this.
  • Posting personal information about another forum member without permission.
  • Making hate threads about a previous ban/suspension/warn. Take it up with the person who punished you, nobody else cares.

Orange Rules

Upon breaking these rules you will be warned and sent a message from a moderator.

  • Posting in capital letters, this is highly annoying and doesn't make you cool.
  • Posting referral links without either also leaving a non-referral link to the same site or content clearly visible. Referral links can be posted freely in our referral links section.
  • Complaining about another member, a ban or a warning you have received. Take it up with a moderator privately.
  • Pointing out what needs to be done, who needs to be warned, what needs changing. We have a suggestions forum. Use it.
  • Trolling the forum, looking for fights and not letting down on a previous argument.
  • Posting retarded IM or Xfire conversations, nobody cares. It is stupid.
  • Having a bitter negative attitude in every thread possible. If you have a bitchy and negative persona then leave now.
  • No continuous 1337 speaking. This means you can do it now and again, but if it's repetitive then it's highly annoying.
  • Posting in the wrong sections, you have eyes. Find the right place for your thread/post.
  • Use the search button, everyone hates a duplicated thread.
  • Speak English. If you can't speak a bit of English then please don't post.
  • Advertising your website. Upon doing this you will be warned, if you do it again you won't be coming back.
  • Posting images without having a decent post with it. For example - posting the FAIL or OWNED pictures on their own.
  • Remaking closed threads, they are closed for a reason. Keep it that way.

Additional Rules

  • No HTML code in the shoutbox. Use bbcode instead. We take this very seriously. Any HTML abuse will result in a permanent suspension of your account. This might seem harsh, but it's needed.
  • Backseat Moderating: Backseat Moderating is the act of posting in a thread as a "moderator" saying something like "mods please close" or "move this thread to this forum." This is not allowed at Invite Scene. Instead, please use the report post button to alert a moderator more quickly and conveniently. All posts like this will be treated as spam and deleted. If there are several occurrences some warnings and infractions may be shown.
  • Flaming: Flaming will not be tolerated. This includes petty name calling to full on abuse, threats of any kind and general rudeness. All people involved will be punished. If you feel someone is treating you unfairly, simply press the report button at the bottom of that person's post, and a Mod/Admin will deal with it. Do not become involved in an argument!
  • Trolling: Mild trolling is allowed, but don't let it get too far, and don't be surprised if it'll end with a warn or worse. If others disapprove, we urge you to stop immediately as it can be perceived as flaming or disrespecting.
  • Misleading content: Do not post threads in order to mislead a member. This could be anything from phrasing a question as a tutorial or saying it is one thing and it being completely different.
  • Multiple accounts: One account per household. You may not use another user's account either, regardless of your relationship with them. Both accounts are subject to banning. Contact a Head Moderator or Administrator for details on creating accounts for family/spouses.
  • Proxies / VPNs: Please do not log into the forum using Proxies, VPNs, and SeedBox IPs. This is strongly against the rules and you risk your account being permanently banned.
  • Proofs: Only staff members have permission to ask for unedited proof, regarding the trackers you are trying to sell or trade.
  • Refunds: Refunds are usually offered within a 30 day period of the transaction by sellers in the unfortunate situation were an account gets banned. This rule does not apply for invites unless the problem is from seller side. Refunds are not to be requested because of dissatisfaction with the tracker. It is your responsibility to research and know what tracker you are buying and their rules.
  • Illegal content: If you post any content which is deemed illegal, including files or download links, you will be permanently banned. If any content of this nature is seen it should be reported to a member of staff as soon as possible.
  • Advertising: It is against the rules to advertise other forums, blogs or social media websites in public or via personal messaging. If you do this you will comprise your account.
  • Spam: Spam is strictly prohibited. Spamming the forum with endless useless posts to increase your post count or gain access to certain forums is against the rules and you will receive a warning for doing so.
  • Threads: Members are only allowed to bump their threads every 24 hours. In the requests section, only one thread is permitted until the requested tracker has being fulfilled.
  • Giveaways: Never give your invites or accounts you won from Invite Scene to your friends or post them on other invite based forums. Any accounts or invites which have being won from Giveaway threads are for personal use only. Any users found cheating on trackers they have won from Invite Scene will compromise their account, depending on the implications your actions have had on the original inviter.
  • Begging: Begging for invites is against the rules, both publicly and via private messages.
  • Language: Any user found using abusive language on the forum, both via personal messages and publicly will be dealt with and could risk losing their account. You have to let the staff do their jobs and not engage with arguments with members on the forum, no matter how justified you believe it is. Always contact a moderator first.

Shoutbox Rules

Basic Forum Etiquette applies to the shoutbox as well, this includes (but is not limited to) rules about vulgarity, flaming, spamming, etc.

  • 50 non-spam posts are required before being able to use the shoutbox.
  • Links to Support Topics are NOT allowed (this includes requests). Note that the shoutbox is a place to chat and talk to other members, not to request help or ask questions.
  • The shoutbox is intended for general chat and off-topic discussions. It is to be used as a way to interact with the community, not to ask perceived "simple questions".
  • If discussions in the shoutbox are getting out of hand, PM a member of Staff with a screenshot and time stamp of what happened and when it happened. We will take the necessary action(s).
  • Advertising, such as spamming links to your own (or other sites) is not allowed in the shoutbox. We also prohibit links to Marketplace topics.
  • We will not tolerate flaming, vulgarities, spamming or anything that could potentially have a negative impact on another member's enjoyment of the site.
  • Have a good time, act maturely, be friendly, make friends, and have fun! That's what this community is all about. Webmaster talk, forum talk and all the 'good stuff' is very much allowed. If things get too complicated for the shoutbox we recommend you make a topic in the appropriate forum!

Failure to abide by our guidelines results in swift action. Your shout is deleted, you're issued a warning point as well as a 24-hr shoutbox suspension. If you violate these guidelines a second time, you will receive yet another warning point and your shoutbox privileges will be permanently revoked.

Safety Tips

Username: Your choice of username is extremely important. For your own safety it is recommended that you never use the same or similar username on Invite Scene and the trackers you are using. If you do this then you only have yourself to blame as you are putting your account(s) at risk. Please contact an admin immediately for a username change if you have already made this mistake.

CSS Security: If you don't want to risk losing your current private trackers then it is highly recommended that you use a different browser for Invite Scene and your trackers. Many trackers have now blacklisted numerous invite based forums and are using browser manipulation to access the browsers loophole to view previously visited websites. To avoid this, as previously mentioned, use different browsers. If you have already made this mistake then immediately delete your history and cookies, then implement the above solution.

Password: It is highly recommended that you use a strong password for your accounts such as emails, trackers and forums. A strong password would constitute at-least twelve or more characters and digits, including variation such as upper-case characters, lower-case characters, numbers and special characters.

Links: Avoid clicking any links from users. This includes emails, private messages and forum threads/posts. There are many scammers and hackers online who can easily disguise a link as something genuine, however the purpose is actually to snatch your IP or install a virus.

E-mail address: Please, under no circumstances ever post your email address in public. This includes when you are applying for an invite in a GA thread. By doing this you can compromise your accounts safety and your inviters account safety.

Screenshots: Always edit screenshots. Never post public screenshots which reveal your trackers username or ratio stats. In addition, only send un-edited screenshots to staff members on request, never to normal users on the forum.

Further Advice

Middleman: Middleman can be requested in certain situations, such as dealing with a seller that has little or no feedback or who you do not trust. It is highly recommended that you contact a staff member in this situation.

Scammed: If you have being scammed, immediately contact a staff member or open a dispute thread. All proofs should be saved and forwarded to a moderator.

Banned countries: Always check the banned countries list before you trade, sell or buy a tracker.

IP / email / password Change: Please be aware that certain trackers ban accounts for email, password and/or country IP change. If you are unsure of your responsible always contact the seller/buyer/trader first who will normally provide you with safety tips before a deal is made.

Trusted members: Always buy/trade accounts from trusted sellers or staff members.

Accounts or Invites?: To avoid any complications it is much better to buy an account combined with an email. However, invites are generally much safer.

We have a very constructive and unique set of members. Upon posting on the board you will be judged by our members, they are human and have valid opinions. If you want to make a good impression consider the following advice:

Brief overview

  • Keep in mind that these "rules" are more like guidelines, you choose how you want people to perceive you.
  • When making a thread ask yourself if you are going to be flamed by our members due to what you are posting.
  • Use full punctuation and grammar. If need be, use a spell checker. Everyone hates an illiterate person.
  • When replying to a thread, make sure it's constructive and helpful.
  • If you can't make a positive contribution to a thread then don't bother posting.

Please follow the above rules as breaching them could compromise your account at Invite Scene. If any post is suspected of breaking the above rules then please report it immediately. Invite Scene isn't just a place for Torrent Invites, it's also a Community of brothers and sisters. We want to keep the community clean and in order, so help us do it by following the rules. Remember, we have numerous competitions and following the rules correctly makes you a competitor. If you have any questions then please let us know. We are always open for suggestions and take criticism well.

Thanks you for reading these rules and we hope you can follow them. Enjoy your stay at Invite Scene!