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  1. i would like to apply for please.Proofs provided upon asking rep added thanks!
  2. can i apply as well? thanks
  3. blutigers closed.Interested for ethor-xthor ?
  4. Probably account,no way invite,auctions are really expensive.
  5. hello! thanks for the giveaway.I would like to apply for an invite to surrelamoviez,thanks a lot!
  6. revtt invite system open?15 days ago it was closed...
  7. Announcement: PtN Review Team Howdy, pirates ! Recently, PTN is looking for a tough Internal Review Squad to share their personal opinions regarding recently watched movies. So we are seeking for a few members to join us. To apply for this position, you only need to have at least 3 movies reviews and some free time to post 1-2 review(s) / week in a fair good English. We appreciate quality, not quantity. If you are a passionate movie watcher and you fulfill the requirements mentioned earlier, just leave us a comment in our form
  8. MTV Recruitment Hey guys, Hope you all had a great Christmas! The holidays are a time of giving back to people who have helped support you through the past year. Because of this we have decided as a community to open our doors for new members one last time before the holidays are over. The recruitment channel will be open for the next three days for anyone who wants to get in. So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your enemies to get in here while they still can! Please remember it is the holidays so we may not be able to respond immediately, be patient and we will respond when we’re available. Thank you! Here's the info you may need : Or via irc client. Server : Channel You will need also to use pastebin since there will be an interview. The interview period will be betwewn December 28th-31st, 2015.