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Amazon limits:
.it - 500 €
.fr - 500 €
.es - 800 €
.com - 1000 $ - 500 £

Apple limits:
1 item, max price - 5000$

*orders with excess of limits at yours own risk

Amazon - 20% (20$ min)
Apple - 25% (200$ min)



  • orders can be done only on clean addresses within the country. No forwarding.
  • The order must contain only one thing priced not nigher than $ 5,000.
  • Under no circumstances should you turn Apple equipment on as long as there's no refund. Better not to touch the parcel until we do our job.
  • Also try to order one thing in one order with Amazon. This increases the chances. If the goods are not financially liquid or expensive - you can order 2.
  • It is better to consult with us before placing your order. Everything is changing rapidly, and we will be able to advise you on the situation with Amazon, so you won't have any problems.




  • Minimal payment for Amazon refund - 20$
  • Minimal payment for Apple refund - 200$
  • Clients we work for the first time should confirm themselves through messages in a thread or PM.
  • Contact us via PM or Skype for our refund service form.



Refundable products

We can only refund products that have been sold and shipped by Amazon, or Fulfilled by Amazon.
Thats how it looks on amazons:
Venduto e spedito da Amazon. - good
Venduto da (seller name) e spedito da Amazon. - good
Expédié et vendu par (seller name). - CANNOT BE REFUNDED
Expédié et vendu par Amazon. - good
Vendu par (seller name) et expédié par Amazon. - good
Venduto e spedito da (seller name). - CANNOT BE REFUNDED
Vendido y enviado por Amazon. - good
Vendido por (seller name) y gestionado por Amazon. - good
Vendido y enviado por (seller name). - CANNOT BE REFUNDED
Ships from and sold by - good
Sold by (seller name) and Fulfilled by Amazon. - good
Ships from and sold by (seller name). - CANNOT BE REFUNDED

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