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  1. N64 and Gamecube. Soooo many hours spend on Smash and PSO.
  2. Last game I played was CS:GO. Can't get enough of it. I'd give it an 8.5/10 for what it is. Bugs and all.
  3. The first game I've played was probably one of the earlier Zeldas, or maybe the Super Mario Bros.
  4. Currently on the 64GB iPhone 6.
  5. A lot of Batman fans in here, and rightfully so!
  6. I fell in love with The Alchemist years ago and find myself coming back to it every now and then. What a story.
  7. Game of Thrones Breaking Bad Sherlock Doctor Who Just to name a few.
  8. A little hard to narrow it down, but: 1. Shawshank Redemption 2. The Godfather 3. Goodfellas
  9. Stein;s Gate, Attack on Titan and anything by Miyazaki.
  10. Electronic, Hip Hop, Classical. All really depends on my mood at the time.
  11. Welcome to Invite Scene Pomegranate :)