1. Inviter is a professional in a world of shady dealers. He is 100% honest and he always does what he says he will. It is the nature of buying invites and accounts that there will be snags. There will always be snags. The measure of a good dealer is not whether or not they can be 100% foolproof, but how they handle these setbacks. Inviter always takes care of me. He knows how to do things so accounts are not flagged or disabled. I am someone who did not initially buy my way onto torrent sites. I have many accounts that I have built carefully over the years. When I first started working with inviter, I was worried that my credibility would be compromised. Since we started working together, inviter has gotten me legit invites to very exclusive trackers, and helped me build ratio and turn these into rock solid accounts. Many many thanks to him. I would never look to another invite site.

    Carl 22-06-2017

    In Customer Stories