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Inviter's Feedback

  1. Salty_T left Positive feedback   

    We had a bit of a fallout with a Spotify deal, but in the end we worked it out and Inviter showed he was trustworthy and reliable. He could have totally screwed me over, but didn't. In the end it all worked out with invites to many trackers.

    Inviter was The Seller

  2. Silverstacy left Positive feedback   

    Excellent - Very reliable and honest trade - Quick service was provided - much appreciated. Thank you @Inviter for a great service.

    Inviter was The Seller

  3. lunastella87 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy, trustworthy. Thank you!

    Inviter was The Seller

  4. Turing left Positive feedback   

    We did multiple deals here on the forum. Good guy and trustworthy.

    Inviter was The Buyer

  5. orgazmatron left Positive feedback   

    Easy transaction, Inviter was helpful guiding me through the process. Recommend !

    Inviter was The Seller

  6. FredFlintstone left Positive feedback   

    Thank you! Quick and painless.

    Inviter was The Seller

  7. eggsorer left Positive feedback   

    Sent the invite fairly quickly, and sent very short, straight to the point, concise messages.

    Inviter was The Seller

  8. thinkabout left Positive feedback   

    Very professional and up front, as well as a very quick response time. Procedures/instructions were clear for everything. I would use him again if I am looking for anything else.

    Inviter was The Seller

  9. rawshiiit left Positive feedback   

    Very easy and fast transaction! 10/10

    Inviter was The Seller

  10. Aquarius92 left Positive feedback   

    Very good buying from him !! thank you again for all you help. I recommend him !

    Inviter was The Seller

  11. draxx0 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a few trackers a while ago from this gentleman. Amazing seller right there! Would buy again at any given time :)

    Inviter was The Seller

  12. password left Positive feedback   

    Was very patient with me and willing to help me with the parts I was confused about. Polite and to the point. Response time was pretty quick.

    Inviter was The Seller

  13. jokke left Positive feedback   

    Very, Very pleased. Recommending to ask every time. THANK you very much.

    Inviter was The Buyer

  14. LOCKDOWN left Positive feedback   

    so happy,wish to buy invites here again!

    Inviter was The Seller

  15. gurgeh left Positive feedback   

    Quick and hassle-free, had exactly what I needed, thank you!

    Inviter was The Seller

  16. OvaTheMoon left Positive feedback   

    Seller is amazing. Really quick to answer your questions thoroughly and services purchased was received faster than the usual time. Look forward to buying from again.

    Inviter was The Seller

  17. Salty_T left Positive feedback   

    One of the best sellers i've dealt with through the years. Lightning fast, efficient and very honest. Thanks mate!

    Inviter was The Seller

  18. freericez left Positive feedback for a topic   

  19. Captain left Positive feedback   

    Thank you so much. You just saved me.

    Inviter was The Seller

  20. elasticeye left Positive feedback   

    Very fast delivery.

    Inviter was The Seller

  21. hipk1 left Positive feedback   

    Goof Fast Transaction. Got my invite. Thanks a lot

    Inviter was The Seller

  22. 4Matic left Positive feedback   

    Just great! Easy to talk with, smooth transaction, fast respond! Hope that we deal again!

    Inviter was The Seller

  23. Silent left Positive feedback   

    Exceptional deal. Quick messaging and well structured business. Highly recommend.

    Inviter was The Seller

  24. concept left Positive feedback   

    Dude is lightning quick, and trustworthy, thanks again!

    Inviter was The Seller

  25. LTwithamap left Positive feedback   

    Seller is great! Fast to respond and reliable. Had to wait but it's reasonable since seller is at work. 10/10 would buy something else again in the future.

    Inviter was The Seller