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  1. Captain Marvel left Positive feedback   

    Great trader, responded quickly and was very helpful and patient.

    Inviter was The Seller

  2. Phazon left Positive feedback   

    friendliest and most honest seller I have dealt with, will definitely be doing business with him again

    Inviter was The Seller

  3. worlando left Positive feedback   

    succesful deal

    Inviter was The Seller

  4. jewsernam left Positive feedback   

    Great, came thru

    Inviter was The Seller

  5. nintendoboi left Positive feedback   

    very quick

    Inviter was The Seller

  6. Pezza left Positive feedback   

    Fast and Responsive

    Inviter was The Seller

  7. RAKKARN left Positive feedback   

    Trusty and easy deal. Just perfect. Thanks!

    Inviter was The Seller

  8. shibal left Positive feedback   

    Great seller! Deal was smooth and fast. I will be working with him again.

    Inviter was The Seller

  9. Popeye left Positive feedback   

    one of the most trusted peoples I have the pleasure to deal with

    Inviter was Trading

  10. crazedone left Positive feedback   

    fast and responsive great seller

    Inviter was The Seller

  11. xVERSUSx left Positive feedback   

    Great seller! A+

    Inviter was The Seller

  12. worlando left Positive feedback   

    good fast dealer

    Inviter was The Seller

  13. m0mij1 left Positive feedback   

    Honest, and reliable. Overall top dude!

    Inviter was The Seller

  14. GreenGrass left Positive feedback   

    Quick, honest, friendly and very helpful. Highly recommended!

    Inviter was The Seller

  15. slimsheiggy left Positive feedback   

    great seller A+

    Inviter was The Seller

  16. Gumdoc left Positive feedback   

    Great communication and quick transaction. Highly recommended!

    Inviter was The Seller

  17. jqsClouseau left Positive feedback   


    Inviter was The Seller

  18. janneman63 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Quick respons and almost instant delivery of my invitation. Great Job!

    Inviter was The Seller

  19. skrotarn left Positive feedback   

    Great seller!

    Inviter was The Seller

  20. Erado left Positive feedback   


    Inviter was The Seller

  21. barneymac58 left Positive feedback   

    Wonderful to work with and very responsive when questions are asked and he is a trusted buyer.

    Inviter was The Seller

  22. Ronald Edward left Positive feedback   

    recommended seller , trusted, will purchase from again,thanks A+++

    Inviter was The Seller

  23. prisoner107 left Positive feedback   

    The entire process and transaction is smooth and flawless. Thanks again.

    Inviter was The Seller

  24. L3nn0n left Positive feedback   

    Keep on Rockin'!!

    Inviter was The Seller

  25. JPMaster left Positive feedback   

    Quick response, friendly, and zero issues!

    Inviter was The Seller