Selling Exclusive FTP Access [50 TB Storage]

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We have 30-Gbit speed, and 50TB of space with all English, Nordic, Spanish, French and German releases from scene. 
We have a Request folder that is unlimited to make request, so if you need a old release you can request it, and we will put in there for you too and download your stuff as soon as possible.
Credit Options: 
  • Credit : 300GB
  • Credit : 600GB
  • Credit : Unlimited (No limits in your download)
We have a 204 days uptime till now. No reboots or down times for more than 6 months. So, nothing to worry about this part.
Feel free to PM me anytime for prices or any other queries.

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I contacted the seller via PM yesterday and he/she responded back with a PM with their Skype.

Added and asked basic questions like the price, monthly, what payment did he/she take.

I didn't get a view account but I took his/her word for it and took a chance. It's very nice having this FTP

It looks promising so I will stick around. The Spanish section is new to me (in the sense) that I never had it around before and would use it for my parents.


I paid the amount and in about less than 4hours? I got my account setup. I am hoping the slots are closed soon though and it becomes private. Other than that is a great FTP and potential site for anyone looking for easy content straight from FTP. I prefer over torrents any day.


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