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  1. Completed one successful trade, still looking for BTN (and only BTN now)
  2. Have: Torrent Leech & RevTT Want: BroadcastThe.Net Not looking for anything else at this time.
  3. Is there no consistency in these free programs?! lol I recently switched back to uTorrent after giving qBittorrent and Deluge a go. Deluge was nice, loved the sort by tracker option, but had a few crashes with it. Latest uTorrent still annoys me with it's ads, and it still has the same bring system to a crawl if torrents are on a partition shared with windows. But so far, it seems to be uploading more. Have to run it a few weeks to know. It's probably ALL just timing. Upload is after all dictated by demand, and demand can be random.
  4. I use to be a big fan of uTorrent 2.2.1 (was never a fan of uTorrent 3.x and its ads) but then recently I had issues with it grinding my PC to a halt. It would monopolize the drive completely, not writing mind you, just prevent anything from access for a time. Now, this wasn't an issue when I had a dedicated drive for incoming files, but when I had to move that to a partition on the windows drive, it was hell. Anyway, Im currently using qBittorrent, its like uTorrent but purple. Oh, and it doesn't monopolize my PC and lock up everything like video playback for a time while downloading... randomly. However, I think it's not as good at seeding. I swear I had more uploading going on while using uTorrent.