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  3. This is a lot to do for a role! Although a lot of attention directed towards Jonathan Majors right now concerns his debut as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it’s not the only way the actor is shining on the cinematic front in the early days of 2023. Along with Creed III opening at the beginning of March, last weekend saw his upcoming movie Magazine Dreams premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. Magazine Dreams sees Majors playing a toxic, obsessed bodybuilder, and along with working out hard to reach the right physique for the role, he also had to eat an incredible number of calories. Jonathan Majors discussed his fitness and dietary regimen on Magazine Dreams while speaking with Variety at Sundance. Starting off, Majors talked about the hours of exercise that went into his physical transformation, as well as touched on all the food he ate: " The normal bodybuilder works out two times a day. I’m playing Killian Maddox… Playing him you don’t fuck around. What ended up happening is I would train two hours, two times a day for the movie and a third time after wrap. Meanwhile, you eat six times a day. Lots of chicken. Lots of elk. That’s just for me. I like it. " So on top of having to spend most of his days on Magazine Dreams acting in front of the camera, Jonathan Majors also had to carve out a significant chunk of time just to exercise and eat all that food. By the way, Majors talking about all the chicken he ate calls to mind Hugh Jackman sharing he did the same thing when he needed to get into Wolverine shape. Continuing on the eating front, Majors specifically had to ingest over 6,000 calories of food each day for more than one-fourth of a year in order to maintain the proper shape. As he put it: " I’m 6 feet tall. I’m 202 pounds. In order to sustain that and to grow that you have to eat as much protein that you weigh. I ate 6,100 calories a day for about four months. That included the pre-work and the post-work of ‘Creed III.' " The upside of such a strict diet and hardcore exercising is the ripped physique that was on display in the first Magazine Dreams look that came out last December. The downside is that working out for this movie, as well as Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, has resulted in Majors missing french fries, and he also dealt with “a lot of isolation” during 18 months of training. With those three movies out of the way, Majors isn’t keeping up the same fitness pace that had been required of him, but he does still work out “once a day” and enjoys activities like hiking and running. While it’s hard to say when the public will get to see Magazine Dreams, the buzz out of Sundance for the movie has been largely positive, with it giving Jonathan Majors his Travis Bickle moment. In the meantime, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania opens on February 17, followed by Creed III on March 3, as part of the lineup of 2023 new movie releases.
  4. Bye, blonde!?! Blake Lively has been on an acting hiatus as of late, especially with her and longtime partner and husband Ryan Reynolds getting ready to welcome their fourth child; she is currently rocking a baby bump in the meantime. But thankfully, Lively has been lining up a few exciting projects for herself on the horizon, including an upcoming book adaptation she may be teasing getting to work on as she revealed a new hair color. Blake Lively is set to star in the movie version of Colleen Hoover’s bestselling novel It Ends With Us alongside Janes the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni, who will also direct the feature, per Deadline. On the heels of that exciting news, Lively took to her Instagram to debut a new hair color. Check it: Blake Lively January 2023 Instagram story, brown hair It looks like Lively has dark auburn hair now rather than her signature blonde. On the social media post, the song “Lily (My One and Only)” by the Smashing Pumpkins played in the background. And as readers of It Ends With Us know, the book protagonist’s is named Lily Bloom, and she has red hair. Is it possible Lively is already getting to work on the new film? Surely time will tell as to what exactly Blake Lively is teasing here. I’m certainly curious if she went to the hair salon and fully dyed her hair, or if this is a wig. Over the years, Blake Lively has certainly worn a few other hair colors, but she’s predominantly stuck with her blonde hair. Instances of Lively changing it up include in 2011, when she debuted a gorgeous strawberry blonde, and for the 2019 The Rhythm Section premiere, she went brunette. It Ends With Us is about Lily, a businesswoman living in Boston who finds a blossoming romance in a neurosurgeon named Ryle. As she pursues this new relationship, her first love from back home in Maine suddenly reappears and challenges things between Lily and her new flame. I Am Not Okay With This writer Christy Hall is penning the adaptation and Colleen Hoover is going to consult on the film. The novel has been immensely popular since its release in 2016, and is currently No. 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list, along with its sequel It Starts With Us. Hoover is such a prominent author right now that five of her books are in the top 25 Amazon bestsellers for books. Suffice to say that there will be a lot of eyes on Blake Lively’s upcoming role in It Ends With Us. Aside from her latest movie role, Blake Lively will also reunite with Anna Kendrick in a sequel to A Simple Favor, and she’ll be directing her first movie following getting a head start by helming Taylor Swift’s 2022 music video ““I Bet You Think About Me,” which also gained numerous nominations for her work on it. Color us curious on seeing more of Blake Lively’s new hair and in-development movies!
  5. Major SPOILERS are ahead for the ending of Teen Wolf: The Movie, now streaming with a Paramount+ subscription. I should have prepared myself for this, but I was absolutely shocked when the big death happened on Teen Wolf: The Movie. I guess I should have known the franchise would raise the stakes for its big return since the 2017 finale, but killing off Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale? What!?! After seeing the jaw-dropping ending to the film, CinemaBlend caught up with Tyler Posey about his thoughts on the big moment. Tyler Posey's Scott McCall and Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale began and now end this werewolf journey together after over a decade as brothers in real life (figuratively) and on the series. Here is what Posey shared with us regarding the moment: " It definitely hit me. I loved Derek and Scott loves Derek and they've gone through the weirdest with each other. But, you know, at the same time, I think it's one of those things that's necessary for us to do because I love relating to the fans and our show does a really good job at that. And, everyone has lost a loved one before. So Derek is by far one of the most loved and cherished characters of our show and having that dynamic just really makes our show and movie really relatable. It's sad of course, but also beautiful. There's silver linings to it. I felt like it was necessary, but I miss him. I miss the big bastard. " Posey was struck by the decision as well, but ultimately called it something that was “necessary” to the story Teen Wolf: The Movie sought to tell. As the actor said, everyone has lost a loved one in one way or another, and people will be able to relate to the moment (sans all the supernatural werewolf stuff). Even so, RIP Derek Hale! Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale in Teen Wolf The movie’s death was made more emotional by the fact that Derek Hale has a teen son/werewolf of his own that he won’t get to watch grow up. As Teen Wolf: The Movie came to an end though, it seems like Scott and some of his other buds in the show will help Eli with his wolf growing pains and life in Beacon Hills. Teen Wolf was Hoechlin first major role that put the actor on the map, but he’s since become the CW’s Superman and is set to reprise the role in Superman and Lois' coming third season. At least the actor’s presence in the movie allowed fans to get some closure about his character. Not all of the Teen Wolf cast decided to return for the movie. For example, Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Stilinski is nowhere to be found in Teen Wolf: The Movie following a “difficult decision” from the actor not to reprise the role, and Arden Cho reportedly turned down returning due to a pay dispute, per The Cut. On the other hand, if there’s something else we learned from Teen Wolf: The Movie, it’s that dead characters don’t have to stay dead. The major premise of it was Allison Argent being revived after dying back in Season 3 and rekindling her romance with Scott. It’s a bit of an eye for an eye in that regard, but hey, they’re werewolves dealing with some pretty evil forces. If one was going to die, at least Derek Hale got a touching round of last moments.
  6. Is Eddie Murphy ready to voice Donkey again for Shrek 5? It has been over a decade since fans followed Shrek, Fiona, and the gang, as Shrek Forever After was the last release in the film series. Talks of a possible fifth film have been floating around for years, with it being stuck in developmental hell. However, the blockbuster success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has renewed diehard fans’ want for another film from their favorite green ogre. There may be a bright spot for them, as Eddie Murphy weighted in if he’d play Donkey again while throwing shade at the Puss in Boots sequel. Of course, moviegoers love and appreciate multiple Eddie Murphy movies, but nothing beats hearing him as the lovable sidekick Donkey. Given The Last Wish’s current success, eTalk asked the Oscar-nominated actor if he was open to returning to the animated franchise. As Murphy is currently in sequel mode with Beverly Hills Cop 4, the comedy legend was down to catch up with Donkey and co., saying: " Oh, I’d absolutely be open. If they ever came to me with another Shrek I’d do it in two seconds. I love Donkey. " Well, the You People star is ready to voice everyone’s favorite animal sidekick. However, his willingness to return to the Shrek franchise was no surprise since he spilled that Shrek 5 was originally set to arrive in 2019 or 2020. Since the fourth installment was released in 2010, the only new Shrek content fans have gotten was the 2010 Halloween TV special Scared Shrekless. Eddie Murphy isn’t the only one ready for a fifth Shrek movie, as Puss in Boots actor Antonio Banderas gave a possible update that the much-delayed Shrek 5 might finally see the light of day. So it appears half of the All-Star cast (get it?) is prepared for more fairy tale adventures. With Puss in Boots: The Last Wish still ruling at the box office, Eddie Murphy couldn’t help but be a little jealous of the debonair feline’s success. The comedian joked with the Canadian entertainment show that Donkey was funnier than Puss: " You know they did Puss in Boots movies, and I was like ‘They should have done a Donkey movie. Donkey is funnier than Puss in Boots.’ I mean, I love Puss in Boots but he ain’t funnier than Donkey. " Having been a comedy staple for four decades, Eddie Murphy knows funny when he hears it. Donkey did have some of the best one-liners and laugh-out-loud scenes across the four Shrek movies, but that was possible because of Murphy’s impeccable comedic delivery and timing. The humorous donkey came off as an animated extension of the Hollywood A-lister. It would be nice if the studio listened to the Beverly Hills Cop star and did a spin-off for Donkey just like it did for Puss in Boots. Doing one could help keep the Shrek brand alive until Shrek 5 finally arrives. A fifth installment could happen if Mike Myers and an un-retired Cameron Diaz are on board for it. Only time will tell if (or when) the fans’ wish will come true. If you’re feeling nostalgic for Shrek and co., check out all the Shrek movies across different streaming platforms.
  7. The pop star managed to out-do herself after setting the record the week before. Miley Cyrus on Dec. 31, 2022. Give her all the flowers…again! On Thursday (Jan. 26), Miley Cyrus‘ “Flowers” became the most streamed song in a week in Spotify history for the second week in a row. The streaming giant used Twitter to share the news, writing “It’s official…The record has been broken by @MileyCyrus herself on January 26, making #Flowers the most streamed song in a single week in Spotify history.” While Spotify didn’t share specific numbers, the hit single first achieved the feat in the week of Jan. 19, making it all the more impressive that Cyrus managed to outdo herself for a second consecutive week after also debuting in the previous frame at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The success of “Flowers” has also boosted all the other songs in Cyrus’ proverbial garden of hits, with her entire discography from “Wrecking Ball” to “Midnight Sky” making a truly remarkable 65 percent gain in the week ending Jan. 19 according to Luminate — from 20.7 weekly million official on-demand U.S. streams to 34.2 million. It also fed the streaming numbers of Bruno Mars’ “If I Was Your Man” — which “Flowers” slyly plays on without sampling or interpolating any of the No. 1 torch song melodically. After the song bloomed at No. 1, Cyrus tweeted a note of gratitude to her fans, writing, “Thankful that Flowers is Number 1 around the world. This song is dedicated to my fans & the steadfast self love I wish for each of you. Forever grateful, Miley.” Check out Spotify’s announcement about “Flowers” record-breaking second week below.
  8. Here's Doja Cat's style evolution, from 2014 to present day. Doja Cat wears red off shoulder dress, red boots outside Schiaparelli during Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Spring Summer : Day One on Jan. 23, 2023 in Paris Doja Cat — aside from being one of the biggest Billboard Hot 100 hitmakers of the 2020s — has ascended the ranks in her career to not only become a formidable pop star, but has also evolved into a fashion icon in her own right. Following the success of her breakthrough single, “Say So,” Doja has used fashion to different sides of her personality, from playful (see her 2019 BET Awards and 2021 VMAs looks) and elegant, to edgy and avant-garde. The Grammy winning rapper has most recently turned heads with her recent appearances at Paris Fashion week. While attending Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show on Monday (Jan. 27), the star got the internet talking after in a head to toe red ensemble. The twist? Makeup artist Pat McGrath covered Doja in 30,000 red Swarovski crystals — all applied by hand, she noted — to complete the show stopping look. But high fashion moments didn’t stop there: Once Doja realized she was getting criticisms online for not wearing eyelashes to complete her ensemble, she turned up the next day in a menswear inspired outfit consisting of pinstriped separates and a shirt with a ruffled breast. The real star, however, was the “Woman” singer’s fake goatee and eyebrows made of — you guesses it — strips of eyelashes. As Doja cat continues to turn out looks, take a look back in history to see all how her styles has evolved over time, from her humble beginnings and cat ears to the present. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Rich Polk/GI for FRIENDS 'N' FAMILY 2014 A young Doja Cat arrived to the Friends ‘N’ Family 17th Annual Pre-GRAMMY Party wearing a lavender dress, matching purple hat and a fur boa for added interest. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Aaron J. Thornton/GI for BET 2019 Doja Cat was a literal cat at the 2019 BET Awards, wearing a hot pink ensemble of hot pink cat ears, feathered cat toys and a dress made of yarn. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via GI 2019 A “Juicy” era Doja Cat performed on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ dressed like a watermelon, with lemon head dancers to back her up. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Ethan Miller/GI 2020 Doja Cat performed at 2020 Adult Video News Awards in an ensemble that leaves little to the imagination. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via GI 2020 Doja appeared on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ with a catsuit adorned with feathers, a subtle nod to the disco time period. Doja Cat Photo Credit:ABC via GI 2020 Doja turned into a literal cave “Woman,” wearing a bone-covered bra and furry loincloth, for her performance at at the 2020 American Music Awards. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/GI for dcp 2020 The pop star dialed up the glamour while attending 2020 American Music Awards carpet, wearing a gorgeous olive corset dress with sheer panels and romantic, ruffled skirt details. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Alberto E. Rodriguez/GI for dick clark productions 2021 Confetti galore! Doja’s performance for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2021 broadcast saw her dress like silver pieces of New Year’s confetti with a shimmering tinsel wig and matching tinsel bustle for her bodysuit. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Kevin Mazur/GI for The Recording Academy 2021 Edgy Doja came out to play at the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards; she wore a belly-button bearing zippered dress than beautifully flowed into a green and black feathered skirt. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Kevin Winter/GI for The Recording Academy 2021 Doja’s love of catsuits was on displau at the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards. Her Grammys take of the catsuit consisted of shiny black pantent leather, chunky platform boots and a latex hood to hold back a sleek ponytail. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Emma McIntyre/GI for iHeartMedia 2021 Doja was a vision the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards wearing a gauzy, sheer dress in a ethereal shade of olive green. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Kevin Mazur/GI for dcp 2021 Doja was a stunning optical illusion at 2021 Billboard Music Awards, taking to the stage in a futuristic body suit with a large black circle detail and cutout pants. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Rich Fury/GI for dcp 2021 Doja, winner of the Top R&B Female Artist Award, posed backstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and continued the optical illusions in a black and white striped pants and top combo. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Jason Kempin/GI 2021 Doja Cat attended the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet — which she also hosted — and appeared in red platform thigh high heels, and a lavishly draped bodysuit. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Noam Galai/MTV VMAs 2021/GI for MTV/ViacomCBS 2021 When it came time to actually host the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, Doja spared no expense and wore several kooky looks for the awards show, with her alien foot ensemble being just one of few. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Bennett Raglin/GI 2021 Doja appeared onstage at the Video Music Awards in an esnemble that some fans online memed heavily for its resemblance to a worm. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Theo Wargo/GI for MTV/ViacomCBS 2021 Feeling a bit topsy-turvy, Doja also appeared onstage in another interesting outfit — this one, featuring a hate made to look like an upside down chair. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Emma McIntyre/GI for iHeartRadio 2021 Doja Cat performed iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2021 in a winter white ensemble consisting of a bedazzled bikini top and matching gauzy pants. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Amy Sussman/GI 2022 Doja attended the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards, and her fitted Versace dress and adorable glass bag was the talk of the town. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Emma McIntyre/GI for Billboard 2022 Doja attended the Billboard Women in Music 2022 event in a stunning, all black dress. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Emma McIntyre/GI for Billboard 2022 Doja swapped her black dress for a flowing pink number for her Billboard Women in Music 2022 performance. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Scott Dudelson/GI for Coachella 2022 Doja looked bright in blue as she performed on the main stage during Weekend 2, Day 3 of the 2022 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Frazer Harrison/GI 2022 One of Doja’s first major Schiaparelli moments, she attended the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, with a black gown from the brand and an out-of-this world gilded purse the shape of Saturn. Doja Cat, Vivienne Westwood Photo Credit:David M. Benett/GI 2022 Doja gave the mismatching fabrics trend a try while attending the Andreas Kronthaler For Vivienne Westwood SS23 show during Paris Fashion Week. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Pierre Suu/GI 2022 And the show stopping looks continued during Paris Fashion Week, with Doja wearing a sleek black dress and full face paint to the Monot Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Dominique Charriau/WireImage 2022 For the Lanvin Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show, Doja slightly dailed things back, but looked rockstar chic in an oversized furry blue jacket and black sunglasses. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Pierre Suu/GI 2022 Doja went preppy for Thom Browne Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show wearing a fitted and tailored floor length gown with bold green and navy blue stripes, as well as a red ascot. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Julien Hekimian/GI 2022 Doja Cat painted herself gold — quite literally — for the A.W.A.K.E Mode Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Jerritt Clark/GI for LOEWE 2022 An overblushed Doja looked other worldly in a printed and drapped gown for the LOEWE Rodeo Drive Party. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Arnold Jerocki/GI 2023 Doja appeared to have infitintely sized pockets while wearing a bright blue leather dress to attend the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show for Paris Fashion Week 2023. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Christian Vierig/GI 2023 Dorothy’s red slipper, is that you? Doja was fully bejeweled in 30,000 red Swarovski crystals outside Schiaparelli during Paris Fashion Week. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Marc Piasecki/WireImage 2023 Doja attended the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show using fake eyelashes to sub in for eyebrows and a mustache. Doja Cat Photo Credit:Pascal Le Segretain/GI 2023 In a dramatically different look, Doja Cat wore head to toe black and an overside cape jacket to Valentino Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show.
  9. The German genre pioneer's VENTURE X tour will combine progressive, trance and techno, with a corresponding single out today (Jan. 27.) Paul van Dyk Paul van Dyk may have made his name as a trance artist, but his interests and skills extend well beyond the genre. Now, he’s demonstrating how far. With his new VENTURE X project, the German pioneer is eschewing genre purity and simply playing what he thinks sounds best, with an upcoming tour finding van Dyk fusing progressive, trance and techno. “I try to stay curious and open-minded about new sounds, artists, and labels – always have,” van Dyk tells Billboard. “Different aspects of music, its genres and colorations of sound have always been part of my sets. With VENTURE X I take this approach even further, the set will be defined by itself.” These VENTURE X shows launch on February 17 in Toronto, with the tour then hitting New York City, Montreal, Pontiac, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, and Austin. On the road, van Dyk hopes to satisfy audiences “in a way they didn’t know was possible. I do believe electronic music enthusiasts deserve more than a top 10 dance chart set played from a USB stick.” Indeed, genres hardly matter as van Dyk, who’s been making music for three decades, points out that genre names, sounds, and meanings keep changing anyways. “When I started DJing, all electronic music was called techno…. What was called progressive house some 20 years ago, would probably be called melodic techno these days. There are amazing releases on Drumcode that could easily fit in the trance genre and sometimes what is called techno sounds like chill out to me.” VENTURE X’s call to arms anthem, itself not falling into one tidy genre-box, is also out today (Jan. 27.) It finds van Dyk collaborating with progressive house duo Weekend Heroes and singer/songwriter Christian Schottstaedt, who together deliver a dark voyage of a track that serves as the project’s thesis statement “I like the proggy, deeper stuff, but with a tougher approach as you can hear,” van Dyk says. “[Making this music] feels very natural and organic.”
  10. RiRi will be performing at the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 12 in Glendale, Arizona. Rihanna attends Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 presented by Amazon Prime Video at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles, California; and broadcast on September 24, 2021. We’re less than three weeks away from the highly anticipated Rihanna concert, a.k.a the Super Bowl LVII halftime show, and the “Love on the Brain” singer is getting fans hyped for her upcoming performance on Friday (Jan. 27) with a new teaser video. In the clip shared to Twitter, RiRi strikes a number of poses in an oversized jersey and sweatpants from her new “Game Day” Savage X Fenty collection. “Pre gaming in @SavageXFenty,” she captioned the post. The sporty Savage X Fenty drop features 17 styles, from hoodies to boxers, sweatpants, two-tone varsity jerseys, beanies, bandanas and tube tops, with sizes ranging from XXS to 4X. There’s also a white graphic tee with the important message: “Rihanna Concert Interrupted by a Football Game, Weird But Whatever.” According to WWD, the singer will also launch a three-day “Game Day” pop-up shop in Los Angeles from Jan. 27-29 where customers will be able to shop the entire collection in a football-themed store. As is customary, new mom Rihanna is keeping details of her halftime extravaganza under tight wraps, telling ET in Nov., “I can’t believe I even said yes. It was one of those things that even when I announced it, I was like, ‘OK, I can’t take it back. Now, it’s like final.’ The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, it’s an entertainer’s dream to be on a stage like that,” she added. “But it’s nerve-racking. You want to get it right. You know, everybody’s watching. And they’re rooting for you. And I want to get it right.”
  11. The Lambily has been busy revisiting the much-loved Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel deep cut. Mariah Carey Let her take a breath and regain her composure. Mariah Carey is feeling the love after seeing the flood of reactions to her “It’s a Wrap” challenge from the Lambily. The Elusive Chanteuse initially launched the TikTok challenge on Jan. 15 by lip-syncing her way through a sped-up version of the Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel fan favorite while flanked by a bevy of backup dancers in the snow, inspiring Lambs across the globe to join in on the fun. “Battery about to die.. just watched hundreds of videos of IT’S A WRAP ON TIKTOK!!! I can’t even know what to say!!!” she tweeted Thursday in reaction to the outpouring, later adding, “”Lambs serving’s a WRAP!” while retweeting one fan’s recreation of her lip sync. One fan page in particular tweeted that after the challenge, “It’s a Wrap” notched its “biggest update ever on Spotify yesterday, gaining a massive 243 THOUSAND streams.” While Mimi originally included the kiss-off on her 12th studio album in 2009, she later collaborated with Mary J. Blige on a duet version of the song, which appeared as a bonus track on the deluxe version of 2014’s Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse. The living legend’s revisiting of “It’s a Wrap” comes on the heels of yet another iconic Christmas season, which saw “All I Want for Christmas Is You” return to No. 1 on the Hot 100 for the fourth year in a row. Next up, Carey is set to headline the 2023 edition of Lovers & Friends in Las Vegas along with Missy Elliott, Pitbull, Usher, Christina Aguilera and more. Check out Mariah’s original “It’s a Wrap” challenge as well as some of her best reactions to the Lambs below.
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