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  2. When the aspiring Italian author Wallace Lee had his stories about Rambo targeted with a takedown notice, he considered becoming a "pirate writer." Luckily, however, Rambo's creator came to the rescue by officially sanctioning his work. And with help from torrent sites, "Rambo Year One" is now a critically acclaimed success. In this day and age, aspiring artists have access to a wide variety of tools they can use to create a decent product. Creating something is easy, but the real challenge is to escape obscurity and get noticed by the public. Traditionally, this task has been fulfilled by major publishers and other media distributors, but there are also alternative routes. The stories of YouTube sensations who turned into their own media empires come to mind. But in darker corners of the web, which are mostly associated with piracy, there are success stories too. This week we spoke to Italian author Wallace Lee, whose unofficial Rambo-prequel “Rambo Year One” received great reviews after relying on torrents as a main distribution channel. Lee’s story starts several years ago, when he began publishing short Rambo stories on a personal blog hosted by WordPress. It was fan-fiction in its purest form, but the author soon realized that not everyone was happy with his work. “Two years before free-sharing my first novel, I had a blog where I used to post my Rambo prequel short tales for free. And yet, a few months later, my site was shut down because the laws in the US allow copyright owners to stop fanfiction too, and even if it’s just for free.” It turned out that a rightsholder objected to his use of the Rambo character. While Lee doesn’t recall the sender of the notice, it meant that he could no longer publish his work as he pleased. Caught in a copyright stranglehold, the author felt limited in his creative expression. Ironically, he saw torrents as his way out. If he published his works on The Pirate Bay, copyright holders couldn’t touch him, he thought. It was a defiant thought, which may have worked, but luckily for him, it didn’t get that far. Instead of becoming a ‘pirate writer,’ Lee received permission from David Morrell, author of the novel “First Blood” on which the Rambo empire was built. “Frankly, I feel very lucky things ended up this way because I did not want to be at war with the same guys who owned Rambo in the first place,” Lee tells TorrentFreak. With permission to freely share his book, the unofficial Rambo-prequel was finally released. While Lee no longer had to turn to piracy, he was still committed to using torrent sites to get exposure and escape obscurity. That worked to a certain degree. The book was picked up here and there, but without a major publisher, it was hard to be taken seriously by literary critics. “The prejudice was extremely harsh and lasted for a very long time. For one whole year at least, I was just ‘the crazy guy who was writing a Rambo-prequel saga for nothing’,” Lee says. That changed when the author started to point people toward the historical accuracy of the book, which has the Vietnam war as the backdrop, and using that as one of the main selling points. “Everyone was astonished by the idea that a Rambo prequel aspired to be a good historical novel too, and that was when important people decided to finally give me a chance. And when they did, they were pleased.” This eventually led to more and more positive reviews, including a reading recommendation from the Calvino literary awards in Italy. Recognition Looking back, Lee doesn’t think he would have come this far without torrents. They helped, not only to keep distribution costs low, but also to make his work visible to an audience of millions. “Torrents helped a lot, and they’re still doing so in terms of distribution. Distribution is the most important part of the success of ANY artwork: books, music, films, everything,” Lee tells us. “Torrents solved the problem by making my work worldwide both visible and available at the same time. Without the torrents, thousands of people in the world would have never found my websites and novels on the internet.” Now, a few years later, the book has been translated by fans into two more languages, German and Spanish. They are all available for free in Epub, Mobi, and Pdf format, and the author uploaded new torrents on several sites just last week. Rambo Year One In addition to public sites such as The Pirate Bay, 1337X and Ettv, Lee also uploaded the release to the Italian private tracker TNT Village, which helped him a lot over the years. Looking back, the whole experience has been a great success. In addition to getting recognized internationally as an Italian author, he is now in talks with several publishing companies to publish his non-Rambo novels. Lee currently accepts donations on his site, where people can also find his other novels, for free. He never made a penny from the Rambo-prequel though, and never intended to. What he got instead was worth much more than that. “Receiving words of appreciation from actual US veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for your Rambo-prequel novels, has no price,” Lee says.
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    I dont understand,this mean that invites is open or must ask for get one invite?
  5. Sceper, one of the most popular release blogs of recent times, disappeared without warning earlier this year after "real-life" issues got in the way of delivering pirate media to the masses. Now the site is preparing a comeback after the planned sale of the platform reportedly turned into an attempted scam. Sceper's co-owner gives TorrentFreak the lowdown. Earlier this year, TorrentFreak received a steady stream of emails from users of, one of the most popular “release blog” sites. After about eight years of serving up links to large volumes of mainstream content, the site had apparently disappeared. There was no warning or indication of what may have transpired, but several weeks ago a messageappeared on its homepage, indicating the platform was up for sale. Intrigued as to why its operators had decided to throw in the towel, TF made contact seeking information. This week we received a response from part owner and long-standing editor ‘Error’ but it wasn’t what we were expecting. “The problems started when we stopped paying attention to our website due to real-life issues,” Error explained. “Once we forgot to renew our domain which caused a few days of down time and more recently we switched to a new server and the payment renewal was not automated, so it expired. In the end, I decided it would be better to sell the site to a person who can actually take care of it and run it as we used to years back.” Error says that after putting the site up for sale they had a lot of responses from people with bids, but one individual stood out as a reasonable person with a decent offer. In the world of ‘warez’, however, not many things are straightforward. Few people want to make their identities known and meeting people face to face is mostly out of the question. Error says he asked the prospective buyer to nominate an intermediary, such as a trusted and well-known person within the warez scene. The offer was declined. “[The buyer] said that he didn’t trust anyone and was fine sending the money in two payments, half before he received the database and half after he was satisfied that he can work with the old database. Then the domain transfer could happen,” Error explains. The buyer identified himself as a former editor of a Sceper rival which had shut downunder legal pressure back in 2012. Additional proof came in the form of a panel screenshot which showed the buyer had access to a current scene release blog and other related domains. An email address used in correspondence with Error also belonged to the same blog, confirming the buyer’s identity. Error says he hadn’t heard of the release blog until that moment, but he concluded that Sceper would be safe under this potential new ownership. However, when asked to send the first payment before receiving the Sceper database, the buyer asked for the database in advance, ostensibly to see it working first. Error put trust in him. “After a couple of days he told me that the database had some issues, it was too big and consuming a lot of hardware resources, so he needed to run it live,” Error explains. After some back and forth, Error agreed to add the buyer’s nameservers to the domain. “The site went live and I came back to check the next day. He said MySQL had some issues and he needed more time to extract posts and import everything to a fresh installation to resolve the issues completely.” With technical discussions underway on Skype, chats seen by TF dating back to May reveal Error repeatedly asking for an initial payment. Each time, the prospective buyer – who we will call ‘FD’ – gave reasons not to pay. “I know you waited long, but it was very hard work. I worked whole days on it, please be a little more patient. I am not sure many people would be able to fix this, if any, so basically you found the right person,” FD said. What followed was a discussion about what money system to use, such as bitcoin, but the conversation suddenly died on Saturday, May 26. Messages sent on a daily basis after that went ignored. On May 30, FD finally responded, informing Error that he’d been in an accident and asking for more time. Error asked for more details but received no response. It took until June 3 before radio silence was broken by a person on Skype claiming to be FD’s brother. Apparently, ‘FD’ had been involved in a “direct hit” with another car whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and veered onto the other side of the road. FD reportedly had significant injuries and was in hospital but had managed to brief his brother on the Sceper deal, from both technical and financial perspectives. Messages reviewed by TF show clear similarities in writing style between the supposed brothers, something which didn’t go unnoticed by Error. Nevertheless, in correspondence Error remained both calm and polite, showing concern for the reportedly injured party and assisting with the transfer. “I just didn’t want to be too rude and out of courtesy gave him the benefit of doubt,” he says. “Of course, I did not believe it, it was too obvious the way he was messaging, acting like he knows every technical detail like his brother but backing off the moment I brought up the topic of money.” From June 6, several messages to FD and/or his supposed brother went unanswered but with Error dealing with real-life issues, the site became less of a priority. A couple of days later, however, Error noticed that the Sceper homepage had an announcement advising former users of to switch to This coincided with several posts to Reddit (by an account known to be affiliated with the release blog run by the prospective buyer) telling people to use the .net domain. itself, which was registered just days before, also carried a notice claiming to be the new home of “That rang the alarm bell. I logged in to my Skype and FD was no longer in my friend list. I removed his name servers and placed an image on,” Error explains. From there the dispute moved to email, with FD insisting that he’d been in the hospital for the previous 15 days. However, he did offer an explanation for the mysterious and coincidental promotion of the domain. “I am investigating the happening around Sceper at the moment,” he wrote in a June 12 email to Error. “I see that someone redirected traffic somehow. The leak might be coming from the server, there’s been a couple of brute force attacks recently, so some data might have been compromised.” In response, Error pointed out the mounting issues. The reluctance to pay, the posts on Reddit and elsewhere advertising the .net domain, being blocked on Skype, not to mention the disabling of Error’s WordPress account. FD responded by doubling down on the malware claims and stating that at this point he was simply glad to be alive. Ever polite, Error wished FD a speedy recovery but was then offered something extraordinary in return. “Since you’ve been very patient and understanding I will neglect your accusations pointed at me. I can help you bring down cause I found out how and where my data got stolen,” FD said. The quid pro quo for this generous act was that FD wouldn’t be paying for the database anymore because it had failed to live up to expectations and wouldn’t generate the traffic he hoped. Instead, there would be a new deal, with him buying just the domain in two installments. Error flatly refused and said that he’d only accept payment for the full amount. “Have a nice day,” Error concluded. And that was that. After reviewing all chat logs and emails detailing the proposed sale and negotiations after that, TorrentFreak contacted ‘FD’ for his take on the above allegations. At the time of publication, we had not received a response. So now a new wait continues, not necessarily for the sale of, but for its relaunch. With a fresh outlook, Error says the site will relaunch “very soon.” He’ll be hoping that moving forward, any drama will be kept to a minimum.
  6. The US Government has asked a federal court in Georgia to dismiss the indictment against an alleged pirate app store operator. This means that, after more than half a decade, this case will be closed. The US previously accused the defendant of being linked to Applanet, but could not back up the copyright infringement charges. Assisted by police in France and the Netherlands, the FBI took down the “pirate” Android stores Appbucket, Applanet, and SnappzMarket during the summer of 2012. During the years that followed several people connected to the Android app sites were arrested and indicted, resulting in prison sentences for some. SnappzMarket’s Scott Walton was handed a 46-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, and his colleague Joshua Taylor was sentenced to a 16-month term. While some defendants pleaded guilty in order to get a reduced sentence, not all did. David Lee, a California man linked to Applanet, decided to fight the case instead, and not without success. The US Government had charged Lee with aiding and abetting criminal copyright infringement (pdf). In addition, he was charged with conspiring to infringe copyrights and violating the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision. As the case progressed, it became clear that the U.S. Government’s evidence wasn’t as strong as initially thought. Before the trial even started, the prosecution voluntarily dropped the criminal copyright infringement charge. What remained was the conspiracy charge, but after hearing evidence and testimony from both sides of the case, the jury was unable to issue a unanimous decision. As a result, the case ended in a mistrial two years ago. The Department of Justice did not let the case go though. Soon after the mistrial, it informed the court that it would re-try Lee. This second trial was delayed a few times but never took place. Instead, the US Government asked the court to dismiss the indictment against the alleged pirate app store operator, without providing any context. This request was granted earlier this week, which means that Lee is relieved of all charges. It is not clear what moved the US to dismiss the case. TorrentFreak contacted both Lee’s lawyers and the US Department of Justice for comment, but at the time of publication, we have yet to hear back. However, with the indictment dismissed, Lee can close this chapter of his life after nearly six years. Indictment dismissed
  7. Nigerian film industry has exploded to become the second largest in the world after Bollywood and Hollywood. The glamorous blogger Linda Ikeji, the filmmaker Chioma Ude, the startupper Jason Njoku ... These Nigerians have a priori, not much in common, if not the same ambition: to become the future African Netflix by popularizing access to Nollywood movies online. With nearly USD 4 billion in revenue and nearly 2,000 films produced each year, the Nigerian film industry has exploded to become the second largest in the world after Bollywood and Hollywood. Local start-ups and Nollywood stars have understood the value of otherwise distributing these very popular films on the African continent, where cinemas remain rare. So far, the Nollywoodian creation is sold mostly on the sly, on pirated DVDs for one or two dollars, in the traffic jams of big cities. Faced with a promising market, video-on-demand platforms are flourishing and in Lagos, the capital of film production, the competition is already fierce. Linda Ikeji, social networking icon, kicked off this weekend with LITV (Linda Ikeji Tv), which offers, for 1,000 nairas (2,3 euros) per month, dozens of films, series, and shows inspired by American shows with Nollywood sauce. "We hope to be in Africa what Netflix is in the world," said the ambitious blogger on his Instagram page, which borders on two million subscribers. She promises glamor, provocation, and comedy, including reality TV shows like "Femmes de footballeurs" and "Highway Girls of Eko", a series about the "real life of prostitutes in Lagos". By December, the Nigerian company Envivo, associated with the US giant telecom Cisco, should in turn launch with a project to more than 20 million dollars, told AFP filmmaker Chioma Ude, director of marketing at Envivo, as per La Croix. "Cisco wants to make its mark in Africa, and as a technical partner, they will provide the network and the technology to deliver the best possible service," says the founder of the Lagos African International Film Festival (AFRIFF). It remains to find a viable business model for promoters of Nollywood online, while the low coverage of broadband Internet remains a major drag. Only 34 percent of Africans today have access to the Internet, compared to more than 50 percent in the rest of the world, although Africa is the region with the largest increase in Internet users last year, notable thanks to mobile phones.
  8. Overview: During the event r Division = 2018.06.16 22:00 to 2018.06.18 20:00 Invite method: Reply to this post (Set yourself "Only the Lord can be. See,,, Please don't bear J death, leak privacy). The process of the event: Check back the administrator, check the administrator and send an invitation. Precautions: 1.The administrator will communicate by editing the replies, please note that. 2.At the same time, after the administrator has edited the class, the user is forbidden to edit the text, and the user will not be allowed to edit it.Please disable your account. 3.A reply grapefruit is only allowed to apply for an invitation. If you need to apply for two Beibei i scores, you must reply twice. Since the World Cup spinach is in progress during the same period, please ensure that you have enough points. Note:Hope I got the translation right. It was an image so had some issues.
  9. WIN WITH THE CORRECT SCORE The game is simple, guess the score and earn GB. - Predictions will only be posted until the referee's first whistle. - What will be posted after, will not be considered. - Each user is entitled to a single post per match. - Each guessed score will bring you 10 GB - Any deviation from the subject of this post will be sanctioned. The game starts even with the game tonight, Croatia - Nigeria at 22:00 Ex. Croatia - Nigeria 1-1 Premiers will be made after each match by one of the staff according to availability on the tracker and will edit each winning post with: I WIN 10 GB We would like to thank you all and we will wait for you on the forum
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    Google Translation: For honor this site has been put on freeleech for so far. Donations are always accepted. Note: If you donate through the cryptosystem, please post a message here. Thanks for donating. Best Regards!
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    Nothing helps potential downloaders get an idea of a torrent's content than some well-taken screenshots. Screenshots are a vital addition to any upload's torrent-specific info area. Screenshots often make the difference when one decides whether to download or not, increasing a torrent's chances of being well-seeded long into the future. Yes they really are that important, but for some reason we've noticed many recent uploaders (and some otherwise very good ones at that) have been neglecting to add screens and that just aint cool. Up to this point we haven't made screenshot inclusion on torrents mandatory, but it's an idea that comes up frequently and will likely be implemented in the near future. The process of learning how to take screenshots and add them to a imagehost is very easy and help is always available (IRC/Forums) if our on-site guides are not enough. Most of us are aware that many popular imagehosts of the past have become unreliable, but that's no reason to throw in the towel and stop adding them, there are still several image hosts that are rolling along just fine (personally I've been using imgbox for several years now). And in instances where the images expire, adding them initially still gave those torrents that all-important boost to start out with. Our best members have always known how important adding images is to the site and have been doing so all along. Some of these superstars (you know who you are) have even updated the image links if/when they expire or have been adding screens to shows that never had them here. In celebration of these pros, and those who do things the right way (along with any newbs who are eager to learn) we announce the TVV SCREENSHOT ENCOURAGEMENT CONTEST (rules, info etc in previous link). And remember, you do not necessarily have to upload torrents to participate in the contest. Contest starts on Sunday, June 3rd and runs until July 1st
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    LEGI0N and Gizmo3D is no longer part of Blutopia They joined Blutopia after the shutdown of HD4FREE 'There was a disagreement between the parties involved'
  13. All torrents tagged with "dilf" are freeleech for Father's Day
  14. We have had downtime today at Danishbits, it was a server temporarily off, but the problem is resolved now, thanks for your patience and understanding. // Staff
  15. Google Translation: World Cup 2018 Hello dear user / dear community, for the 2018 World Cup we do only up for the whole time Have fun and let the wires glow once more ... Your TSC team
  16. We are closing signups! Dear users, starting 1st of July, signups for RMT will be closed. You can then use your invites for friends you want here or they want joining here. You are responsible for the people you invite, so make sure your invitees are good and they respect our rules. PS : selling invites will get you and your invitee BANNED! R\m/T Staff
  17. Google Translation: All torrents are in DOUBLE UPLOAD from 16.06.2018 15:00:00 to 17.06.2018 15:00:00. TORRENT X2 = Upload Multiply by X2
  18. I have returned home!!! Hello one and all!!! Masterchief here, the time has come for me to return to UGC. We are calling all current and former users to aid us in restoring UGC to the community driven site we were before the reboot. If you have gazelle knowledge please drop us a line, if you can upload please do, if you can only seed what you take for the rest of us thats awesome. Giving back to your favorite site doesnt have to be done thru donations all it takes is a dedicated community! Im happy to be home lets all have fun and game on!
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    FIFA World Cup 2018  We open a forum thread for FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 where you can chat and vote your favorite team.
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    Google Translation: Comrades, friends: In order to celebrate the success of this site management gztownpt (Koala), "off single", special celebration party, koala this site is an important force of rebirth, the current "off single", more The energy may be in the world of two, no time to take into account the daily management of the site, but it is still the hearts of the public, not forgetting to enrich everyone's hard disk resources. Please give encouragement and blessings. The station will be free of charge and will stop at some time from June 14th to June 18th. You are welcome to download your favorite resources. We also welcome everyone to share their own treasures. Hong Kong Zhiyuan will continue to collect more excellent Chinese language resources for everyone. == Hong Kong Zhitang Community Management Team == June 14, 2018
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  26. Russia's most powerful entertainment producers and distributors have written to Yandex, the country's leading search provider, demanding the removal of 'pirate' sites from search results. The letter, signed by movie, music, and TV bosses, demands both detection and deletion of content. According to one of the signatories, Google will receive the same letter. With the online piracy wars about to enter their third decade, there’s an increasing emphasis on pressurizing influential third-parties to tackle the problem. As a result, much blame is laid at the feet of companies like Google, who are regularly blamed for not doing more to tackle infringements carried out by individuals and entities outside of their control. Search results are a particularly sticky subject. Google, Bing, and Yahoo, for example, wish to provide the most comprehensive indexes possible. On the flip side, entertainment industry companies insist that those indexes shouldn’t help people find pirated content. If they do, it’s argued that these companies act as piracy facilitators. This familiar battle is now underway in Russia, where Yandex is in receipt of a strongly-worded letter which accuses the search giant of being a big part of the piracy problem. According to local publication Vedomosti, the letter is signed by Leonid Agronov, general director of the National Federation of the Music Industry, Alexei Byrdin, general director of the Internet Video Association, Sergei Selyanov, director of the Association of Film and Television Producers, and Pavel Stepanov, president of the Media Communication Union. The entertainment giants explain that due to ‘pirate’ search results appearing in its indexes, Yandex is contributing to the growth of online piracy. They want the company to show responsibility by adopting measures to both find and remove infringing links from search and related products. “We urge Yandex to use all available methods to detect illegal content and eliminate it both from search results and from the applications and services of Yandex,” the letter reads. It’s suggested that Yandex should take a similar path to that taken by search companies in the UK, via the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which declares common interests in fighting piracy. Yandex won’t be alone, however. A spokesman for the Media and Communications Union, which is one of the groups behind the letter, told Vedomosti that a similar letter would be sent to Google in the near future. Needless to say, Google is no stranger to these kinds of allegations, whether in Europe or the United States. In the letter, search engines like Yandex are accused of promoting illegal resources over legal content, resulting in revenue being siphoned away from legitimate players and into the hands of criminals. The search engine is also accused of taking down material in response to demands under the DMCA, but not doing enough in Russia. “Yandex actively cooperates with copyright holders and is working to improve the culture of legal content consumption,” the company said in a statement, adding that it actually stands to benefit from ads promoting sales of non-infringing content. “Yandex stands for an honest Internet, in which quality legal content is available to the user and rightsholders earn from that legitimate consumption,” the company said. Unlike in the United States under the DMCA, content isn’t as readily taken down in Russia. Yandex also opposes filtering search results, warning that the system is easily abused by rightsholders and others looking to stifle competition. That being said, Yandex says that rightsholders are welcome to take advantage of the local site-blocking mechanism which tackles both source sites and their mirrors. With these inaccessible, ‘pirate’ search results become useless.
  27. Hong Kong Customs yesterday (June 14) conducted an operation to combat the sale of pirated software. A total of 301 sets of suspected pirated software and a batch of packaging materials with an estimated market value of about $340,000 were seized. Four persons were arrested. Customs earlier received information alleging the sale of suspected pirated software at shops in Sham Shui Po. After investigation, Customs officers conducted an operation yesterday and seized the batch of suspected pirated software at four retail shops in the district. A batch of packaging materials was also found in one of the shops. During the operation, two male shop owners and two salesman, aged between 22 and 41, were arrested. Investigation is ongoing and the arrested persons have been released on bail pending further investigation. Customs will continue to step up patrols to curb any form of infringing activity. Customs appeals to consumers to procure goods at reputable shops. They should check with the trademark owners or their authorised agents if the authenticity of a product is in doubt. Under the Copyright Ordinance, any person who sells or possesses for sale any infringing goods commits an offence. The maximum penalty upon conviction is a fine of $50,000 per infringing copy and imprisonment for four years.
  28. KODI users are being warned that the UK Government is stepping up efforts to put a stop to online piracy once and for all. Kodi add-on fans have been alerted that the UK Government is looking at dealing online pirates in Britain a big blow. Research has suggested Kodi - which offers access to thousands of channels - is being used in more than five million UK homes. Kodi software is perfectly legal, but unaffiliated developers can produce third-party add-ons that provide free access to pirated and illegal content. These apps allow users to stream premium content, like paid-for sports, movie channels and TV shows for free. The illegal add-ons are being targeted by ISPs, government agencies, broadcasters and rights holders. And now the UK Government is working towards a future where everyone in Britain sees online piracy as something that’s not worth doing. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has published new documents outlining how they intend to step up their anti-piracy efforts. In their reports the IPO explained how they are looking to reduce intellectual property crime and infringement, TorrentFreak reported. The government body explained that this can be achieved by investing in enforcement and improving access to enforcement options for rights holders. And in their report the IPO outlined their long-term goal of: “We will work towards a time where infringement is seen as socially unacceptable by all.” The IPO also said they will consider if there are any ways they can reduce the costs of enforcement costs for rights holders. These measures would include reducing the time taken to bring a matter to court and reducing costs once there. The IPO said: “Reducing IP crime requires a multi-faceted approach. The UK is already a world leader in the enforcement of IP. “We want to build upon what we are doing to create a paradigm shift around infringement. “Before we can make this happen we need to improve our knowledge around consumer understanding of IP crime and infringement and what works to change behaviour in this space. “We need to understand the strengths and challenges of our enforcement approach, continue to invest in education and intelligence, and maintain and increase our capacity to lead.” The IPO also warned that they are considering more administrative approaches such as “administrative blocking injunctions”. They hope to have looked into this approach further by March 2019. The IPO added: “To begin the work towards making the infringement of IP socially unacceptable, we need a better view of consumer attitudes to IP crime and what messaging changes behaviour. “We know that behavioural change is long-term and never easy, but we want to secure general cultural change where respecting IP is seen as the right thing to do. This work will link up with the messaging on IP’s economic and career impact.” In other Kodi news, earlier this week it was revealed that one popular add-on was forced to close its doors on the TV player. Crunchyroll is one of the biggest online sources of Japanese anime and Asian content but it will no longer be accessible via Kodi. The service, which is available across numerous platforms such as iOS, Android and Apple TV, charges a monthly fee to watch online and it was, until recently, also part of the Kodi player. However, despite users needing an account to access content via Kodi, the unofficial addon has now been forced to close. According to the firm behind the official Crunchyroll service, the addon was infringing its rights and this is why it had made demands for it to be removed. An email sent by Remove Your Media and seen by Torrentfreak, said: “The works in question is copyrighted source code developed by CrunchyRoll Inc. Code has been reversed engineered, in bad faith, to disrupt owner’s rights. “I have a good faith belief that the items or materials listed below are not authorised by the above owners, their agents or the law and therefore infringe the owner’s rights. “Please act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the infringing material.”
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