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  3. Freeleech! Download не считается!Налито за счет Turp !Фрилич действует по EET (GMT+3) до: 2017-06-25 09:01:28 Translate: Freeleech! Download does not count! Poured by Turp! Fritsch acts on EET (GMT + 3) until: 2017-06-25 09:01:28
  5. Global FREELEECH Anuntati-va toti prietenii, ca vara aceasta pe SceneFz, se poarta Freeleech Global, toate torrentele sunt FREE la descarcare. Global FREELEECH Announce all your friends, like this summer on SceneFz, we play Freeleech Global, all torrents are FREE at download.
  6. Hi! 5th birthday cake poll is closed. To view cakes in the forum, click here. 5th birthday cake image contest vote result: Number of Votes: 287 1st place: plashed73 25% - 355 GB, 5555 BP 2nd place: jimmijoe 13% - 255 GB, 4555 BP 3rd place: bincy 11% - 155 GB, 3555 BP - The "self-made cake" bonus is 15555 BP Further results: Docika 10% - 55 GB, 2555 BP REMOVED 8% - 55 GB, 2555 BP Same54 7% - 55 GB, 2555 BP Rohm74 6% - 55 GB, 2555 BP Karolyne59 6% - 55 GB, 2555 BP ALMA00 5% - 55 GB, 2555 BP Mazlista 5% - 55 GB, 2555 BP - The "self-made cake" bonus is 15555 BP Jumbo01 3% - 55 GB, 2555 BP Tastasold 1% - 55 GB, 2555 BP Thank you very much for the more beautiful cakes on our birthday. Congratulations to everyone's winnings. Prize winners. Best-Core management
  7. Tracker's Name: TorrentMaster Genre: MOVIES / GENERAL Sign-up: Additional information: TorrentMaster is a HUNGARIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / GENERAL
  8. Three men have received conditional jail sentences for selling online access to pirate textbooks. The trio, aged between 26 and 71-years-old, scanned and made available at least 198 books without copyright holder permission in exchange for a $45 per semester fee. All types of media content can be exploited online with movies, TV shows, and music among the most popular among pirates. However, in recent years books have proven desirable, especially those that otherwise have hefty price tags. Textbooks are particularly well known for their stiff pricing, something which presents a thorn in the side for thousands of students every year. Making matters worse, books are often marginally tweaked per revision, ensuring that second owner books lose their value. This isn’t something that affects pirates though. Over the years, many file-sharing sites have catered to people seeking textbooks for free, with many building up a dedicated following. Others, however, have seen the opportunity to make some money, offering broad but illegal access to textbooks for a nominal fee. That was the case with Denmark-based website LendStudy. It provided students with access to hundreds of textbooks for a comparatively reasonable price of 300 kroner ($45.00) per semester. Unfortunately, that attracted the attention of anti-piracy outfit Rights Alliance, who pursued a case against its operators. In court this week, three men aged 26, 31 and 71 stood accused of scanning and then making available at least 198 copyrighted textbooks to paying members. Between August 2013 and October 2014 it was alleged the textbooks were downloaded from the site 2,574 times, netting the men revenues of around $3,500. According to local media, all three men initially pleaded not guilty but later admitted being operators of the site. The court heard how RightsAlliance tried to create an account on LendStudy but its request for membership was discovered and rejected by the site’s operators. Other evidence presented by the prosecution included photographs of the men loading computers, scanners, and other IT equipment into a car. “It is expensive for students to acquire new knowledge. Lendstudy wanted to spread knowledge in the form of books that give students more opportunities for new knowledge,” the 31-year-old defendant said in court. Unfortunately for the site’s operators, the desire to enrich the minds of students failed to persuade the court that piracy could be ignored. All three were found guilty of criminal copyright infringement and handed four-month conditional jail sentences. The domain was confiscated. The notice on the LendStudy site “If textbooks are made freely available or sold illegally, publishers have less incentive to produce textbooks,” said Martin Lindø Westeraaard from University Press of Southern Denmark. “It will be detrimental both for publishers and for the students, who will lose the opportunity to read Danish-language textbooks.” A claim for damages against the men will now be pursued by Rights Alliance in a civil case.
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  10. Hello !! 20st jun (today) is the deadline for fees servers and all the services needed for the proper Functioning Unfortunately, as you can see, it failed to collect the required time for These charges amount. Please voluntary support and assistance in this matter. We Hope that, as always, will be equal to the task and everything will end well. Greetings and thank you in advance for any support - Staff
  11. Tracker's Name: CyberSouk Genre: MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Sign-up: Additional information: CyberSouk is a FRENCH Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL
  12. Please congratulate all our Staff members who have been promoted lately and praise them for the selfless hard work they perform here. Top of the list is InspireHD who has been promoted to Sysop. LB10 has been promoted to Admin, Elaysa promoted to Mod. Dariss has joined the team as Moderator and developer. We are all volunteers and your time and effort are appreciated. Thanks, all staff for their hard work. Also please give Stripe a big welcome he has joined FraMeSToR as a Remuxer. Congratulate them here. As BeyondHD grows it needs people that can offer friendly support and advice to the users for the best experience a user can have at BeyondHD. There are still positions available if you are interested please read this forum post We are always looking for new internal groups/encoders/remuxers if you are interested please contact staff. Also we are aware there are still a number of minor bugs on the site relating to the new tracker and how statistics appear on the site. Please bear with us we are looking at solutions as fast as possible with our limited resources. Can I also please ask everyone to use the domain, not the XYZ domain. The XYZ domain is only meant to be a backup domain and we intend to remove it shortly and resurrect it only if the main site goes down.
  13. Greetings, Please be advised that we have pushed a major update to our announce and inplemented a torrent history system. In doing so we have had to reset all user's download back to the standard 1GB and all user's upload to 50GB (standard buffer). This is for the greater good and we hope you understand. This is a codebase in progress and we will continue to make it better and better. For the inconvenience we have enabled a 7 Day Global Double Upload Period. Please don't start complaining. It is what it is and we are in BETA! Best Regards, Your Favorite Coders TLDR; - The announce code has been re-written from the ground up - We now have a history section finally. (HnR'ers we are coming for you) - All stats have been reset. Please dont complain! - We are aware of stats spikes and will address them - Report and weird behaviour to forums if you come across any - Bruzers spelling is bad. forgive him
  14. Thinking of upgrading your uTorrent 2.2.1? See here to find out how to So we all know by now that uTorrent 2.2.1 is the tried and tested client for most trackers. Unfortunately it's getting on in years now and users might be tempted to upgrade to qbittorrent. If you have a lot of torrents seeding, however, the process of moving everything over to qbittorrent will seem daunting. FEAR NOT YE BRAVE SOUL! If you look here you will find an excellent tool to help you move everything across (bear in mind it is windows exclusive). I have just tried it and it works like a charm. It'll even transfer labels and ratios! Follow the instructions in the article and you'll be golden. If you find the thread is not available for some reason, or you cannot download the tool, send me a PM and I can pass it along!
  15. Our site is currently down for maintenance. IRC/tracker will remain online.
  16. Hello everyone The Cyber-suk informs you that as of 24/6/17 The new website address is: The site script, now obsolete, has been completely modified and improved our encoder Claude33 we thank for his great job. all data until 06/22/17 7:00 were transferred. (Members torrents, forum ...) Registered members since that date will have to reregister and reposted torrents. It may be that the first login password is not recognized. If that is the case, thank you to request a new one on the log page. Regarding your torrents, simply change the ad tk adding the "s" http To do this, right-click the file in your torrent client, go under ownership made the change. Which should give specific to each). For torrents uploaded after 06.21.2017 7:00, thank you to upload kindly to repost or contact the staff. If you have important messages in your mail, thank you to save, they do will not be imported to the new site. We look forward to seeing you on the new Souk and expect your comments or any questions. Do not hesitate to contact the staff.
  17. Kedves Torrentező Barátunk! A FényÁrnyék torrent oldalunk megnyitotta minden Kedves Felhasználó előtt a virtuális kapuit! Minket kizárólag csakis ezen a web címen találtok meg a többi hasonló oldal gagyi-kamusság. Lassan 4 éve működő rádiónkat hallgathatjátok torrentezés közben. Az oldalunk célja, hogy megtalálj mindent amit keresel. Feltöltők,Moderátorok jelentkezését várjuk! Reméljük oldalunk elnyeri tetszéseiteket Translate: Dear Torrenter Barátunk! The Lighthouse Our torrent page has opened its virtual gate for all Kind of Users! We only find on this web site the other similar pages of gossip. You can listen to our radio that has been operating for almost four years during torrent. The purpose of our site is to find everything you are looking for. We are looking forward to applying for moderators! We hope our site will win your liking: thumbsup: Our website:
  18. Tracker's Name: The Horror Charnel (THC) Genre: HORROR / CULT / SLEAZE / SCI FI MOVIES Sign-up: Additional information: The Horror Charnel (THC) is a Private Torrent Tracker for HORROR / CULT / SLEAZE / SCI FI MOVIES
  19. Tracker's Name: NetHD (VietTorrent) Genre: HD MOVIES / TV Sign-up: Additional information: NetHD (VietTorrent) is a VIETNAMESE Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV
  20. Tracker's Name: Documentary Torrents (DT) Genre: E-LEARNING MOVIES / TV Sign-up: Additional information: Documentary Torrents (DT) is a Private Torrent Tracker for E-LEARNING MOVIES / TV
  21. Tracker's Name: Mansao dos Animes Genre: ANIME Sign-up:
  22. Tracker's Name: RoyalTorrent Genre: MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Sign-up: Additional information: RoyalTorrent is a ROMANIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL
  23. Tracker's Name: P2PElite Genre: EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS Sign-up: Additional information: P2PElite is a Private Torrent Tracker for EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS
  24. Tracker's Name: Torrent Sector Crew (TSC) Genre: MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Sign-up: Additional information: Torrent Sector Crew (TSC) is a GERMAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL
  25. Tracker's Name: BigTower Genre: MOVIES / GENERAL Sign-up: Additional information: BigTower is an ITALIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL
  26. Tracker's Name: Mononoke BT Genre: ANIME Sign-up: Additional information: Mononoke-BT is a FRENCH Private Torrent Tracker for ANIME
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