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  1. @sommer beneeth are 3 ratio proofs and 1 speedtest. tnx in advance. speedtest: Normally i get 500 MBit up and 500 MBit down, but couldn't get it atm.
  2. i would like to apply. you know what connection i have got ;-) elise.
  3. HEy, I would like to apply for i can send you 3 screenshots and a speedtest if you want. I got a fiber optic 500/500 connection at home. greets elise.
  4. I got 1 torrentleech invite. Respond here and PM me your speedtest and 2 ratio proofs from different respected trackers. Invite will be given away after or arround friday (depends on work) x Elise
  5. I would like to apply to HD-Torrents. Got aan 500 Mbit up and down connection. So i'm able to seed well.
  6. i would like to apply. i got a 500 mbit full duplex home connection.
  7. send me your email and a speed and ratioproof of a decent tracker
  8. i will wait until an admin speaks about this. not arround alot cause im sick
  9. I got 1 PTM invite. just add rep and some feedback and it is yours.
  10. bumping it up to the top:)
  11. wow this is a great open signup to bad i'm already in there for years.
  12. Hello all, i got one HDME invite. Tell me if you want it. Give me reputation and then send me a PM. greets Elise
  13. temp invites are gone as i can see, but it seems i stilll got 1 normall to give away
  14. i'm trying to. i hope more people can share more invites