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Is 100 MBps Enough for SeedBox?

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on my personal opinion, depends on what provider you are, some providers (new ones) 100Mbit is good for beginners but the speeds are not stable.

If you are planing get an 100Mbit seedbox you need to chose a good location and provider for it, Netherlands seems the best place for it.

80% of unmetered plans are a joke, speeds are not so aggressive as other providers. For heavy seedbox users i recoment stay away for unmetered seedboxes.

for casual users 100Mbit unmetered or non unmetered is more than enough :)

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That's plenty of upload speed for most users I would think.  Unless you know a lot about the provider I would recommend staying away from unmetered plans.  There are a few good companies out there but for the most part the ones I've found that give you consistent speeds will cap you at say 2 TB for $15 a month.  Just something to think about.

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