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  1. yeah a new section for non scene releases.. in my opinion is useless, freeleech needed ;D
  2. my first game was tetris xD old good times
  3. Tracker Name : Pro Audio Torrents (PAT) Tracker URL : Signup LINK / Application : Invite Only Tracker Type : Music Application/VST's/Samples/Plugins and many many more IRC Details : 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, and for SSL, 6697, 7000 IPv4 and IPv6. Tracker Birthday : 2005/03/01 Tracker Speed : 10/10 Tracker Pretimes : 10/10 Tracker Content : 10/10 Tracker State : Tracker Categories : Daily Uploads List: Request list: Forum: Logs: Donations: Rules: FAQ: Music Engineering
  4. seedbox worth the money you pay for it. you can use seedbox for upload and many more.. if your seedbox provider have VNC you can manage your server and instal your own applications.. and most of the seedbox providers out there come with openVPN, that means you can browse on the internet without show up your IP address and the most of your traffic is encrypted.
  5. are good and very fast seedbox, i personaly have one But the speeds are not as they advertise (10Gbps). you do not get 10Gbps on, and why? because they only have 2x 1Gbps lines on the servers. they advertise 10Gbps because their competitors do the same, its just a marketing technique. on the 10Gbps plans you only get 1Gbps [100MBps] Bat Box, Gremlin Box, Vampire Box, Zombie Box the plans above, the max down link you get is 100MBps (1GBps) on hot torrents, the UPLOAD is always as they advertise except on the Red Dragon Box on this plan the upload is 100MBps same marketing technique as the dowload. note that 10GBps lines are way way more expensive as the 1GBps line. best regards
  6. on my personal opinion, depends on what provider you are, some providers (new ones) 100Mbit is good for beginners but the speeds are not stable. If you are planing get an 100Mbit seedbox you need to chose a good location and provider for it, Netherlands seems the best place for it. 80% of unmetered plans are a joke, speeds are not so aggressive as other providers. For heavy seedbox users i recoment stay away for unmetered seedboxes. for casual users 100Mbit unmetered or non unmetered is more than enough