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  1. I have the original Asus Nexus 7, still love it. Tried a ton of Android tablets before it, mostly the Nooks and Fires so not true tablets...even tried the HP one that they had the firesale for.
  2. Is this for watching or playing? I enjoy playing tennis the most, watching is fun too. But I probably enjoy watching basketball the most.
  3. wow was expecting the graphics requirements to be much higher. The 8800 is pretty old, maybe my system actually can run it..
  4. That tanks game...I forget the name, the one that came with the commodore 64
  5. Been using newsdemon for years. They are my favorite usenet provider for the money..
  6. I had been buying Thinkpads for years but their quality seems to have gone down since they got bought out by Lenovo. I have a thinkpad W520 I paid a bunch for. Lately I've been buying Acers and even though I heard their build quality is bad I'm liking it so far. I have an Acer Aspire M 5 that cost about a third as much as my thinkpad and is faster...
  7. I've tried so many. Favorites: - quick setup, good controls, reasonable speeds. I dropped them for feral since they seemed to be better for the money feralhosting - probably the best all around hoster. Besides the horrible move fiasco, which is now over, their speed and hard drive space for the money is pretty unmatched. - Almost as good as feral with even better hard disk space for the money, although you seem to sacrifice some upload speed so you need to weigh what is most important to you. - Good for the money. You can get a dedicated IP and have a ton of control over the box for about $15 a month. Upload speeds aren't as good but they aren't bad. Support on all of the above was excellent. Stay away: - they never once replied to me. Had to get paypal to get my money back. Their speeds look awesome but I question whether they are accepting new users. - cheap overloaded boxes, I got their $10 a month box and it was pretty terrible. The speeds weren't even remotely close to any other vendor I tried. Granted it might be better on their high end boxes but at least stay away from their entry level stuff. Their support was quick to respond and helpful but the slow uploads killed it for me.
  8. Wow lot of interesting detail here. I've always wanted to setup my own box but I've been a bit too scared and so far have always opted for managed seedboxes. If I can find a place with a cheap server maybe I'll try this. Thanks for sharing it
  9. That's plenty of upload speed for most users I would think. Unless you know a lot about the provider I would recommend staying away from unmetered plans. There are a few good companies out there but for the most part the ones I've found that give you consistent speeds will cap you at say 2 TB for $15 a month. Just something to think about.
  10. I think they are worth it. I'd expect to pay 15-20 for a good entry level one. I've spent around 10 dollars and less from a few companies and you well get what you pay if the price looks too good to be true it probably is. You might get put on an overloaded box and get no where near the advertised upload speeds. A lot of companies will offer you a trial if you ask or at least give your money back if you aren't happy in the first few days. Search for reviews so you know the company is reputable.
  11. Thanks for the review. I had a entry level seedbox with this company, about $15 a month I believe and it was pretty good. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them although Danielle's post about the upload speeds makes a lot of good points. My reason for leaving was I could find similar speeds and price but with more hard disk space from other vendors.