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  1. while i love that people out there some times choose to support and be a role model for people younger than themselves this looks a bit trashy ...
  2. Courtney Love sure is Getting on in years looks as beautiful as ever but time isnt kind to ones mental health and im surprised pit kept hassling her .....
  3. having your own seed box is all well and good until the drive fails or the OS corrupts both happened to me including the OS Card failing ... now im on the hunt for a good deal whats everyone else's thoughts ?
  4. this brings one good question tho are there seedboxs out there that are advertising more than 100mbps but less than 1000mbps ? like say 300mbps down and up for example ? dont think i have seen any ...
  5. Just what are the recommended options for joining them or even other anime trackers that are not bakabt ?
  6. i forgot lizzo even existed but Grinch in Bondage ? sums up her and that article perfectly ...
  7. going to Say PS2 its Where God of War Started After all ... ps5 is pretty Nice the lack of games outside of first party titles is an industry problem rather than a Sony problem ....
  8. punk Rock ? jazz blues ? that is a hard choice ...
  9. adam lavine phil collins billy eylish ..
  10. if its for Home Flac tho in recent years even that's been superseded by at least one other format ... for some projects tho it has to be MP3 ... what dos everyone else use these days ?
  11. So just what is this Service ? like i can return things that are months old for the amount that i paid or a percentage of the amount ? im confused about what it is after reading the first post .....