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  1. This is nightmare for some.
  2. muda

    TTG down or not

    have you tried clear your browser?
  3. Thanks for update news. CHDbits no longer in top 10 request
  4. That massive giveaways Inviter! I would like to apply for PTP, LzTr or HDSky Try my luck yeah..
  5. is down for few days now
  6. Iceman - 4/10 The Raid 2 -9.5/10
  7. That's mean AsiaTorrents detected that your IP is already registered an account. you can change your ip and clear your browser.
  8. 13 Sins -7/10 The story quite interesting to me, not bad.
  9. muda

    FiFA World Cup 2014 Super Poll

    I vote for Brazil
  10. muda

    [Forum Game] #Last Post Wins!

    Just let me win
  11. IPT and freshon is good enough.
  12. muda (Pedros BTMusic)

    Thank you for this. I hope I can join this tracker.
  13. muda

    Is 100 MBps Enough for SeedBox?

    100MBps or 100Mbps? If 100Mbps, yes that is enough. If 100MBps, that's more than enough.