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  1. iPad 2 to use it daily without the need of turning on the computer.
  2. 24 Game of Thrones House of Cards The Newsroom The West Wing
  3. I think they are worth it. If you try to install one at home, you should buy the hardware (or the parts you don't already have), have a great internet speed connection, pay for its electricity bill, install it, keep it up to date and when you get bored, search for another use to maximize your investment. Either if you contract a seedbox, you just have to use the time you need it.
  4. 100Mbps is enough to start. But as soon as you want more and more ratio, you will end up looking for 1Gbps seedboxes. Their real speed isn't 1Gbps, but you could easily see 500-600Mbps up and down.
  5. I agree with you. I started using seedbox because I didn't knew what they were. As soon as I started investigating, I found those famous tutorials with script that there are incredible easy to install. My first own seedbox was on OVH, but it was terrible. Later I tried leaseweb, not bad but more expensive. Finally I found oneprovider (cheap and it's the best option because of everything. If you are planning to create your own dedicated seedbox, I recommend you to have a look at their offers (specially to Paris one, the cheapest ones).