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What is your best private tracker?

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For me:


for scene releases: GFT (for the ratioless), alternative SCC


for music: the waffles


for movies: PTP


for TV show: BTN


for French stuff: GKS


and what about you? What are the best/favorites private trackers?



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General-IPTorrents (with coming in close) (PTP)

Tv (BTN) (with BCG a close second)



That would be the general hierarchy of private trackers,  If you own an account at each of those you wouldn't need an account at any other tracker for the rest of your life. Period.

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My  preferences  for movies : Karagarga , Secret cinema , cinemageddon, cinematik  and HD torrents 


                            for music : the best i  found till now is Waffles


                            for elarning  : bitspyder  and  DocSpedia

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