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  1. Hey guys, i'm using a seedbox from OneProvider since 2 months and i want to give you my opinion on this provider. So, it's basicaly a cheap dedibox server from online with 1Gbps bandwidth, it's a dedicated server(you're the only one on it) so you have to install everything yourself but it's quite easy to do so, there's plenty of tutorials on internet and most trackers I have a 2TB HDD and an i3 530 2.93 Ghz as CPU, 4 GB and i only pay 20 euros/month. I didn't have any problem with it so far, it's a solid seedbox, you can add +500 GB torrents for instance, it won't crash or anything Here you can select your location and check if seedboxes are available : Tip : Check out the website everyday in case the one you want is sold out. Speed 10/10 Support - As i said earlier, i didn't have any issue so far so i can't rate it. GUI 10/10 Price 10/10 Overall rating 10/10 This is the best seedbox i've used and i'll stick with this provider <3
  2. I request a review for World in HD Thanks
  3. Dallas Buyers Club 10/10 This movie is awesome - watch it
  4. Tv shows : BTN Movies : PTP Music : WhatCD
  5. i'd choose ptp over Teh since you can find pretty much every movie. Both have great releases although (DON,ctrlHD, hdmaniacs...)