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  1. @pindra thank you for this GA, I apply for invite :)
  2. Thanks for this, good experience with this seedbox I apply for this seedbox and thanks :)
  3. You can close this thread! I got PM from him 15 December.
  4. I like, Thanks for this, I apply, PM sent :D
  5. Send me your gmail for invite. After invite leave feedback!
  6. Like+repp Do not PM me! I will choose in couple a days
  7. You can send me your gmail for IPT invite. After invite leave feedback!
  8. Ok, send me your proof and speedtest or SB SS, and gmail adress. After invite leave feedback Invite sent, leave feedback.
  9. I have next: IPT- 1 invite TL 1 invite BCG 2 1 invites CG one invite Gone like+repp For CG, just prepare SS and speedtest. Do not PM me, apply here!
  10. Send me your mail for invite. After invite leave feedback!