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  1. Thanks for the invite

  2. LOL

    10xNORDiCHD Invites Giveaway

    I apply. Sent PM
  3. LOL

    Forumophillia x 12,Bithdtv x 34

    I apply for Forumophillia, Thank you!
  4. LOL

    MANY invites giveaways

    I apply for Demonoid,
  5. I apply for Morethan.TV. Thanks for the GA
  6. LOL

    1 x BitHUmen Buffered Account Giveaway

    I apply. Thanks for the GA
  7. LOL

    2xN-core invite GA

    I apply for NCore and proofs through PM if required. Thanks
  8. I would like to apply for Forumophilia for personal use. Thanks
  9. I apply for personal use only. Thanks
  10. LOL

    [Forum Game] #Last Post Wins!

    Not me,that's for sure :tongue:
  11. LOL

    RIP Paul Walker

    Very sad news ,RIP paul .
  12. Are you going to watch Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug on it's first day ? Me :I want to watch it on the first day .