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  1. Tannersmith

    What Laptop Brand you got ?

    Dell inspiron best value and quality and it's an American company
  2. I'm not into electronic, or any of that gay shit. I only listen to old school and underground hiphop, and also some rock/metal.
  3. AT least we don't have socialist internet.
  4. Tannersmith

    What is Your Favorite Book?

    The Great Gatsby
  5. One of the worst trackers eve IMO. The admin is greedy for cash, so that's the reason they have waittimes and no freeleech.
  6. I don't think it's ever safe to download a popular movie torrent from a public tracker... Most of the time it's by low quality p2p groups rather than scene groups anyways.
  7. Tannersmith

    Selling DocumentingReality.com Invites

    el bumpo
  8. Tannersmith

    What is your best private tracker?

    WhatCD PTP and TL. I used to like GFT a lot because it isratioless and i have shitty internet but ever since I got a seedbox, I don't use it that much anymore.
  9. I am selling invites to DocumentingReality.com for 2USD each, PayPal only.
  10. I have INVITES and I am only looking for INVITES. That means don't offer me Bibliotik accounts plz, unless if it's a power user... Edit: I no longer need bib invites.
  11. Tannersmith

    [Music] What.CD | WCD | Music | December 2013 Review

    The best music tracker out there, though I find waffle's upload form easier to use, and it's easier to keep a ratio on waffles.
  12. I would have to say that this tracker is over-hyped, like many high level trackers. It's content is nowhere near What.cd's content. What.cd has over half a million "perfect" flacs. Even waffles has 60k waffle iron flacs. Therefore I would have to say that What.cd is not only the best place for flacs, but for music in general.