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  1. Dell inspiron best value and quality and it's an American company
  2. I'm not into electronic, or any of that gay shit. I only listen to old school and underground hiphop, and also some rock/metal.
  3. One of the worst trackers eve IMO. The admin is greedy for cash, so that's the reason they have waittimes and no freeleech.
  4. I don't think it's ever safe to download a popular movie torrent from a public tracker... Most of the time it's by low quality p2p groups rather than scene groups anyways.
  5. WhatCD PTP and TL. I used to like GFT a lot because it isratioless and i have shitty internet but ever since I got a seedbox, I don't use it that much anymore.
  6. I am selling invites to DocumentingReality.com for 2USD each, PayPal only.
  7. I have INVITES and I am only looking for INVITES. That means don't offer me Bibliotik accounts plz, unless if it's a power user... Edit: I no longer need bib invites.
  8. The best music tracker out there, though I find waffle's upload form easier to use, and it's easier to keep a ratio on waffles.
  9. I would have to say that this tracker is over-hyped, like many high level trackers. It's content is nowhere near What.cd's content. What.cd has over half a million "perfect" flacs. Even waffles has 60k waffle iron flacs. Therefore I would have to say that What.cd is not only the best place for flacs, but for music in general.