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domz - 10GBps from 6 € ★ ★ EvoSwitch Datacenter ★ ★ Application Center ★ ★

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Please take a look at our Unlimited and VPS offers here:

We offer both Seedboxes and VPS from multiple datacenters. 

What type of Support do you offer?
We offer support through ticket support, email, live chat, and (NEW) IRC.

Our New IRC server is:
Port: 6660-6669
Channels: #seedmybox and #support

Where will the Server be hosted?

All of our 10GBps servers are situated in EvoSwitch (Netherlands) connected through the famous LeaseWeb network, proven to be one of the best Tier 1 bandwidth suppliers in the world. Boasting over 1.5 Tbps of high speed connectivity to various worldwide telecom suppliers we can provide the performance and reliability that you expect for your hosting infrastructure.

Even cheaper if you order Quarterly or Annually. 

Our 10000MBps Seedbox Offers:

All plans include:

  • Rutorrent/Rtorrent Client
  • Deluge
  • RapidLeech (soon to come)
  • OpenVPN
  • High Anonymous proxy
  • PHP proxy
  • HTTPS Browser (Upload/Download) which you can also stream and view Audio/Video/Images(New!)
  • 10000mpbs Connection (10 Gbps)
  • Secure FTP
  • Ajax File manager (Soon to come)
  • WebDav
  • Your own Subdomain
  • Encrypted SSL Web Transmission
  • SSH
  • mktorrent
  • Unrar/Unzip
  • We will never OVERSELL
  • Fast Setup
  • Control Panel

Even cheaper if you order:
Quarterly: another 5% off total
Semi-Annually: another 10% off total
Annually: 20% off total


6 € /month

Space: 100GB

Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP

Bandwidth: 1TB


12 € /month

Space: 400GB

Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP

Bandwidth: 4TB


18 € /month

Space: 550GB

Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP

Bandwidth: 6TB


24 € /month

Space: 750GB

Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP

Bandwidth: 10TB


36 € /month

Space: 1100GB

Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP

Bandwidth: 15TB


50 € /month

Space: 1500GB

Connection: 10GB DL/10GBP UP

Bandwidth: 22TB



75 € /month

Space: 3000GB

Connection: 10GB DL/10GBP UP

Bandwidth: 30TB



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