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  1. Happy Birthday 2021 Happy Birthday BrokenStones Today all eligible members have been gifted 5 FL Tokens, in celebration of the site's Birthday. Use them well and we hope you are all enjoying the site wide Freeleech. Chat here: Mid Year Celebrations 2021 Staff edit: Looks like dry201 got the FL tokens right this time, though they got the day wrong for the birthday, so dry201 gets a
  2. Donation Special / Request Hello FunFiler's! The last few months our donations have been getting lower and lower. We went through all of the reserves a while ago and we rely on donations to keep the site alive. If we do not reach our target goal for donations, the future of FunFile does not look good. We try hard not to ask or seek donations but times are tough. To encourage donations we have changed the donation perks! From now until Sept 1st, all credit perks will be 4 times as good. Basically, you get 400% credit, 200% upload and your VIP period will extend 200%! After Sept 1st, all credit perks will stay 200% and will be the new standard going forward. Credits can be exchanged to GB / invites or a custom title. They can also be shared with other members in the credit exchange system here On subscriptions your VIP period end when the subscription ends. You can have a look at the perks here. While you are there please donate if you can. Helpful information/reminders: - FAQ and RULES -You should have already read them, right? - HIT & RUN GUIDE -Detailed, with pictures even. - PORT FORWARDING ASSISTANCE -Recommended port number between 60000 and 65000. - OPTIMIZE uTORRENT -Tweak your uTorrent for max speed. Easy step-by-step with pictures. - ALLOWED CLIENTS LIST -Set your client to *not* auto-upgrade. Recent changes made. - IRC GUIDE -Getting started and useful scripts. - MULTIPLE ACCTS -Exceptions at Ops discretion only. - SEEDBOXES and KILLER CONNECTIONS -Speeding tickets are a bitch here. - FREE LEECH TORRENTS -Ratio boosters FTW! - SEEDBOX GUIDE -A nice provider comparison. - USER CLASSES - Information on User Classes - MY PROFILE - Allow 18+ content, show spam uploads, etc.
  3. 502 Bad Gateway
  4. Premium changes and further improvements Dear Users! We have recently made improvements to the Premium system. As part of this, we redesigned the look of the Premium menu , among other things, in order to make it clearer and easier to use. With this, in addition to the Download and Invitation page, this became the third menu item where you can meet the new Beta interface. In addition to the redesign of the user interface, we also took into account your feedback and suggestions regarding the new invitation system. In addition to the classic Premium packages, it is now possible to purchase points, which you can use for any purpose (issue a request, vote on request, send an invitation). In addition, we have reduced the price of the invitation for our Premium membership users by 5,000 points. You will also contribute to the running costs of the site if you purchase a premium subscription and purchase points. Thank you for your past and future support! NCore Staff
  5. 2021.07.09 - 招贤纳士 曾几何时,从一开始的星星之火,这里慢慢汇集了全网技术最为精湛的一批DiY,重编,字幕,WEB原创大神们。为了追求完美,大神们每一部作品都付出极大心血,给我们的观影体验得到了极大提升,高质高量的官方作品现已成为众多影视爱好者心中的最爱。 为了给广大pt爱好提供更多更好的作品,为了继续延续CHD精益求精的路线精神,现常年征召DiY,重编,字幕,WEB人员。 我们热切欢迎并期待大家积极响应,我们有足够的诚意和耐心来指导和鼓励大家学习和进步,只要你愿意学习,有一定业余时间并憧憬成为“大神”和我们一起造福我们这个小圈子的爱好者的,欢迎你!鼓起勇气报名吧! 详情请访问: 《招贤纳士》常年有效 2021.07.09-Recruitment Once upon a time, from the beginning of the spark, here slowly gathered a batch of DiY, re-editing, subtitles, WEB original gods with the most exquisite technology in the entire network. In the pursuit of perfection, the great gods have devoted a lot of effort to each work, which greatly improves our viewing experience. The high-quality and high-quantity official works have become the favorites of many film and television enthusiasts. In order to provide more and better works for the majority of pt hobbies, in order to continue the CHD spirit of excellence, DiY, re-editing, subtitles, and WEB personnel are now recruited all the year round. We warmly welcome and look forward to your positive response. We have enough sincerity and patience to guide and encourage everyone to learn and progress. As long as you are willing to learn, have a certain amount of spare time and look forward to becoming a "great god" together with us to benefit our small circle of hobbies Of the person, you are welcome! Get the courage to sign up! For details, please visit: "Careers" is valid all year round
  6. Keeping old torrents alive We need your help to keep our torrents alive! We're streamlining our hosting after the server loss incident earlier this year. As part of this, we will remove old tracker URLs from our configuration. Up until now we've continued to support them, but this adds complexity to our site that makes it harder to maintain. Unfortunately, some older torrents are mainly supported by seeders still using an old tracker URL, and simply disabling the old tracker URLs would risk us losing torrents due to insufficient active seeders. Therefore, we need your help. There are two things you can do: 1. Check whether you're seeding any torrents that have a tracker URL not starting in: , and fix them. Read the forum post for instructions. 2. Look for torrents with the bad.peers tag that you could download and seed, thus saving the torrent from oblivion. This tag is automatically generated based on a script to determine the torrents that heavily depend on old tracker URLs. You can search for this tag combined with others to find and save torrents that fit your personal tastes. We will monitor progress, and take action depending on the results. This could involve changing which torrents have the bad.peers tag, or sending system messages to users who are still using old tracker URLs. Read the forum post for more information
  7. 2021.07.05 - "新"管理组成员 | "New" Staff Member 所以后来Aura就念了两首句诗,叫“苟利国家生死以,岂因祸福避趋之”,那么所以A叔就回来当了司铎。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luck is on our side and Aura is back as our new Administrator.
  8. 504 Gateway Timeout Error loading page We will be back as soon as possible... Refresh this page to retry or go back. You can always find us on IRC, connect at (SSL port 6697) on #pornbay or use the webchat below.
  9. Error 522 Ray ID: 66bb3ebcaba1d5a3 • 2021-07-08 18:06:11 UTC Connection timed out
  10. Bad Gateway Error loading page We will be back as soon as possible... But in the meantime have a cupcake! Refresh this page to retry or go back.
  11. Donation ! We need to collect This month donation for our Servers, Our server due date is 10th JULY 2021. Without yours help, We can't continue, Please donate today Click this link and Help Us: So if our services use full for you, Kindly spend some money to keep it running. Thank you We have found many users upload Duplicate posts / Non CG Contents , If we found kind of post , Uploader account will be "Permanent BAN" ----------------------------------------------- Low Ratio... ? Download disabled... ? Contact Us Here...!
  12. The Storytellers In this new ongoing Tik feature we will be celebrating a different filmmaker, on the month of their birthday, twice per month. We will honor not only directors, but cinematographers, screenwriters, editors, composers and others. We will provide some quotes, or interesting bits of history on these artists, provide a link to their films on Cinematik, and an IMDB link as well. We will also choose a representative film or two of the artist to be made Golden for a three day period. Enjoy! And please remember to seed back for a minimum of 3 days or up to ratio 1:1.
  13. HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY TRANCETRAFFIC !! Guys, I'm out on vacation so gonna make a quick post only.. Another year, another TT birthday And as usual... Another freeleech starting today; so go and get your leech on I'll let you know ahead of time before it finishes, let's go for 2 weeks, cheers! - ZDRuX