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Found 22 results

  1. I have been using The Seedbox Company for five months now and I'm very pleased with them! From the first day of the service, customer service was highly attentive and replied to any request or feedback I had about the seedbox service. I even encountered some issues that were so rapidly fixed I was quite impressed with the fast response. I have the SB-50 package that offers 1 Gbps download an 50 Mbps upload, and I've managed to reach the 125 MB/s download speed quite a few times on healthy seeded and size-heavy torrents, so I can honestly say that the speed they offer, is the speed they provide. The same can be said with the upload speed, it's quite good . The HDD space they offer with the plan I got is 740GB, and it truly is so. They don't take away any space if you install apps (they offer: RealVNC, ZNC, RapidLeech Server, Resilio BTSync, Madsonic, Subsonic, Plex Media Server, irssi and mktorrent web UI). You can choose from 3 torrent managers such as Deluge, uTorrent and Transmission. I tried them all, and am sticking with Deluge at the moment. I also think the service/cost relation is quite good in my opinion. I've tried two other providers in the past and I was not happy with them, because they were lacking of a good customer service or they offered something different than they actually provided. I'm glad to say I haven't had any of those issues with The Seedbox Company, so I highly recommend them to you! - J.P.
  2. Dear seeders, we are happy to announce the launch of our products and we give away extra Disc Space for all boxes for a limited time. All of our offered boxes featuring VPN Support, Independent PLEX Server, 20Gbps Shared link over a high-end infrastructure maximizing your data security and box reliability. Using our limited time promo code "WELCOMECLOUDBOXES" will increase disk capacity per each plan accordingly, Small 1000G -> 1300G Medium 3000G -> 4000G Large 6000G -> 8000G Hurry up before the promo code expires. Order yours now at Happy seeding,
  3. Hi guys, I just joined. I have been using feral hosting seedbox for the past one month. Its basically a cheap(but very good) , shared seedbox hosted out of the netherlands. I havent seen any dedicated boxes on their site(i maybe wrong) NAME:FeralHosting Pros: SPEED:VeryGood GUI:rtorrent, deluge, transmission and rutorrent GUI Speed: Very Good even with a large number of torrents i have gone up ~100 SUPPORT: Very Good Cons: The ftp speeds and BT Sync to india(country i stay in) are a bit slow(as in 1MB/s max). This was with cuteFTP multi segment. The support guys recently suggested a reroute which allows the users the path they want the traffic to their home system to go through. Trying that out The best part of their site is their wiki. When u are starting off with seedboxes their wiki helped me immensley in getting to know anything and everything about setting up my seedbox. Their support guys are really helpful. The setup times for slots are also within minutes. I have the neon plan which is like 15 pounds Details of all plans in the below link: I feel they have one the best shared plans value for money and for people just starting up with a seedbox this is a good place. Overrall Rating: 9.5/10 Hope the review helps
  4. Solving your seedbox needs. For Low budget or Pro seedboxes give us a visit and use promo code 25OFF to get 25% off on your first month on a Shared Server Slot or promo code 25OFF to get 25% off on a Dedicated Server. You will get special price if you pay for 6months or 1 year. Bandwidth is unlimited for all seedboxes, Server location: 1. Canada 2.France auto-dl irssi available.
  5. I have to say I'm very impressed with There are many different services to choose from based on your needs. (If you are not happy, there's a 7 day money back guarantee) Shared seedbox Start at € 5 / month | Hosted in the Netherlands | 10gbps DL and 10gbps UL Dedicated servers start at € 26 / month -FTP with secure FTP + SSL and sftp -rTorrent and RuTorrent with multiple plugins -Deluge + Web UI, Transmission + Web UI -SSH access -OpenVPN account Multiple add-ons come with your plan A list of some included: autodl-irssi SABnzbd Rapidleech BitTorrent Sync Maketorrent WebUI Subsonic ZNC Sickrage/Sickbeard Couchpotato Madsonic Pydio NZBGet Squid proxy server Pros: The knowledgebase is extremely useful. Very easy to use, very easy to navigate. Features Your account is setup and ready to use instantly after payment. Both times I needed help with something, staff responded immediately. Cons: Traffic is metered. (I have the € 7 / month package, with 2 TiB for traffic, and 300 GiB disk space, which enough for me personally.)
  6. Im looking for guys with experience, who can download for me releases from, i need all new releases and 2 years archive. I will buy seedbox + pay good salary for this work. What do I need from you-> You must know, how to setup autodl(mirc) and keep ratio on give 1gbit seedbox with enought space) or you must have big buffer account. Also from my self I will give exclusive releses, that must be posted on 1) Setup autodl 2) Download all new releases and keep ratio 3) Upload releases to 4) Upload new releases to my ftp 5) Download old releases and upload them to my ftp In general it takes maximum 20-30 min per day, so its not hard to do for guys, who know what to do Your propositions send me in PM, also you must send proves that you know how to run autdl and work with If you are noob in these things - dont waste my time. More information about salary and technical details of partnership in PM.
  7. 10% OFF ALL PLANS - Coupon: TENOFF Features: 7 Days money back guarantee Instant setup Full root access Many Linux distros to choose from including our custom (pre-installed seedbox OS). Control panel - Power On, Power off, Reboot, Re-install, Banwidth graphs and more. Seedbox Features (Pre-installed Seedbox OS) rTorrent 0.9.4 ruTorrent v3.7 FTP/FTPS - Download files via FTP OpenVPN - VPN (With control panel management) SeedVPS Our Plans: Lite Storage: 250GB RAID10 (SATA3) Memory: 1GB RAM Outgoing traffic: 1TB (Incoming traffic is unlimited) Uplink: 1Gbps (Dedicated uplink) Price: €9 Eur p/m Order Mini Storage: 500GB RAID10 (SATA3) Memory: 2GB RAM Outgoing traffic: 2TB (Incoming traffic is unlimited) Uplink: 1Gbps (Dedicated uplink) Price: €19 Eur p/m Order Basic Storage: 750GB RAID10 (SATA3) Memory: 1GB RAM Outgoing traffic: 4TB (Incoming traffic is unlimited) Uplink: 1Gbps (Dedicated uplink) Price: €29 Eur p/m Order Pro Storage: 1TB RAID10 (SATA3) Memory: 6GB RAM Outgoing traffic: 8TB (Incoming traffic is unlimited) Uplink: 1Gbps (Dedicated uplink) Price: €39 Eur p/m Order Ultimate Storage: 1.5TB RAID10 (SATA3) Memory: 8GB RAM Outgoing traffic: 12TB (Incoming traffic is unlimited) Uplink: 1Gbps (Dedicated uplink) Price: €49 Eur p/m Order
  8. I've used a couple of different seedboxes that they have on this site. The Deluge client works really well, especially being able to use a remote client. There support has been very prompt, and my upload speeds have been very good. I have recently been testing a beta version version of the product that some less technical users may like. It comes with a large number of application available to auto install straight out of the box. Plex Sickbeard SABNZB Flexget VNC Deluge etc. They are currently finalising prices, but the entry level for this new box when it comes out in October will have 1TB storage and 2TB upload pm for around 18 Euros. They have some nice scripts to for doing downloaded files into the correct directory for Plex. Anyway, if you are fully hands on and prefer a dedicated box where you do your own installs and management etc, this may not be for you. But if you have a requirement for a media and downloading server out of the box, then you should give these guys a try.
  9. Send me message to E-mail OR Adde me : Google Talk : Skepe : pleaseexcusemeforthat Yahoo : I have a lot of accounts and invitations for trade there : I want all , send me message if you have anything of list: CoreBay ffffound invite only Thevault SiN player account jerrynuggets EOTI BittorrentFiles.Org Forum.nmp3s FeedUrNeed Soitgo Delluge ChatChitto FSC FFS.OmniLounge.Co.UK Bibliotik Theplace Hdcorea WorldInHD Exigo Nextgen HD-Spain BtGigs NoLinks Usenet4all I have all for Sell or Trade : 1- + + ThisMight.Be + EOTI + + + + 2- Usenet4All + FFFFOUND Invitation + Active Account + DesignSpiration Invitation + 3- NextGen + + TemplateP2P + + + + HDSource.PW 4- + FileWarez.TV + + + + Power User - Buffer Account + Invites Old account with Account Buffer Power User - Big Buffer Account - Invites Account with Invite ILoveClassics.Com Power User - Big Buffer Account + Invites Secret-Cinema.Net Power User - Big Buffer Account + Invites MyAnonamouse Power User - Big Buffer Account + Invites Power User - Big Buffer Account + Invites Power User - Big Buffer Account + Invites Power User + Big Buffer Account + Invites High class user + Big Buffer Account + Invites IPTorrent Power User | Buffer 5 Tera | Invites Power User - Big Buffer Account + Invites TorrentDay Power User + Buffer Account + Invites Power User - Big Buffer Account Waffles.FM Power User - Buffer Account + Invites BitHuman Account with invites + Big Buffer account Power User - Big Buffer Account - invites Torrent.AI Power User + Buffer Account Power User + Buffer Account Power User + Buffer Account Power User - Big Buffer Account Account with 5 invitation + account with buffer Power User - Buffer Account + Invites Power User + Buffer Account nCore Morethan.TV PT.KeepFRDS Xbox-Sky PsyTorrents Account with Invites Account with Invites Power User - 28 Invites Account with 5 invites TorrentBytes FreeHardMusic.cOm The1st.BE BitGamer
  10. Hey guys, ive been using this seedbox provider since 2010 and theyve been amazing, the speeds and the general seedbox are great but these guys i dont think are very popular so i thought id spread the word about them, ill leave some info and a link to the site below. Im on the $15 per mth plane and get 11mbps with 300gb of space and its made my ratio skyrocket but even theyre basic plans are awesome. Gbox Our servers are fine tuned to provide you with the maximum throughput at the lowest cost. Each slot comes pre-configured with FTP/FTPES access, the latest versions of rtorrent and rutorrent, and with a host of plugins. We offer both metered and un-metered options to meet all needs. Every seedbox slot comes configured with the basics. - Guaranteed Support - 100/100Mbit Line - Unlimited Torrents - rtorrent/rutorrent - SSL Web Traffic - FTP/FTPES File Access - HTTPS File Access Rutorrent Plugins: - Auto-dl Irssi - Create - RSS - Disk Space - Unpack - Plus more Metered M-075 75GB 1TB Traffic 96 hour setup $5 M-150 150GB 1.5TB Traffic 96 hour setup $7.50 M-300 300GB 4TB Traffic 96 hour setup $15 Un-Metered U-150 150GB 96 hour setup $15 U-300 300GB 96 hour setup $20 U-600 600GB 96 hour setup $25
  11. Hello, I am offering 10 days 1 GB seedbox, i want bibliotik invite PM me Thanks
  12. Recently, an inspection was carried out against seedbox users according to the "Rules and regulations on the usage of Seedbox" guideline. Some members were found guilty during the process (details:) These members were stopped from downloading for a month as first warning. PS: Due to time constrain, some members might not be listed but this doesn't mean they are innocent or safe from the banhammer. Random inspection will be carried out and the next penalty will be more severe than 30 days ban. Members who turn themselves in and act accordingly will be exempted from penalty (for this time only).
  13. Guest

    Official Promotion Contest!

    Hello InviteScene members and soon-to-be members! It's time we had another contest, and this one is very easy for everyone! We are holding a promotion contest for one month (with possible extension) and we have some great prizes for the top three promoters in the contest. 1st Place - Seedbox for 2 months, permanent VIP, and 400 rep points 2nd Place - Seedbox for 1 month, 3 month VIP, and 300 rep points 3rd Place - 1 month VIP and 250 rep points How do you promote? That's a good question, and that's really easy as well. You can promote IS in numerous ways for example: 1) Like and/or follow the official Invite Scene's Facebook Page 2) Like and/or follow the official Invite Scene's Twitter Page 3) Post a brief introductory paragraph to the forum on your own Facebook, Twitter or various blogs/forums. You can paste the following paragraph if you don't want to write your own. : Invite Scene - Your Search for Private Torrent Invites Ends Here ! is ideal if your looking for free invites for every private torrent tracker that exists. There you will discover a plethora of free invites and you can trade, buy and sell invites and accounts for every private torrent tracker there is. You will discover invites/accounts for the likes of IPTorrents, TorrentLeech, BroadcasThe.Net, SceneAccess, What.CD, PassThePopcorn, HDBits, CHDbits, Fux0r and many more. In addition, the forum has a fantastic community for which you can find help/advice or just interesting conversations via the daily threads that are posted. Rules 1) Unedited proof must be submitted and uploaded using IS upload image in this thread. 2) Every member can only participant in this promotion system once. 3) If your posting on various forums/blogs, ensure you read their posting guidelines first. What we don't want to do is create a negative impression by spamming or posting on completely irrelevant websites. 4) No fake accounts. The provided proof will be thoroughly checked. It's just that easy! Post your links in the contest thread to be checked or you can post them here with the line "contest" at the bottom. You guys and girls are the best users on the internet, and it's time to let everyone else know! Do your best and earn great prizes! Thank you all so very much. - InviteScene Administration
  14. Hi guys i got a dedicated server on a private network with 3 Gbps full duplex i will share the server with only 2 Users! for best speeds and performance possible the price for each seedbox is only 50 euro/ month Each Seedbox will have the following specifications: 1) Deluge, rutorrent or Transmission (Deluge Recommended) 2) 200 SSD (actual) space you can exceed up to 30GB over quota 3) 8GB RAM, 4x 3.2 Ghz CPU 4) FTP and SSH access (if Required) 5) 12TB traffic for Each Seedbox 6) 3 Gbps FULL duplex i can give a test seedbox for 24 hours to check the speeds for only 3 euro Check speed proof
  15. Name: Package: Red Dragon Box - 2750 HDD - 10Gbit up/down - traffic 26 TB/month - 84.95 euro/month Speed: 10/10 Support: 10/10 GUI: 10/10 Speed of GUI: 10/10 Price: 8/10 Overall rating: 9.5/10 I WAS LOOKING FOR TOP OF THE LINE BUDGET FRIENDLY SEEDBOX THIS IS THE CLOSEST I GOT! so far so good friendly user interface quite smart i must say. speed is amazing not quite as fast if you where using a ssd with the same bandwidth and those are really expensive for the limited amount of space, not worthy in my opinion. because you will constantly be deleting your files and the point of having a seedbox is to seed lol. the fastest upload i seen is around 90mbps [ ] satisfied ! support: amazing really fast response and mostly accurate. GUI: cant ask for anything better. PRICE: decent i believe they should give more HDD space for that kind of money having a dedicated disk is nice but soon you realize that even 2750gb is nothing specially if you have multiple HD TRACKERS THEY WILL EAT THE SPACE UP WITHOUT A BLINK. DAMN YOU HD...!!! JAJAJA FINAL THOUGHTS 26tb are you kidding me? 20 days in don't even reach 7tb great!!
  16. Please take a look at our Unlimited and VPS offers here: We offer both Seedboxes and VPS from multiple datacenters. What type of Support do you offer? We offer support through ticket support, email, live chat, and (NEW) IRC. Our New IRC server is: Host: Port: 6660-6669 Channels: #seedmybox and #support Where will the Server be hosted? All of our 10GBps servers are situated in EvoSwitch (Netherlands) connected through the famous LeaseWeb network, proven to be one of the best Tier 1 bandwidth suppliers in the world. Boasting over 1.5 Tbps of high speed connectivity to various worldwide telecom suppliers we can provide the performance and reliability that you expect for your hosting infrastructure. Even cheaper if you order Quarterly or Annually. Our 10000MBps Seedbox Offers: All plans include: Rutorrent/Rtorrent Client Deluge RapidLeech (soon to come) OpenVPN High Anonymous proxy PHP proxy HTTPS Browser (Upload/Download) which you can also stream and view Audio/Video/Images(New!) 10000mpbs Connection (10 Gbps) Secure FTP Ajax File manager (Soon to come) WebDav Your own Subdomain Encrypted SSL Web Transmission SSH mktorrent Unrar/Unzip We will never OVERSELL Fast Setup Control Panel Even cheaper if you order: Quarterly: another 5% off total Semi-Annually: another 10% off total Annually: 20% off total Bronze 6 € /month Space: 100GB Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP Bandwidth: 1TB Order Silver 12 € /month Space: 400GB Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP Bandwidth: 4TB Order Gold 18 € /month Space: 550GB Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP Bandwidth: 6TB Order Platinum 24 € /month Space: 750GB Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP Bandwidth: 10TB Order Pearl 36 € /month Space: 1100GB Connection: 10GB DL/1GBP UP Bandwidth: 15TB Order Diamond 50 € /month Space: 1500GB Connection: 10GB DL/10GBP UP Bandwidth: 22TB Order Ruby 75 € /month Space: 3000GB Connection: 10GB DL/10GBP UP Bandwidth: 30TB Order
  17. Shared Seedbox: 500GB HDD Per User / 32GB RAM Shared / 1GBPS / 25 Euros but first 10 slots 20 Euros Dedicated and VPS available on request.
  18. This is an automated message to make sure this Trader really got the stuff what he is trying to trade, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then thread will remain closed. Best Regards, IS Staff Team!
  19. I installs and configures Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 on servers type OVH/KIMSUFI. You don't must pay ovh/kimsufi for windows licence every month !!!