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  1. Limit: N/A - but slots are normally very limited Membership based community that is near impossible to get into any other way. Guaranteed speeds and support to max your network and most servers. Over 600 torrents posted daily on average! Superior community and staff support with features not found elsewhere. GP has much more to offer than listed here, so you should simply stop by with the code below and check things out for yourself. * Exclusive SSL Tracker and Community * Active Torrents: 150K + * Total Peers: 250K + * Pre-Times comparable to any Top Site GUEST CODE: z7Y3ls2inDQla6d
  2. Internet provider AT&T has obtained a patent to speed up BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic, while reducing the impact of these transfers on its network. Whether the invention will ever be implemented is doubtful though, as net neutrality proponents generally don't like "fast lanes." Despite the growing availability of legal services, unauthorized file-sharing continues to generate thousands of petabytes of traffic each month. This massive network use has caused concern among many Internet providers over the years, some of which decided to throttle BitTorrent transfers. Interestingly, AT&T believes the problem can also be dealt with in a more positive way. A new patent awarded to the Intellectual Property division of the Texas-based ISP describes a ‘fast lane’ for BitTorrent and other P2P traffic. Titled “System and Method to Guide Active Participation in Peer-to-Peer Systems with Passive Monitoring Environment,†one of the patent’s main goals is to speed up P2P transfers while reducing network costs. While acknowledging the benefits of file-sharing networks, the ISP notes that they can take up a lot of resources. “P2P networks can be useful for sharing content files containing audio, video, or other data in digital format. It is estimated that P2P file sharing, such as BitTorrent, represents greater than 20% of all broadband traffic on the Internet,†AT&T writes. To limit the impact on its network resources, AT&T proposes several technologies to serve content locally. This can be done by prioritizing local traffic and caching files from its own servers. “The local peer server may provide the content to peers within the same subnet more efficiently than can a peer in another subnet,†the patent reads. “As such, providing the content on the local peer server can reduce network usage and decrease the time required for the peer to download the content.†Patent drawing The ISP realizes that there may be legal concerns when it starts to serve downloads from its own servers, and notes that some “unlicensed†content may be excluded. In addition to caching files, the patent also describes a system in which BitTorrent traffic is analyzed in order to connect subscribers to peers that cause less congestion. “In an embodiment, pieces of the data file may be preferentially retrieved from peers closer in the network or peers having a lower network cost,†the patent reads. In other words, AT&T’s proposal reduces network costs while speeding up the transfers of its subscribers. It seems like a win-win for everyone involved, except strict net neutrality proponents who expect every bit to be treated equally. Given the big push for net neutrality it is unlikely that the ISP has intentions to test or implement the file-sharing “fast lane†in the real world. It’s hard to miss the irony here. The present net neutrality debate first started in 2007 when TF uncovered that Comcast was throttling BitTorrent traffic. Those same principles might now prevent a system that can speed up torrents.
  3. Tracker Name: L24 New Tracker Fast Download Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Site fast and new in the world torrent Registration is currently open
  4. A man who recorded the movie Fast & Furious 6 in a UK cinema and uploaded it to KickassTorrents and other sites has been jailed for 33 months. The man, who TF interviewed last year following a large police raid, was blamed for 700,000 subsequent downloads and millions in losses. During May 2013, TorrentFreak received an email from an individual in the UK who detailed serious problems he’d experienced in the preceding days. On May 23 at 07:30, five unmarked cars containing 10 police officers and representatives from the Federation Against Copyright Theft tried to apprehend the man at this former address. That error was quickly corrected and within minutes three cars, four detectives and two FACT officers had made it to the correct location. The police were looking for Philip Danks, a man from Walsall in the West Midlands. Their information was that the then 24-year-old had cammed Fast and Furious 6 at the local Showcase cinema before uploading it to the Internet. “I was detained for 3 hrs 12 minutes, out of that I was questioned for approximately 40 minutes,†Danks told TorrentFreak at the time. “One police officer and two FACT officers conducted the interview. The police officer sat back and let FACT do all the questioning, so FACT were running the show.†Danks was eventually released, but in September police were back, this time arresting both his sister and her former boyfriend. New allegations were made, this time in respect of the unauthorized camming and uploading of the movie ‘Epic’. In March this year Danks told TF that the police weren’t going to take any action against him. However, after previously keeping us updated, Danks went quiet. Today his fate has been revealed. Following a trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court, Danks was sentenced to 33 months in prison for recording, uploading and also selling physical copies of Fast and Furious 6. In Court it was claimed that Danks’ uploading of Fast 6 resulted in more than 700,000 downloads costing Universal Pictures and the wider industry millions of pounds in losses. It appears that Danks was also very easy to trace. When he contacted TF last year his email address betrayed his online nickname – ‘TheCod3r’ – a handle that is now easily linked to a KickassTorrents upload of the same movie. FACT say it was this username that led them to Danks. Comments left by TheCod3r on KickassTorrents While 33 months is no doubt an extremely harsh sentence, there were important aggravating factors. FACT report that following his arrest in 2013, Danks continued to both sell and distribute illegal copies of movies. He was assisted with uploading by Michael Bell, his sister’s former boyfriend. The Court sentenced Bell to a 12 month community order with 120 hours unpaid work. Both pleaded guilty to committing offenses under the Fraud Act 2006 and the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988. Kieron Sharp, Director General of FACT said that his organization is grateful to West Midlands Police for their assistance in bringing Danks and Bell to justice. “This is an important case and an important sentence. Danks was responsible for recording, uploading and distributing the film and was clearly unconcerned at the time about the consequences of his actions, perhaps believing that the internet gave him anonymity. We at FACT have shown that we will find and identify people committing criminal offenses and ensure that they are properly dealt with through the courts,†Sharp said. The MPAA’s Chris Marcich said that holding pirates to account is vital if the creative industries are to flourish alongside the development of legal services. “It is important that those making money on the back of other people’s hard work and creativity, paying nothing back into the creative economy, are held accountable and we welcome today’s verdict,†Marcich said. “This is one important element of the wider strategy to tackle this issue which also includes educating consumers about legitimate online sources of content through schemes like Creative Content UK, working with advertiser and payment processors to cut off the revenue streams pirate sites rely on and blocking illegal sites through the courts.†Yet again FACT have another very big headline under their belt which will prove useful in their quest to deter those contemplating a similar course of action to Danks. As previously noted, camming on its own is not considered an offense, but couple it with distribution and selling copies for profit and things can get very serious indeed.
  5. As a result of the tragic death of star Paul Walker, the production schedule of Fast & Furious 7 has been repeatedly delayed. Everything was put on hold for months while changes were made to the script and the studio decided how to proceed. Now, reshoots are under way with the deceased actor’s brothers who have been brought in for motion capture and facial replacement purposes. In short, it’s been kind of an expensive mess, and if the latest rumors are to be believed, Vin Diesel is not helping the situation. The latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter cites a few sources on the set of Fast & Furious 7 who claim morale is very low, partially because Vin Diesel has allegedly not been the most cooperative. The outlet claims he spent an entire day refusing to come out of his trailer. He allegedly spent four hours another day holding up production and called an emergency meeting with Universal executives to voice his displeasure about everything happening. Of course, none of these supposed sources have been willing to speak on the record, and Universal itself has a completely different version of events. Here’s the exact quote Chairman Donna Langley gave to THR… "This production is working through some challenges that are historically unprecedented. The crew and cast, led by Vin, have been nothing but terrific under these circumstances." Here’s the odd thing about this. There are certain stars who generate rumors like this as if it’s their job. Every time they work, it seems like smoky and embarrassing whispers just billow out, but the rest of the press associated with Fast & Furious 7 and Vin Diesel has been great. He’s given emotional speeches and tweeted out pictures with Paul Walker’s brothers. By all accounts, he’s very committed to making the film as good as possible and producing a final product that honors his fallen brother’s legacy. Because of how much interest there is in Fast & Furious 7 and how much stock people typically put into stories from The Hollywood Reporter, it’s likely you’ll be hearing quite a bit about this. Just take all of it with a grain of salt. There may be some truth to the difficult whispers, but as we all know, the slightest bit of negativity can be blown out of proportion by production assistants who don’t really have any knowledge related to what is actually going on. Regardless, here’s to hoping all involved are able to produce a Fast & Furious 7 that honors Paul Walker’s legacy and leaves every last fan with a smile on his or her face.
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