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FibreNetworks 1TB, 2TB, 4TB VPS @ 22.99Eur, 29.99Eur & 49.99Eur

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FribreNetworks is pleased to offer all it's Invite Scene members the following December Specials:

1) Dec Special Plan 1
HDD : 1000GB
RAM: 2.5GB
Port: 500Mbit Unmetered
Price: 22.99Euro
Order here

2) Dec Special Plan 2 :
HDD: 2000GB
Port: 500Mbit Unmetered
Price: 29.99Euro
Order here

3) Dec Special Plan 3 :
HDD: 400GB
Port: 100Mbit Unmetered
Price: 49.99Euro
Order here

All our product offerings are un-managed VPS's and come with Dedicated IP's.

Thank You

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