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Invite Scene - #1 to Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites

#1 TorrentInvites Community. Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites for Every Private Torrent Trackers. HDB, BTN, AOM, DB9, PTP, RED, MTV, EXIGO, FL, IPT, TVBZ, AB, BIB, TIK, EMP, FSC, GGN, KG, MTTP, TL, TTG, 32P, AHD, CHD, CG, OPS, TT, WIHD, BHD, U2 etc.



  1. Prefect and always a great communicator from start to finish will use again A+ for service and support 

  2. I was nervous spending so much money on an invite at first and there has been some delay due to how hard the access to empornium.me is. But I remained calm and waited for the vendor to come trough and he absolutely did, provided me with a guide on how to avoid getting caught once i receive an invite and overall was extremely professional during the entire intraction we had.


    I could not recommend this service more! 10/10

    Submitted 14-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  3. 10/10 services. Very fast will trade again

    Submitted 13-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  4. smooth process

    Submitted 13-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  5. Everything went smooth. Keep up the good work

    Submitted 13-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  6. Very happy and satisfied with this site. Bough a legit invite to a very hard to get tracker. The process all in all took about 24 hours but that because the process is very secure. Happy and will shop again.

    Submitted 13-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  7. Smooth transaction, no complaints at all. Highly recommended!

    Submitted 11-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  8. Very good service Fill up all my request Fast and secure Good contact. Trustable seller, 100% money back guaranteed. Traded usenet indexer.

    Submitted 10-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  9. Trustable seller, 100% money back guaranteed. Traded ptp, bibliotik and cinematik.

    Submitted 09-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  10. Wanted an invite and got a fast and nice price from Inviter. Everything went smoothly and I'm very happy with my purchase. I'll definitely make my next purchase with him. 100% recommended.

    Submitted 07-04-2020 in Customer Stories
  11. +Vouch
    Very Smooth Communication
    Bought an invite, I will be buying many more invites for sure and hopefully we can build long term relation.
    Recommended for sure.

    Submitted 06-03-2020 in Customer Stories
  12. Inviter is awesome. Very fast and friendly. Excellent in answering questions and quick transactions. Will do business with again.

    Submitted 28-02-2020 in Customer Stories
  13. Don't know how he does it, but @Inviter delivers! Had a smooth transaction, no hiccups!

    Submitted 25-02-2020 in Customer Stories
  14. Did not take long to get my desired account.  Good job to @Inviter , for allowing a quick and painless way of getting my account.  Thanks again.

    Submitted 12-02-2020 in Customer Stories
  15. Excellent - Very reliable and honest trade - Quick service was provided - much appreciated. Thank you @Inviter for a great service.

    Submitted 17-01-2020 in Customer Stories
  16. Quick, to the point, good job invitescene !

    Submitted 09-01-2020 in Customer Stories
  17. Sent the invite fairly quickly, and sent very short, straight to the point, concise messages.

    Submitted 09-01-2020 in Customer Stories
  18. Inviter had a rare invite, reasonable price, responded quickly, and is trustworthy. This is only my first transaction, but it won't be my last. Thanks again!

    Submitted 28-08-2019 in Customer Stories
  19. Seller is great! Fast to respond and reliable. Had to wait but it's reasonable since seller is at work. 10/10 would buy something else again in the future.

    Submitted 27-08-2019 in Customer Stories
  20. Extremely professional seller. No fuss deal. Very friendly and his after-sales service and advice is truly unparalleled. Buy with full confidence. And even if he does take a few hours AT MOST to reply, just wait - he is a honest trader and definitely will not stiff you.

    Submitted 23-08-2019 in Customer Stories
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