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Invite Scene - #1 to Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites

#1 TorrentInvites Community. Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites for Every Private Torrent Trackers. HDB, BTN, AOM, DB9, PTP, RED, MTV, EXIGO, FL, IPT, TVBZ, AB, BIB, TIK, EMP, FSC, GGN, KG, MTTP, TL, TTG, 32P, AHD, CHD, CG, OPS, TT, WIHD, BHD, U2 etc.



  1. Inviter supported me a lot and was super fast for the torrent access that I wanted. I will for sure request help from him when I need something else. Glad I reached him and registered to Invite Scene.

    Submitted 15-08-2021 in Customer Stories
  2. Very informative and pleasant demeanour. Response time was impressive. Certainly lives up to his legacy as well hassle-free transaction all around.

    Submitted 16-07-2021 in Customer Stories
  3. Wonderful suggestions from Inviter conduct me to this purchase, definitely enjoying it so far! Inviter is marvelous lol just being practical here.

    Submitted 06-05-2021 in Customer Stories
  4. Fast, responsive and patient. I had the item exactly as described, and worked with me to get everything set up. I would buy from you again.

    Submitted 03-05-2021 in Customer Stories
  5.  That was awesome 💯💯, I have been looking for invitations for a long time and I was completely disappointed but now with @Inviter i registered in the site I wanted. Thanks a lot Sir. You are amazing🥂🥂

    Submitted 02-05-2021 in Customer Stories
  6. Purchased a CGPeers invite from Inviter furthermore got a prompt response. Thanks very much; I'm looking forward to my time here.

    Submitted 01-05-2021 in Customer Stories
  7. Absolutely patient and wonderful delivery. I really have nothing negative to say. Highly recommended!

    Submitted 18-04-2021 in Customer Stories
  8. This seller is very professional, polite, and prompt. I was originally suspicious about this Site but I was very pleasantly surprised. I would like to recommend this to anyone who wished to purchase an invitation. Also, this sell is fast, secure, and tends to cut good deals with combos. A++, would purchase again.  

    Submitted 28-01-2021 in Customer Stories
  9. very communicative, fast responses!

    Submitted 10-01-2021 in Customer Stories
  10. Real tracker invite that's non-trivial to get with a quick turnaround for the simple act of site participation. Pretty awesome.

    Submitted 07-01-2021 in Customer Stories
  11. I didn't have much expectation at first but then I got what I was looking for and super fast with an excellent service. Keep the good work. I'm glad this site exist

    Submitted 22-11-2020 in Customer Stories
  12. Good place to buy real legit torrent invites, providing friendly and responsive help if required

    nice effort mainlining this site, keep up the good work :)

    Submitted 14-11-2020 in Customer Stories
  13. came on this scene thinking it may be a bit seedy but i found the absolute opposite. Inviter reached out and gave better customer service than pretty much all other services i've had to deal with, and super helpful. Took me in right direction to help me decide what to pick, and offered me a very cheap price for what it's worth. top class, i'm so glad i found this place

    Submitted 02-11-2020 in Customer Stories
  14. fast and good service i rly recomend this one

    Submitted 02-11-2020 in Customer Stories
  15. Everything went perfectly. I got a torrent of a childhood TV Show that I couldn't find anywhere else, legal or otherwise.

    Submitted 28-10-2020 in Customer Stories
  16. Inviter provides lower prices than other providers and other forum owners by a higher margin. He is the man to buy from if you are looking for a torrent invites to any website he has available. Rest assured, you will get what you paid for and possibly more benefits 

    A+++ Great man to purchase from

    Submitted 19-10-2020 in Customer Stories
  17. I would highly recommend anyone looking to find torrents to use this site


    Submitted 08-10-2020 in Customer Stories
  18. The whole transaction process went smoothly, very pleasant

    Submitted 29-09-2020 in Customer Stories
  19. Great services, 100% satisfied.

    Submitted 18-09-2020 in Customer Stories
  20. great service ! superb speed !! top !!!

    Submitted 03-09-2020 in Customer Stories
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