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Tox - Good Reason To Throw Out Skype

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first of all:
Why Skype Suck Sooooo Hard On Security Side  :closedeyes:  :
Skype Leaks Your Location
And tons of other issues has left!


But let's talk about good things! :D


So... what is TOX?

Tox is a free (as in liberty and price) peer to peer, distributed, multimedia messenger.

Using existing technologies such as dispersed networking and strong cryptography, Tox can provide a superior instant messaging experience than current market offerings. Files can be shared as fast as you and your partner's Internet connection allows, audio calls are instantaneous, and there are no arbitrary limits to how many people you can have in a group conversation.

Tox's goal is to get secure messaging in the hands of everyone because we feel it's necessary in a world where our privacy is often overlooked; which means our efforts are free of charge with absolutely no strings attached. There are no advertisements; you are not the product and absolutely no data is collected from our users. We are here for altruistic purposes, which is why we rely on the community to help make Tox better.


At your fingertips. You're always in the loop with instant encrypted messaging.


Stay in touch. Make free and secure Tox to Tox calls.


Seeing is believing. Catch up face to face with a secure video call.



Tox isn't complete yet, but already usable! ;)


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