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Free, popular survival game Muck exists because a YouTuber got salty


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At some point in the past somebody made a comment on a video by YouTube personality Dani that he probably couldn't make a survival game of his own. Probably in response to critique of some other survival game. Naturally(???) Dani got really salty about this and decided to prove the person wrong. If you didn't know this story that's fine, because neither did I until I noticed that nearly 15,000 people were playing a game called Muck that I'd never heard of, released yesterday, and has Overwhelmingly Positive reviews.

There's a whole video about it, courtesy of Dani. That's our salty YouTuber, whom I had never heard of until today. When I say salty here, I must stress, I say it with deep respect. Respect inspired by my motto: "Living well is the best revenge. The second best revenge is definitively proving people wrong."

Thus! Muck! A multiplayer survival-roguelike about collecting resources, finding items, building a base, and surviving for as long as you can against waves of enemies. It's completely free on Steam. It's been very positively rated by who I can only assume is a horde of Dani's fans, but also it's free and it's not awful. I played it for two hours and it's fun enough. 

It's free and it's not awful! Don't know how much more of an endorsement I can give. I guess you can play it with your friends too, but I couldn't test that because I am working right now. It has both cooperative and competitive multiplayer, though, so no matter what kind of survival game fan you are there's

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