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GazelleGames | GGn | Games | 2020 Review

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GazelleGames | GGn | Games | 2020 Review

Tracker Name GazelleGames (GGn)
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre Games
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Bonus System Available
Seed Difficulty Hard
Tracker IRC #gazellegames, #ggn-help

Tracker Description

GazelleGames (GGn) is very well-known gaming tracker and it's an usual dream of every gaming pirate out there. This tracker is known as it's mostly called by the community (and most of us will agree) the 'Paradise' for gamers and game lovers.

Once you gain access to this 'sacred' place of the gaming community (Invites are most of the time closed but Staff will open an application signup form from times to times and invites are hard but not impossible to find since user classes from Pro-Gamer and above can send invites), you will immediately realize that it's almost impossible to not find anything you look for.

The tracker is running on a Gazelle designed template and that usually comes with features like comfortable browsing, grouped releases with multiple choices from release versions, different scene releases, Internal releases (GGn) and updates, in an overall great and tidy organization.

Besides the tons of gaming content you'll find in there (and with the 'tons' i mean literally every single gaming platform you ever owned like NES, Game Boy, Atari to all the new ones like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch etc. even Mac and mobile games), you will also come by to a huge quantity of E-Books, OST's (Original game soundtracks), Tutorials and everything it might come to your mind all related to gaming.

Maintaining a ratio is not really hard as Freeleech opens most of the time for some specific torrents (a good way to start building a buffer) that users contribute from their Gold pouch (GGn's bonus system) and also you'll come across some 24hr Freeleech in random moments from GGn staff. The downside on that is that you probably going to need a Seedbox since all users are taking advantage of the auto-dl feature so you'll find yourself behind when trying to grab those new torrents.

Bonus systems is not the most generous system out there but your actions are definitely being rewarded. Seeding old torrents or any torrent for ever, staying idle on their IRC server, filling up requests or get some requested jobs done (you'll find multiple tasks on the Job Board on their forums) or even browsing the site will get you some random gold rewards and all of that will get you a decent amount of Gold to buy some Upload or remove some download or even buy yourself a personal 24hr Freeleech to keep you going.

Staff and community are always available and active, you can play games on the forums or even get your problems solved in no time on the main IRC channel. In my opinion and my experience it is one of the most helpful and active communities out there.

User classes require some achievements to be filled in order to promote. If you are active you'll see your promotion come pretty quickly. You'll get a more detailed view on that on the screenshots that will follow.

To wrap all that you can see from it's statistics that we're talking about a huge community currently siting on 19K enabled users, 64K uploaded games and with a huge number of 183K torrents in general uploaded and 2217K seeders it is the gaming paradise after all.

With an all around conclusion if you love gaming and everything related to it you will love this tracker. It's one of the kind and it will give you the feeling that staying on this tracker is something like a game itself with it's innovating Shop system build up with items and gold like you're playing an RPG. Totally recommended without any doubt.













Top 10 Torrents










User Classes






My Rating

Pretimes 9 / 10
Community 9 / 10
Content 9 / 10
Speed 9 / 10
Tracker Rating 9 / 10
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39 minutes ago, Jaguar said:

@Liz , the background on the GazelleGames site has changed at sign-in if you can change the image named the site (GazelleGames) at the beginning of the review.

That is the actual logo when you Sign In on GazelleGames and what you saw on Log In  page that is just a background they used. Anyway thank you so much for looking into that. Appreciate that and about upcoming tracker review i'm just following up missing reviews from Tracker Index page. I will try to fill that as much as i could. Thank you!

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@ ليز Hello, I would like to ask you to request if possible:sweat_smile: ،when doing a review, can you provide more high-resolution images (if that is possible), for example the HD china review was excellent or GazelleGames review could have been better in terms of image resolution, please put  My request in mind, thank you for all the effort you are making:heart_eyes:


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14 hours ago, Jaguar said:

@ ليز مرحبًا ، أود أن أطلب منك أن تطلب إذا كان ذلك ممكنًا :sweat_smile: ، عند إجراء مراجعة ، هل يمكنك تقديم المزيد من الصور عالية الدقة (إذا كان ذلك ممكنًا) ، على سبيل المثال كانت مراجعة الصين HD ممتازة أو مراجعة GazelleGames يمكن أن تكون أفضل من حيث من دقة الصورة ، يرجى وضع طلبي في الاعتبار ، شكرا لك على كل الجهد الذي تبذلونه:heart_eyes:


@Lizwhat do you think about that? 

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