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  1. 0 Google Translation: All torrents are Freeleech between 24-07-2020 - 27-07-2020
  2. New Poll Is Up I am interested in finding out exactly how many people actually care about high resolutions scans of cover and disk artwork being included with the torrents on this site. I have always made a practice of doing this under the assumption that a lot of people wanted them, but I am beginning to suspect that I may be wasting my time in providing them. I also want to get a handle on how many people are even capable of creating scans as that is related, but that will have to wait for a second poll question. Please take a minute to respond, as this will potentially impact both future system rules regarding the inclusion of scans with the torrents that are uploaded to this system, as well as the potential launch of a daughter film cover art site. If you don't make your voice heard, then you will live with the consequences of someone else's voice making decisions for you.
  3. SceneHD | SHD | HD | 2020 Review Tracker Name SceneHD Tracker URL Tracker Genre 0-Day / HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invites Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker IRC #scenehd #help Description SceneHD / SHD is a private torrent tracker for 0-Day HD releases mainly focused on Movies, TV, XXX and Documentaries including full Blu-rays, TV packs. In addition, the tracker is provided with excellent seeding by loyal users, so the old distribution and prime collections (packs) are always available for download. The administration implements a very interesting system of bonuses, freeleech hands and the rates by which you can win and to buy useful things in the P2P world – upload, invitations, freeleech, and so on. Invite to SceneHD allows you to become part of a small but powerful community, the goals of which are: quality, speed, and an abundance of content. There is a very rare items at this elite tracker that are not even on the, and a lot of excellent stuff XXX video in HD quality – the largest base of all existing trackers. Community wise SceneHD is very active on Forums and IRC. Aside from the community, the only thing that SceneHD really has going for it is that it sometimes gets complete Blu-rays that other trackers miss, and has an a decent archive. In terms of pretimes, you're better off joining any of the number of general 0-Day scene trackers that exist. How does ratio work here? Ascending ratio requirement: Download Required ratio up to 50GiB None 50 - 75GiB 0.1 75 - 100GiB 0.25 100 - 150GiB 0.5 150 - 250GiB 0.75 After you have reached 250 GiB download you must keep your ratio at or above 1.0 at all times. Inactivity rules. What happens when I don't log in for a while? If you don't use your account for a certain amount of time it WILL get disabled! Peering alone is NOT sufficient, you have to either actively upload data, or login to the site to be counted as active. The maximum amount of time you can be inactive depends on your user class: HD Leecher 14 days HD Lover/Addict 30 days HD Collector/Specialist 45 days HD Fanatic/Expert 60 days HD Authority 90 days News Browse Requests Bonus Information Betting Leaderboards & Medals Information IRC Forums FAQ Rules Community Freeleech RSS Donate Staff My Rating Pretimes 8 / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 8 / 10 Speed 7 / 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
  4. [Hidden Content]
  5. New Server | Upcoming Downtime in July Since we grew that fast, we already need a new server. Means the tracker will be down 1 or 2 days to migrate all data to the new location. More on our discord channel here
  6. After finding itself on the wrong end of a $1 billion copyright infringement verdict, Cox Communications is under pressure to combat so-called repeat infringers. Today, a former Cox customer reveals that after receiving multiple copyright infringement complaints from copyright holders, this month his ISP handed him a six-month Internet ban. In 2019, ISP Cox Communications was hit with an unprecedented $1 billion verdict after a jury found it liable for infringements carried out by its customers. More than 50 music companies including Capitol Records, Warner Bros, and Sony Music, successfully argued that Cox failed to terminate repeat copyright infringers and profited from their piracy. The ISP was found to be both contributorily and vicariously liable and ordered to pay $99,830 for each of 10,017 copyrighted works. Cox is still fighting that decision (1,2) but questions remain over its repeat infringer policy and precisely what type of behavior might trigger it. Last year, TorrentFreak wrote to all major ISPs in the United States, Cox included, asking them to provide precise details of their repeat infringer policies. None replied, which given the high-stakes probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Recently, however, we were able to find a Cox customer who told us about his experiences with the company which suggest that higher numbers of complaints can result in tough measures. How Cox Handled Allegations of Copyright Infringement “I had a lot of copyright notices through the past couple of years and [Cox] do warn that you will be disconnected if they continue to receive copyright notices. But they’re vague on if and when that disconnection would happen,” he explained. “Every time there’s a copyright claim they shut your internet off and you have to call to know why and they’ll warn you and turn you back on. You can check your account if you have alternate internet access and see what the copyright claim is specifically. Sometimes the only way to know is to call and ask.” Fast forward to this month and matters quickly escalated. The customer informs TF that Cox has a panel where details of copyright infringement claims can be viewed. For privacy reasons the image below is cropped and redacted but it originally showed the content supposedly infringed, the complainant, the type of service allegedly used to infringe (in this case BitTorrent), and other information such as times and dates. This time around, however, something was different. Our source says that the above violations screen which detailed the five most recent infringements had been reset to zero. As it turned out, that wasn’t accompanied by further good news. Too Many Allegations of Infringement – Internet Access Terminated “A few days ago I checked my account. The violations were gone from the screen where they usually keep score. And there was a message saying my service has been terminated,” he revealed. “My internet was still working fine though. I thought maybe they’re doing what I heard about in the old days where they just start you over. Nope. On [date redacted] it just shut down in the middle of a long message I was typing. Called them and they said I was terminated for six months. Didn’t have a concrete specific notice or heads up.” As the image below shows, the customer’s information screen at Cox shows the termination clearly but adds that “any additional service products are still active and accessible. This indicates that rather than terminate all of its business dealings with a customer, the company is happy to retain them for other business. In a communication sent to our source titled “Notice of AUP Violation”, Cox says that while it does not “monitor nor control” the information transmitted by customers, it does take action based on allegations from third-parties. Termination Parameters – Around Six Allegations, Maybe More “We have a policy, however, consistent with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, to take steps when we receive communications of claimed infringement. We also have a policy of terminating repeat infringers in compliance with Digital Millenium Copyright Act Safe Harbor for online service providers,” it reads. The specifics of that policy remain unclear. Cox refuses to say how many complaints trigger a termination, or over what period of time. Their terminated customer, however, has some thoughts on what the threshold might be. “Upon termination, the Cox rep said there were a total of nine violations. Some were rapid-fire (two at a time) and the latest as recent as [the day before the disconnection] but Cox wasn’t notified of it until [the morning after] which automatically shut the internet off to where I have to call to find out what happened,” he explained. “So it likely made it to six violations, was prepared for termination, with another violation appearing again before actually being terminated. There were at least a couple of earlier violations that disappeared from the list from long ago but the Cox rep did have them ultimately listed, reading them to me. I remember them all.” We’ve been asked not to identify the specific content allegedly infringed but we can confirm that the notice senders were Paramount, Viacom, and NBCUniversal. Perhaps surprisingly to those who believe that older content isn’t monitored so intensively, the movies in question spanned from the 1980s to the early 2000s. The Fallout According to our source, there aren’t too many options where he lives to replace Cox, which causes problems. “I don’t have any blame for Cox in all this. Their hands are tied. The only blame are their high prices and monopoly on the service in certain areas, making them the only close to reliable internet service around in town,” he said. “For the next six months, smartphone internet will be the only internet anyone will be using here. The bright side is that I will be saving over $800 which otherwise would have gone to Cox. “It’s just wrong that internet service providers have to follow the orders of a third party via CLAIMS of infringement,” he continued. “One cannot control what everyone does on the internet in one household or business. To deny internet service when they’re the only choice around is wrong.” Source:
  7. Google Translation: Sorry! The site has been stopped by the administrator, please contact the administrator for details!
  8. BitVaultTorrent | BV | General | 2020 Review Tracker Name BitVault (BV) Tracker URL Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invites Only Bonus System Not Available Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker IRC #bitvault Tracker Description BitVaultTorrent / BitVault is very well known Italian private torrent tracker for General / 0-Day content. BitVaultTorrent (BV) only got +3.1K registered members although with that small user base they have over 31K uploaded torrents. They have a smart login page, you need to type (bv-login) in search word field & press the search button which will direct you to the actual login page where you can enter your Username & Password to login normally. Not only Italian content, they do have English releases/subs/etc. BitVault have a very active community, along with that a perfect user interface for the tracker. Maintaining ratio is easy as they have many freeleech torrents & doppio (Double upload counts) which makes it easier to gain buffer on your account. Home Browse Forum Requests Reseed Rules FAQ RSS Donate Staff My Rating Pretimes - / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 7 / 10 Speed 8 / 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
  9. Do not post your mail in open spaces, it might lead you a global ban on all your private trackers. Also if you want to be helped try in proper section and follow forum rules. GL!
  10. No @Jaguar, it is just another music site like What.CD. About next review i will look into Tracker Index page and look for what is missing will keep making the missing ones.
  11. NotWhat.CD | NWCD | Music | 2020 Review Tracker Name NotWhat.CD Tracker URL Tracker Genre Music Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Not Available Seed Difficulty Hard Tracker IRC #notwhat, #help, #disabled Tracker Description NotWhat.CD (NWCD) is a private torrent tracker for Music arised when former What.CD (WCD) got busted. NWCD reached 2.9K users with about approximately 56K torrents makes it active tracker with good speeds & pre-times. As normal music trackers, users gets 5GB upload credit at first with upload privileges to upload your own stuffs to get good standings there. Maintaining ratio is hard as : - No Bonus points system on NWCD. - You should upload there in order to get good standings there! - from time to time , staff picks are set to be freeleech (you can snatch them at once). Required Ratio Details: If you stop seeding for one week, your required ratio will become the maximum required ratio (0% seeded) for your amount downloaded bracket. Once you have resumed seeding for a 72 hour period, your required ratio will decrease according to the above calculations. If your download total is less than 5 GB, you won't be eligible for ratio watch, and you will not need a required ratio. In this circumstance, your required ratio will be zero regardless of your seeding percentage. If your download total is less than 20 GB and you are seeding a number of torrents equal to 100% of your snatches, your required ratio will be zero. As your download total increases, your minimum (100% seeded) and maximum (0% seeded) required ratios taper together. After you have downloaded 100 GB, those values become equal to each other. This means that users with download totals greater than or equal to 100 GB have a minimum required ratio (100% seeded) of 0.60 from that point forward. Home Torrents Collages Requests Upload Forums Top 10 Torrents Labels Rules Wiki User Classes Donate Staff My Rating Pretimes 7 / 10 Community 7 / 10 Content 8 / 10 Speed 7 / 10 Tracker Rating 7 / 10
  12. Bibliotik | BiB | E-Learning | 2020 Review Tracker Name Bibliotik Tracker URL Tracker Genre E-Learning Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Not available Seed Difficulty Hard Tracker IRC #bibliotik Tracker Description - Bibliotik / BiB is #1 Private Torrent Tracker for eBooks. On Bibliotik you will find applications, audiobooks, comics, ebooks and magazines under a billion different genres. - Invites only and staff members are strict with their invite policy. - Ratio is really hard to build and maintain unless you can upload allowed contents. - Tracker stats are 5,962 registered members with 435,660 torrents. Home Torrents Requests Collections Forums Rules Ratio Help Contact User Classes Upload Creators Publishers My Rating Pretimes - / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 7 / 10 Speed 8 / 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
  13. That is the actual logo when you Sign In on GazelleGames and what you saw on Log In page that is just a background they used. Anyway thank you so much for looking into that. Appreciate that and about upcoming tracker review i'm just following up missing reviews from Tracker Index page. I will try to fill that as much as i could. Thank you!