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  1. HD-Spain | HD-S | HD | 2020 Review TRACKER NAME : HD-Spain TRACKER URL : CATEGORY : HD TRACKER TYPE : Ratio Based TRACKER SIGN UP : Invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : Easy BONUS : No BANNED COUNTRY : None TRACKER DESCRIPTION HD-Spain is the best well-known Spanish tracker for HD-content in all stuffs like Movies, TV Series, Documentary, Sports etc. Tracker been online since 9 years & only Castilian Spanish language is used there, English is NOT allowed anywhere (they appreciate their own lang). Tracker stats aren't known exactly but for what we can notice that they got Over 30K+ uploaded torrents & App. 8K+ registered users showing an active community. The best thing about their content is European untouched blu-rays. There are many untouched blu-rays that you can find EXCLUSIVELY on this tracker. They have an internal encoder: GrupoHDS with many good rips. Maintain ratio is easy as they got 100% freeleech uploaded torrents (Green background), also with some double 2x upload count torrents . On SPECIAL occasions, they turn global freeleech ON! One more good thing to make sure that torrents are well-seeded (Especially, the old ones!), that they have a BxC (Bonus for Sharing) system that gives you extra GBs to your upload count. The MORE older files you seed, The MORE GBs you earn! They have hit and run rule. All torrents should be seeded for 96 hours or ratio 1:1. They prune In-active accounts. To avoid this, you should login to the tracker every 60 days and download at least 2 torrents every 60 days. Invite system is closed since sometime ago & they don't Open it regularly. Maybe once or twice a year & it's very hard to get into! HD-Spain is really a great place to join if you're Spanish (No.1), also if you're a fan of Spanish movies & European untouched blu-rays. HOME CATEGORY BROWSE UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ STAFFS MY RATING CONTENT : 8/10 PRE TIME : - /10 SPEED : 8/10 COMMUNITY : 8/10 OVERALL : 8/10
  2. Google Translation: All torrents are Freeleech until 26-04-2020
  3. Google Translation: The staff at wants to create various FIFA 07 & 08 competitions among the members of this community. Interested persons can leave a comment below with the game they want to participate in. We will start the competitions when at least 12 participants will be gathered for each game. THE AWARDS ARE: 1st place - 50,000 PB 2nd place - 30,000 PB 3rd place - 10 000 PB Special prizes: At 3 editions won - VIP one month More on this thread
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  6. New contest A Mystery Site-Wide Free-Leech-Event Donation Drive * A Mystery Site-Wide Free-Leech-Event * * Target Date: A few months from now * Objective: Raise 15,000,000 bonus credits to bring this to life * Probability of success: 100% A hint: Your donations and support are desperately needed if we are going to bring this event to life... Will we succeed in time...??? I hope that we do... As always, your donations and support are greatly appreciated... Thank you EMPervs for your support in everything we do here... USB Discuss this post here
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  9. Police in Taiwan have shut down, the country's largest pirate movie and TV show site. The action came in the wake of an investigation by ACE, the MPA and Japan-based anti-piracy group CODA. Two men in their thirties, both graduates of the Northern National Taiwan University, were arrested and millions in cash and luxury property seized. While English language ‘pirate’ sites grab most mainstream headlines, anti-piracy groups have international platforms firmly on their radars. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of such sites in Asia but following coordinated police action, one of the largest has now fallen. Following an investigation carried out by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the Asia-Pacific division of the Motion Picture Association (MPA-APC), Japan-based Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), and local TV network Sanli TV, police in Taiwan have now shut down, the country’s most popular pirate movie and TV show site. According to SimilarWeb stats, 8maple has been attracting up to 35 million visits per month, making it not only the most-visited platform of its type in the region but also the 32nd most-visited site in Taiwan, period. According to police sources, the Criminal Investigation Bureau in conjunction with the specialist Telecommunications Investigation Corps swooped to arrest 33-year-old Chen Su and 32-year-old Zhuang Su on March 31, 2020. Both are graduates of the Department of Science and Engineering at the Northern National University and are reported to have extensive software skills. Authorities say the pair launched 8maple in 2014, creating a fake advertising company before offering Hollywood movies plus US, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean shows to the public for free viewing. The site allegedly operated servers in several regions including the United States, Canada, Ukraine, France, and Romania. 8maple generated income from advertising, with authorities currently estimating revenues of around NT$4,000,000 (US$133,000) per month. Following the arrests, which have only just been made public, police seized a number of electronic items including 25 computers, mobile phones, and data in cloud storage in France and Canada (OVH). As the image below shows, the site’s main .ru domain was among several seized including and The business appears to have been profitable for the two men. During a press briefing, authorities revealed that Chen and Chuang had both acquired luxury mansions for around NT$16,000,000 (US$532,000) each, both paid for in cash. These we seized along with an estimated NT$ 60,000,000 (US$1,900,000) discovered in the pair’s bank accounts. The suspects were arrested for copyright infringement offenses with Taiwan’s Telecommunications Investigation Corps estimating that 8maple caused around NT$1 billion (US$33.2m) in damages. The anti-piracy groups involved in the action have yet to make a statement. Source:
  10. Google Translation: Freeleech On 6:13:25:09 ------------------------------- Click the image below to get your gift (once a day, throughout the holiday season) here ------------------------------- Happy Passover ! Happy Passover for all dear fuzers! So after you have settled in well, it's time for Fuzer to indulge in some gifts and surprises as well Freeleech until the end of the holiday (15/4/2020)! What do you think a holiday without a free download? You're not serious ... Registration opens throughout the holiday season! Feel free to tell friends and spread the word. The invite system is closed during open registration. Avoid duplicate subscriptions, this will only come to your detriment! Gifts! Gifts every day! Every day you log in to the site you will be awaiting a surprising gift from us! Remember to pick it up every day! And of course expect a special surprise later this holiday Link to the full announcement
  11. 168 Hour Upload Challenge Ends In 2 days, 4 hours, 52 minutes, 49 seconds
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