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  2. Freeleech ends and Sign-up to be closed Hi guys, The freeleech period will end on 1st Jan and registrations will be closed as well. Only 10gb+ torrents can be set freeleech. Enjoy the remaining period. After it is over, make sure to maintain a good ratio by uploading more. Seed as long as possible. Take Care, BWT Staff
  3. GitHub has removed a repository that included the source code of the popular BitTorrent tracker site The developer platform responded to a DMCA takedown request from the Motion Picture Association, which argues that the code allowed anyone to host a clone of the 'blatantly infringing' website. Meanwhile, copies of the repository are starting to pop up elsewhere on GitHub. Every day, copyright holders send out millions of DMCA notices to various sites and services, to protect their works. Most takedown requests target content that’s directly infringing, but that’s certainly not always the case. MPA Targets NYAA Source Code Yesterday, developer platform GitHub posted a DMCA notice it received from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) last week. The movie industry group, which represents Netflix and the major Hollywood studios, asked the company to remove a repository that’s linked to, a popular torrent site that specializes in anime content. The takedown notice stands out because the targeted code doesn’t belong to the MPA members. Instead, the movie group argues that the code is used for the development of the website, which for its part facilitates copyright infringement. In addition, the repository allows others to set up an NYAA clone. “Specifically, at the URL, the Repository hosts and offers for download the Project, which, when downloaded, provides the downloader everything necessary to launch and host a “clone” infringing website identical to,” the MPA writes. Screenshots The public part of the takedown request doesn’t mention which copyrights are infringed. Instead, it points to an unpublished list of screenshots of the NYAA website which includes various titles. Because the repository enables the developers and members of the public to run NYAA or a clone of the site, it is indirectly infringing the copyrights of MPA member studios, the movie group argues. Therefore, the code repository is ‘blatantly infringing’. “The Project blatantly infringes the MPA Member Studios’ copyrights and countless other copyrights. Indeed, copyright infringement is so prevalent within the Project that infringement plainly is its predominant use and purpose,” the notice adds. ‘Copyright Infringing Code’ A quick review of some of the files that are highlighted in the MPA request shows that much of the code itself is harmless in isolation. For example, the config file has no references to any copyrighted works. The same is true for other code. The MPA seems to argue that, when deployed as a torrent site, the code helps to facilitate copyright infringement. And since it’s directly linked to, which is referenced repeatedly in the code, it should be taken offline. Comparison With YouTube-DL? This isn’t the first time that GitHub has received a takedown request that indirectly targets infringing material. A few weeks ago, the RIAA took the popular open-source youtube-dl repository offline, a decision that was eventually reversed after public outrage and some small code edits. At the time, GitHub said that it would review anti-circumvention takedown notices more closely, allowing developers to update code if needed. “When we see it is possible to modify a project to remove allegedly infringing content, we give the owners a chance to fix problems before we take content down,” GitHub wrote. However, the MPA’s claim is not related to DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions, so NYAA’s developers didn’t get this chance as far as we know. Their repository was targeted by a standard takedown notice to which different rules apply. That being said, there are some similarities between the two takedown attempts. When the RIAA targeted youtube-dl many copies of the repository were posted elsewhere on GitHub. The same is now happening with the NYAA code, which also lives on at the Internet Archive. TorrentFreak reached out to NYAA to hear their side of the story, but at the time of writing, we have yet to hear back. This isn’t the first time the MPA has gone after the anime torrent site. Last November we reported that the anti-piracy group sent cease and desist letters to several people who are allegedly connected to the site, describing it as an “Anime Cartel”. Source:
  4. 24 hours Global Freeleech (and other buffs) is on. 21 hours left Item costs are 0.8 for more than 2 days
  5. Happy New Year 2021 And so a most unpleasant year draws to a close. Let us all hope that next year will be better (then again, it could hardly be worse). Thank-you all, especially my long-suffering partner in this, Q***, for putting up with me constantly breaking the site. Thank-you all the uploaders, the cover art fixers, the reporters, the collage makers, the denizens of the forums, the gang on IRC. All of you are what makes Orpheus special. From all the staff of Orpheus, we wish you all the best. To celebrate the new year, all items in the Bonus Shop are currently 50% off. Stock up on custom titles, freeleech tokens, invites and personal collages! – S***, with Discuss this post here
  6. Website is offline, as its domain name has expired.
  7. It is with much sadness that we announce the closure of NWCD. Significant personal challenges faced by our staff team have left us unable to devote the time, energy and passion required for the tracker to function and thrive. This resulted in an undue burden on those of us that remained. This, and in light of understandable declining activity levels ultimately led to the decision to slowly wind things down and give notice that we were closing our doors. Regretfully, due to a very sudden loss, this plan could not be executed and some swift choices had to be made. Apologies for any worry this has caused over the last few days. All data has been securely dealt with and there is no cause for concern for our users. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of you that contributed to the development and growth of NWCD over the last four years, past and present staff and members alike. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve as one half of a team dedicated to teaching and learning how to be better at curating and sharing music. We demanded standards that were intrinsic in many of you, and instilled in others over time. All of you rose to this challenge with little complaint and with an eagerness to improve that often took our breath away. It is our hope that you all continue to practice these habits and set a good example while contributing to the wider music tracker community. We will forever appreciate your efforts, patience and loyalty. Most of all we will treasure the friendships we made along the way. NWCD staff
  8. Site is down. The server is not responding.
  9. Bluetopia is maybe experiencing server problem , cant access the site since morning , now can open but always get 502 error when click any pages.
  10. Website is offline, as its domain name has expired.
  11. qBittorrent v4.3.3 was released. Support for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) was dropped because Xcode doesn't support C++17 for that version. For the same reason it is highly likely that support for Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) will be dropped in the next releases. v4.3.3 changelog: FEATURE: New languages: Azerbaijani, Estonian BUGFIX: Unify global speed dialogs for normal/alternative speeds (thalieht) BUGFIX: Increase maximum global speed limits ~2 GiB/s (thalieht) BUGFIX: Save fastresume when setting torrent speed limits (thalieht) BUGFIX: Group several torrent options into one dialog (thalieht) BUGFIX: Capitalize locale names (Chocobo1) BUGFIX: Improve content file/folder names handling (glassez) BUGFIX: Drop notification about move storage finished or failed (glassez) BUGFIX: Reload "missing files" torrent instead of re-checking (glassez) BUGFIX: Remember dialog sizes (Chocobo1) BUGFIX: Improve detection of file extension string (Chocobo1) WEBUI: Don't call non-existent elements (glassez) WEBUI: Update "Keep top-level folder" in WebUI options (thalieht) MACOS: QMake: Raise minimal macOS target version to 10.14 (glassez) LINUX: Use legacy 'data' directory only as a fallback (lbilli) OTHER: Bump project requirement to C++17 (Chocobo1)
  12. Site is down. The server is not responding.
  13. Site is down. The server is not responding.
  14. From nyaadevs / nyaa Repository unavailable due to DMCA takedown. This repository is currently disabled due to a DMCA takedown notice. We have disabled public access to the repository. The notice has been publicly posted. If you are the repository owner, and you believe that your repository was disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification, you have the right to file a counter notice and have the repository reinstated. Our help articles provide more details on our DMCA takedown policy and how to file a counter notice. If you have any questions about the process or the risks in filing a counter notice, we suggest that you consult with a lawyer.
  15. Ten years ago, the USTR's list of notorious online piracy markets was mostly made up of classic pirate outlets, such as torrent sites and cyberlockers. Over the years it has transformed into a mixed bag of targets including social media platforms, billion-dollar e-commerce companies, hosting services, and advertisers. The Pirate Bay is still there as well, of course. Every year, the US Trade Representative (USTR) publishes a list of ‘notorious markets’ that facilitate online piracy and other copyright crimes. The targeted sites and services engage in or promote piracy and counterfeiting. According to the copyright holder reports the list is based on, at least. For more than a decade we have covered the online part of the report. Traditionally, that includes prominent torrent sites, download portals, cyberlockers, and streaming services that operate without the permission of rightsholders. In recent years, however, the scope of the report has broadened. For example, we have seen domain registrars, hosting companies, advertisers, and social media platforms being added. These don’t have piracy as their core business, but they allegedly facilitate this activity. A few days ago, the USTR published its 2020 list of notorious markets. Again, we can clearly see the trend that the scope of the report is broadening. This was somewhat expected, as this year’s issue focus is ‘e-commerce platforms.’ “This year’s issue focus examines how the substantial growth of e-commerce platforms in recent years has facilitated similar substantial growth in the importation of counterfeit and pirated goods into the United States,” the USTR writes in its report. Amazon Traditionally, the USTR focuses on foreign sites and services. While that distinction was no longer made in the recent public consultation, the latest report remains targeted at companies that operate abroad. This doesn’t mean, however, that US-based companies are completely ignored. Amazon, for example, is tagged as a “notorious market” but this classification is limited to its foreign domains such as,, and Copyright holders have filed a variety of complaints about Amazon. They say that the platform failed to properly vet sellers, is often abused to sell pirated and counterfeit goods, while repeat infringers can open multiple stores. These complaints are not new and Amazon has tried to address the problems over the years. This includes participation in an anti-counterfeit program from the US Governments’s IPR Center, but that’s still not enough according to rightsholders. More Ecommerce Amazon is not the only e-commerce giant to be branded as a notorious market. The USTR highlights several of the largest online storefronts across the world that reportedly face similar issues. MercadoLibre, for example, the largest e-commerce retailer in Latin America which is incorporated in the US. The report also mentions Shopee which is the leading player in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. The list of e-commerce targets is completed by,,,,,, and All should improve their anti-piracy and counterfeiting policies. Hosting, Advertising and Social Media The USTR further calls out several sites and services that reportedly facilitate piracy. This includes hosting companies that reportedly ignore takedown requests, such as BlueAngelHost, FlokiNET, and Private Layer. Russia’s dominant social media platform falls in this category as well, together with the advertising company RevenueHits. The latter is accused of providing pirate sites with a steady income source. Interestingly, the report notes that many pirate site advertisers operate from Israel, which also applies to RevenueHits. “According to right holders, RevenueHits is one of the most popular advertising networks among pirate sites, in particular cyberlockers, with most of its advertisements targeting a European audience,” the report reads. The Pirate Bay and other ‘Usual’ Targets The Notorious Markets list wouldn’t be complete without more traditional pirate sites. On that front there is little fresh news this year, with the usual suspects such as The Pirate Bay, Fmovies, Rapidgator, and Sci-Hub all making an appearance. “As one of the first bittorrent indexing websites and one of the most vocal in openly promoting piracy, ThePirateBay reportedly remains the most frequently visited bittorrent index site in the world,” the USTR writes. After a short period of absence, the BitTorrent-powered streaming application Popcorn Time returned to the list as well. A full list of all the pirate sites and services mentioned is available below. Critique A common critique on the Notorious Markets List (NML) is that it’s mostly based on complaints from rightsholders. The USTR itself doesn’t verify these claims in detail, despite the strong implications the report may have. “The NML does not make findings of legal violations nor does it reflect the U.S. Government’s analysis of the general IP protection and enforcement climate in the countries connected with the listed markets,” the USTR clarifies. While most pirate sites are unlikely to respond to the USTR’s report, Amazon and other billion-dollar companies will likely rebut the claims in the coming weeks. — A copy of the USTR’s 2020 overview of notorious markets is available here (pdf). The full list of highlighted online sites/service, including those focused on counterfeiting, is as follows: Torrent Sites Cyberlockers E-commerce,,,, and (new) (new) (new) Advertising (new) Cloud storage – Baidu Wangpan (new) Streaming / IPTV -Chaloos -Pelisplus (new) -Popcorn Time (new) -Shabakaty (new) Hosting -BlueAngelHost (new) -FlokiNET -Private Layer Social Media Streamripping and Gaming Music Publishing -Sci-Hub and LibGen Source: