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LAToken : Trade Real Assets in Cryptocurrencies


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LAToken is an ongoing ICO, enabling to trade real assets in Cryptocurrencies.

A Blockchain Exchange:

LAToken is another blockchain platform featuring token sale and crypto trade of real assets.LAToken aims to energize the world crypto market and modify our traditional economic system to digital economy system.

Unlike other Crypto trading platforms,  LAToken allows a user to trade with the services like Gold Loan, real estate, stock exchange ..etc. Therefore with the integration of updated Blockchain technology and new features, LAToken makes it more convenient to the user to understand and make complete use of Cryptocurrency elements.

However, the decentralizes capital markets of blockchain exchange LATokens facilitates the broad use of Cryptocurrencies in the real economy. Since it allows crypto holders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the prices of real assets.

How it Works

Latoken is a sequential process where a user can easily Register, Operate, Get reports, Get notified and Get support. Some major are mentioned below:

Assets Tokenizing:

The custodian issues asset tokens linked to the asset value and sell them to cryptoholders.
Asset owner sells part of the asset to a LAT-certified custodian.
The asset owner buys back the asset tokens on the settlement date or the custodian sells the asset at a fiat auction and therefore distributes the proceeds among the asset tokens’ holders.
Cryptoholders may sell the asset tokens on a secondary market.

LAToken platform enables cryptoholders can buy asset tokens linked to prices of publicly traded assets:

Accordingly, cryptoholders buy Asset tokens at an auction on the LAT Platform.
On the pre-determined settlement date, LAToken buys back Asset tokens from cryptoholders at the current market price of the underlying asset.
LAToken issues Asset tokens linked to prices of publicly traded assets.
Moreover, the lower transaction costs on the LAT platform can be beneficial for cryptoholder from stocks, bonds and commodities upside potential without converting cryptocurrency to fiat.


“ Mitchell Manoff “

“LAT Platform will add a great value to Blockchain technology implementation and will introduce a revolutionary trade system”.

“Businesses is all about providing solutions, either it is Small scale or Large scale. However, finding liquidity for illiquid assets is a trillion dollar market. LAToken has a well-designed plan for new illiquid trading & we say it will be a game changer”.

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