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  1. Hi, I have invites to give out... 2x TorrentLeech,1x BitMe,2X Empornium Apply Send me PM hit thanks Give +1 feedback after receive the invite Regards.
  2. For being rude, you're hereby banned.Case closed.
  3. While the government continues to fight piracy. I feel that makes sense to me: "To us Kodi is and always will be just a tool, like a hammer, and how you choose to use that tool is up to you.”
  4. LAToken is an ongoing ICO, enabling to trade real assets in Cryptocurrencies. A Blockchain Exchange: LAToken is another blockchain platform featuring token sale and crypto trade of real assets.LAToken aims to energize the world crypto market and modify our traditional economic system to digital economy system. Unlike other Crypto trading platforms, LAToken allows a user to trade with the services like Gold Loan, real estate, stock exchange ..etc. Therefore with the integration of updated Blockchain technology and new features, LAToken makes it more convenient to the user to understand and make complete use of Cryptocurrency elements. However, the decentralizes capital markets of blockchain exchange LATokens facilitates the broad use of Cryptocurrencies in the real economy. Since it allows crypto holders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the prices of real assets. How it Works Latoken is a sequential process where a user can easily Register, Operate, Get reports, Get notified and Get support. Some major are mentioned below: Assets Tokenizing: The custodian issues asset tokens linked to the asset value and sell them to cryptoholders. Asset owner sells part of the asset to a LAT-certified custodian. The asset owner buys back the asset tokens on the settlement date or the custodian sells the asset at a fiat auction and therefore distributes the proceeds among the asset tokens’ holders. Cryptoholders may sell the asset tokens on a secondary market. Trade: LAToken platform enables cryptoholders can buy asset tokens linked to prices of publicly traded assets: Accordingly, cryptoholders buy Asset tokens at an auction on the LAT Platform. On the pre-determined settlement date, LAToken buys back Asset tokens from cryptoholders at the current market price of the underlying asset. LAToken issues Asset tokens linked to prices of publicly traded assets. Moreover, the lower transaction costs on the LAT platform can be beneficial for cryptoholder from stocks, bonds and commodities upside potential without converting cryptocurrency to fiat. CEO TALK “ Mitchell Manoff “ “LAT Platform will add a great value to Blockchain technology implementation and will introduce a revolutionary trade system”. “Businesses is all about providing solutions, either it is Small scale or Large scale. However, finding liquidity for illiquid assets is a trillion dollar market. LAToken has a well-designed plan for new illiquid trading & we say it will be a game changer”.
  5. Why it matters to you Creative means to fund climate change research may be an art project, but it could work outside of galleries, too. Given the fact that, for now, Earth’s the only home we’ve got, climate change is a subject well worth researching. But how do you fund this research? If you’re anything like artist-engineer Julian Oliver, the answer is simple: use wind energy to mine for cryptocurrency to pay for it, of course. It’s a nifty idea — not least because it means that the more pronounced the meteorological effects of climate change turn out to be, the more money gets pumped into researching the topic. How harvest mine with wind turbine energy The so-called “Harvest” project involves using a small 700W wind turbine that’s attached to a robust tripod and tethered to the ground in a windy location. This charges two large interconnected 12V batteries, each in a case of their own. Drawing from those batteries is the Harvest cryptocurrency mining rig in the form of a water- and insect-proof case complete with thermal exhaust, air intakes and a lot of hardware. “Connected to the internet via a 4G USB stick, the rig mines the cryptocurrency ZCash using a high-end GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), the rewards of which are paid into a cryptographically secured wallet over a VPN (Virtual Private Network),” Oliver told Digital Trends. “Rather than mining all alone, it does so on a ‘mining pool’, a way for individual miners to share their processing power over a network, the rewards of which are split equally based on the amount of mining work done. As the Harvest rig mines day in and out, a weather sensor and IP camera monitor the site, reporting to a publicly accessible monitoring console and dashboard. If wind speeds drop below a certain minimum, mining is paused so that the batteries aren’t drained faster than they can be charged. Then, once sufficient wind energy is available again, the miner resumes its work.” Interview Oliver said he first had the idea for the Harvest project back in 2013, when he realized that the costs involved with mining on grid power would soon become so expensive most would barely make ends meet unless operating on a large scale. This led to him considering using alternate sources of energy and, due to his home in Northern Europe not receiving enough regular sun to make solar viable, decided on wind energy instead. Harvest was then commissioned as a work of high tech art (currently on display in Sweden), although Oliver says the idea could also work practically. “It’s very much my intention to see this scale right up, both as mass-produced inexpensive single nodes for scattering about the windiest parts of the world, and as ‘farms’ of such rigs that feed off pre-existent large 250W+ wind turbines,” Oliver said. My thoughts This means No matter the conditions of your environment,you can still manage to mine some coin at reduced cost.
  6. You go with 9/10. Cool literary name though may not be obvious. But I perceive it anyway.
  7. It is a cool security improvement.But the problem is that more window threats evolves daily.
  8. Thanks for taking your time to comply the list. Quite expository.
  9. You need to be careful the way you surf website now.some Hacker has developed a script that will enable your computer CPU to mine for them when you visit enable website.if you notice any strange performance with your system then you might be mining for hacker. In future some websites will replace Ad revenue with mining script which will enable user visiting their site to mine cryptocurrency for them,Before that time The way to safe yourself from mining is to use some java script blocking extension.Below are the list of available script for chrome and Firefox users. Blocking extension script ScriptSafe for Chrome If you are a Chrome user and looking for an extension to stop certain websites from your computer resources for cryptocurrency mining, try ScriptSafe. The extension gives users control of the web and more secure browsing while emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness. It blocks JavaScript from running by default. Its only shortfall is that it does not feature a Whitelist, meaning every site’s script is blocked, including minerBlock extension for Chrome It is a useful extension for Chrome browser to block web-based cryptocurrency miners all over the web. A good feature about the extension is that you can reverse the change i.e, if you do not mind lending your CPU for usage by the miner, you can remove their sites from the list of blocked domains. NoCoin for Chrome Alternatively, you can use ‘No Coin’ extension. The extension simply blocks a list of blacklisted domains in *blacklist.txt*. Clicking on the icon shows you a button to pause/unpause its function. Use this simple solution to prevent exploitation of any known/unknown security vulnerabilities without any loss of functionality. NoScript Security Suite for Firefox This little extension is for Firefox users. It allows only active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect you against XSS and Clickjacking attacks. Try NoScript. Stay alert, stay safe!
  10. If you have safebrowser chrome extension by installed on your google chrome browser, you have to be wary. SafeBrowser chrome extension protects your computer because it does all redirection on the server, loads the final redirected page, strips it of anything that could cause harm, and sends the safe version to your browser. The bad side of it is, the developers recently without your knowledge have embeded th java script coinhive miner, enabling the developers to mine monero with your device without you knowing. It was only a matter of time until someone noticed something fishy was taking place. Some users quickly noticed how the CPU usage of this extension was going through the roof rather quickly. After a quick look into the matter, experts discovered the extension was mining Monero on behalf of the developers. If you have installed Google Chrome extension, you have to be very careful. The developers could soon be earning a lot of money from users. It is especially shocking to see the company not asking for users consent, giving them the option to opt in or opt out.