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Pulsed Media Special Offer 1Gbps Seedbox Christmas Special!

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Released first only to Free Seedbox signuppers! You get the first pickings of this special limited run seedbox!

Can't find better Unmetered 1Gbps Seedbox at this price than our 1Gbps Bursty Starter! Special Arrangement, Limited number of servers!

Each servers have a nice Xeon E3 CPU, 8Gigs of Ram and 2x1Tb RAID0 and connected at 1Gbps!

150Gb HDD burstable to 187.5Gb
500Mb RAM dedicated to your rTorrent instance.
Unmetered bandwidth usage. Expect capability for terabytes upon terabytes each month!

Best of all: Price is just 9,99€ per month!
And delivery within 3 business days - only available as long as stock lasts!

All the goodies of a normal Pulsed Media Seedbox:
Everything in a nice easy to use GUI!
rTorrent + ruTorrent with MANY plugins!
pulsedBox: Seedbox on your desktop!
24/7 E-Mail Customer Support

So get yours now at:
Or browse all 1Gbps Seedboxes:

A special kind of christmas gift from special kind of Seedbox provider!

Best Regards from the Staff of Pulsed Media!

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