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RapidSeedbox - Best Seedbox Of 2018 Unmetered, OpenVPN, 55% Discount

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Who Are We?

RapidSeedbox is a Seedbox & Dedicated Server provider focused on delivering fast peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol-based file transfer on remote high-end servers.

Why Choose Us?
  • In RapidSeedbox we believe that a fast, reliable and anonymous peer-to-peer experience should be available for every person who seeks it. This is essential for every individual to have in the modern world. No one should expect any less in 2016.
  • RapidSeedbox has helped thousands of clients get to super-fast speeds while using peer-to-peer protocols and remaining anonymous at the same time.
  • We eliminate any worry for our clients might have, our servers are maintained in a server farm 24\7 and we guarantee a 99.99% up-time of any service you purchase with us.
  • We have a special customer support team, who are entirely dedicated to making every customer happy. We do everything needed to make our customers happy as this is the most important outcome of our business, to serve you with the highest level of quality possible. Our goal is to add more value than anyone else.
  • We accept both EUR and USD, very convenient for both European clients from the United States
  • We offer servers and services from both France and Netherlands, so you can enjoy the benefits of each server farm depending on your location. This is done in order to determine which one will be the faster and most convenient for your needs.
  • We can offer full IP rentals to clients, from small ranges to a full \20 ranges, as our company owns a large number of IP’s. You can utilize it not only for your Seedbox but for your Dedicated Server, with your own unique needs & wants.
  • CANI: Constant And Never Ending Improvement. We always work on improving our services, improving our templates, improving our customer support, improving our speeds, improving our hardware & infrastructure. As a client of ours, you will enjoy every new improvement we come up with in our company.


Click Here To Get Started!



Click Here To Get Started!


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We still offer trials and also a 14 day money back guarantee on all of our Seedbox plans :)

Have an awesome day!!!

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Greetings everyone,

Trials are available for everyone who wants to try one, including our exclusive all guaranteed 14 day money back guarantee - Yea, we are that confident in our services :)

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