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Hello I.S!
So, I've been thinking about this for a while.
I know I have a lot left that I can learn about photoshop, but I like to play around in it.
Anyways, I decided to make this offer to the members of I.S, an offer that will benefit my training and that all hopefully be good/fun for you all.
First off, I know BT has made a avatar shop post, so no disrespect to either BT or peaceenforcer, but I felt I wanted to try to make some use of myself since I currently cannot help with invites or accounts, and i really don't feel i'm good enough to sell my services (But hey, giving stuff away too, is also fun!)
I think signatures and avatars are fun to watch, and they often reflect on who someone is, and what they think.
I don't however enjoy long signatures, in example half a page long signatures, and similar.
So I decided to make an offer to try to create personalised signatures/avatars for those those who want it.
For me to try to make a personalised signature for you, I will have to know some things about you.
1: Is there any specific theme you want? (Movies, nature, games and so on)
2: Any hobbies that you enjoy?
3: What's your favourite movie or just a movie that you enjoy a lot?
4: Do you have a favourite character in a movie or game or similar?
These are just examples, but the more information specific to what you want in your signature, the easier it gets to make something that you will enjoy.
You can also post pictures, or a link to them if there are any specific pictures you want me to use in the avatar or signature
And now for an example:
For my signature, a nice description could be.
I like the nature and seeing the wonders of it.
I'm a big fan of Star Wars, and I am of course a fan of Yoda, the way he talks and takes his time instead of stressing around.
My favourite colour is red..
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91deb0bb80.png and Reputation fgr.png is always welcome if you like my post :)

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