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  1. motherboard: Uhm. Can't remember vga: Saphire Radeon 7870 HD cpu: Intel i7 930, 2.8Gz Quad core ram: Kingston 12 Gb HyperX (need more, so will doubble it soon) power supply: Corsair 650W Storage: OCZ Revodrive 2 x2 (PCI-e SSD) 80Gb, 2x 4Tb WD Black case: some random old thing i had lying around, with some fancy lighting and so screen: 1x Samsung SyncMaster T220(22"), 1 Syncmaster SB350(24") Yet to find any game that i can't run to the max
  2. 4/10! Sorry, but your nick reminds me of Fortigate (network equiptment), and i really hate forticrap! Nothing personal
  3. Never happened to me. I'm on windows 7 I just work alot with windows deployment, so i kinda need to keep uptodate on all things in regards to these things
  4. Just found this little MS technet article for those of you with gaming keyboards on Win8, thinking of doing 8.1 upgrade. " Assume that a gaming keyboard is installed on a Windows 8-based computer. When you try to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, the upgrade operation fails. Additionally, the computer may restart continuously. " Source: Just though i would share
  5. There is nothing called to many pc's! ^_^
  6. Hmm, a Dell and 3 Lenovos.. I use only the lenovos... For work.. At home, i use a REAL computer (or 3 ) haha
  7. Hello I.S! So, I've been thinking about this for a while. I know I have a lot left that I can learn about photoshop, but I like to play around in it. Anyways, I decided to make this offer to the members of I.S, an offer that will benefit my training and that all hopefully be good/fun for you all. First off, I know BT has made a avatar shop post, so no disrespect to either BT or peaceenforcer, but I felt I wanted to try to make some use of myself since I currently cannot help with invites or accounts, and i really don't feel i'm good enough to sell my services (But hey, giving stuff away too, is also fun!) I think signatures and avatars are fun to watch, and they often reflect on who someone is, and what they think. I don't however enjoy long signatures, in example half a page long signatures, and similar. So I decided to make an offer to try to create personalised signatures/avatars for those those who want it. For me to try to make a personalised signature for you, I will have to know some things about you. 1: Is there any specific theme you want? (Movies, nature, games and so on) 2: Any hobbies that you enjoy? 3: What's your favourite movie or just a movie that you enjoy a lot? 4: Do you have a favourite character in a movie or game or similar? These are just examples, but the more information specific to what you want in your signature, the easier it gets to make something that you will enjoy. You can also post pictures, or a link to them if there are any specific pictures you want me to use in the avatar or signature And now for an example: For my signature, a nice description could be. I like the nature and seeing the wonders of it. I'm a big fan of Star Wars, and I am of course a fan of Yoda, the way he talks and takes his time instead of stressing around. My favourite colour is red.. //Xandor
  8. Ah you are trying to sell a seedbox You should probably put up some information about what the prices are and so on. And you should probably post it in "Seedbox Sellers" section: Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck
  9. Uhm, not a 100% sure what you are trying to say here actually
  10. Hmm.. Hard one... Deadpool.. but then again, he's more of an anti-hero, so maby he does not count.. hm.. Elekra! (Hey, who would say no to Jennifer Garner in those cloths)
  11. Død Snø/Dead Snow! (If you havent seen it, i can reccomend it) Horror-comedy... Nazi Zombies come back to kill some kids that are out in the woods at a cabin Great fun ^_^
  12. Actually, in NOK (currency where he is) its about 5.5-6 mill... So he is a millionaire But i see some "errors" in that text too.. says he used 1/5 of it to buy an apartment in Toyen... Yea, it's quite expensive.. however, 1,000 Btc = around 1.2Mill NOK... He MIGHT get an apartment around the size of 20 m2 for that there. haha IF he's lucky still ^_^
  13. In 2009, Norwegian student Kristoffer Koch was procrastinating from some school work when he came upon an offer to purchase some Bitcoin, the unregulated online currency that he (as well as much of the computer-literate population) knew very little about at the time. Intrigued by the idea of what he considered "fake money," he spent 150 kroner ($26.50 USD) on the stuff, and walked away with 5,000 bitcoins. He logged out of the exchange site and essentially forgot about the purchase, until, of course, Bitcoin became the biggest thing on the Internet this spring. Reminded of his purchase, Koch rummaged up his bitcoin password and logged into his bitcoin banking site. Once in, he learned that his $26.50 investment had grown into an $885,520 USD value. He was rich and didn't even know it. His girlfriend, who'd given him more than enough crap for "buying a lot of technical little things that [he] never had time to use," had her foot planted firmly in her mouth. Koch cashed one-fifth of his 5,000 bitcoin and used the money to buy an apartment in Toyen, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Oslo. And his girlfriend, he says, now believes he "should be allowed to buy the things I want." Daaaaanm that's a nice investment.. haha. Source: