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I2P 0.9.20 Released

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I2P is an anonymous network, exposing a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. The network itself is strictly message based (a la IP), but there is a library available to allow reliable streaming communication on top of it (a la TCP). All communication is end to end encrypted (in total there are four layers of encryption used when sending a message), and even the end points ("destinations") are cryptographic identifiers (essentially a pair of public keys).
0.9.20 contains many important bug fixes, and several changes to increase floodfill capacity in the network.
Routers configured for 32-64 KB of shared bandwidth may now become floodfill, and routers configured for 512 KB or more of shared bandwidth will have higher connection limits. These changes may cause your router to use more resources. If the router becomes too busy, the best way to reduce usage is to lower the bandwidth settings in your console. If that doesn't help, you may now disable automatic floodfill on the advanced configuration page in the console.
We're hopeful that these changes will increase network capacity and performance, and reduce the congestion that's been affecting the network the last three months.
As usual, we recommend that you update to this release. The best way to maintain security and help the network is to run the latest release.
Finally, we're excited to announce our first-ever I2P meetup, in Toronto August 15-16. There will be lots of presentations and tutorials. All are welcome. For more information, see the announcement.

  • Floodfill performance improvements
  • Add support for address book export
  • Add support for SSL in HTTP server tunnel
  • Allow class 'M' (64-128 KBps share bandwidth) to become floodfill
  • Raise connection limits for new classes 'P' (512-2000 KBps share bandwidth) and 'X' (over 2000 KBps)
  • Add support for signed development builds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for high CPU usage in floodfills
  • Clock skew fixes
  • Fixes and configuration for when IPv4 is firewalled but IPv6 still works
  • Locking fixes for i2ptunnel clients to prevent hangs at startup
  • Verify hostnames when reseeding
  • Fix deletion of config files for deleted torrents in i2psnark
  • Fix hangs fetching proxy.i2p local resources via Privoxy
  • Fixes for duplicate shared clients
  • Fix for occasional page truncation in HTTP client
  • Fixes for handling corrupted SSU packets
  • Fix closing of SAM sessions when I2P session closes
  • Fix bugs in handling streaming resets


  • Reduce NTCP threads
  • Eliminate SimpleScheduler threads
  • Add continent-based NTP servers as fallbacks for country-based ones
  • Remove all default non-SSL reseed hosts
  • Disable fallback to non-su3 reseeding
  • Several fixes in streaming for better "loopback" performance
  • Reduce latency in i2ptunnel
  • Add a larger Bloom filter for very high bandwidth and memory
  • Add Bloom filter warning when configured for high bandwidth but not enough memory
  • Reduce max netdb search depth to reduce floodfill load
  • Improved header processing and error handling in i2ptunnel HTTP server
  • Better error handling and user feedback when HTTP client tunnel is disabled
  • More changes to improve floodfill capacity
  • New configuration for forcing IPv4 (only) to firewalled on /confignet
  • New configuration for floodfill on /configadvanced
  • Show separate IPv4 and IPv6 status in summary bar when appropriate
  • Better handling of corrupt SSU packets
  • Jetty 8.1.17.v20150415
  • Translation updates
  • Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only)

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