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Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Released

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Canonical has announced the launch of Ubuntu 15.04. The new release, which will be supported for nine months, features LibreOffice 4.4, version 3.19 of the Linux kernel and a switch from Canonical's Upstart init to systemd.


"systemd has replaced Upstart as the standard boot and service manager on all Ubuntu flavors except Touch. At the time of the 15.04 release there are no known major problems which prevent booting. The only service which does not currently start is Juju, which will be fixed in a post-release update soon; all other packaged Ubuntu services are expected to work. Upstart continues to control user sessions... You can boot with Upstart once by selecting `Advanced options for Ubuntu' in the GRUB boot menu and starting the `Ubuntu, with Linux ... (upstart)' entry. To switch back permanently, install the upstart-sysv package (this will remove systemd-sysv and ubuntu-standard)."


The new release offers several updates and improvements for LXC containers and this is the first version of Ubuntu to offer the LXD container management utility. Ubuntu is available in a number of editions, including Desktop, Server and Snappy, a minimal "core" installation. More details on Ubuntu 15.04 can be found in the release notes.


Ubuntu Flavors News:


Kubuntu 15.04 ships with the shiny new Plasma 5.2 desktop environment by default, a change that helps give the release a renewed identity.

But this next-gen KDE desktop is more than just fancy visuals. Refactoring under-the-hood have made it more agile, adaptable and performance, something the recent release of Plasma 5.3 Beta shows.

The release also ships with KDE Applications 14.12.2 and includes new versions of staple apps like Konsole and Gwenview based on KDE Frameworks 5.



Xubuntu 15.04 is based on the latest XFCE 4.12 release, which brings a stack of optimisations, bug fixes and minor new features, such as a new panel plugin to display battery and device charge levels.

The color scheme in the Terminal app has been tweaked, the look of Qt applications improved and a tool for configuring the log-in screen added.

Updated versions of the spin’s default application set feature, and there are plenty of Xubuntu specific bug fixes and stability improvements to be had, too.


Lubuntu 15.04 marks another highly minor bug fix release for the lightweight LXDE-based distro. While welcome one does feel it sees releases more out of obligation than necessity.

On offer are updated versions of core system components, apps and artwork.


Ubuntu MATE 15.04 based on the MATE desktop environment version 1.8.2 and adds support for PowerPC systems, the RaspberryPi 2, ‘Client Side Decorations’ and the Compiz window manager.

Drop-down terminal application Tilda comes pre-installed as of this release, as do VLC (replacing Totem) and versatile webcam app Guvcview (replacing Cheese).

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 also throws in the LightDM GTK Greeter Settings tool and utilities for ‘switching’ desktop layouts and tweaking folders colors.


Ubuntu Gnome 15.04. Although not using the latest version of the GNOME software stack Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 finally ships with a consistent GNOME experience, made up of last year’s GNOME 3.14 release.

Two new apps are installed as a result: Maps and Weather.

A new GNOME Classic session is available to select from the login screen, while the newly-bundled Numix theme helps add some visual bling.


Ubuntu Studio 15.04. The new release ships with the Xfce 4.12 desktop environment and a new meta package which draws in all required dependencies for a multimedia workstation. "Another short term release is out. Not much is new, but some of the most obvious changes are: New meta package: ubuntustudio-audio-core (includes all the core stuff for an audio oriented installation); Xfce 4.12.



ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1,097MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

ubuntu-15.04-server-amd64.iso (616MB, SHA256, torrent)

ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz (122MB, SHA256)


kubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1,251MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

xubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso (963MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

lubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso (690MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

lubuntu-15.04-alternate-amd64.iso (650MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

ubuntu-mate-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1,096MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

ubuntu-gnome-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1,012MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

ubuntustudio-15.04-dvd-amd64.iso (2,283MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist)

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