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  1. Hi, I do have an invite from a great tracker what I count as a very good tracker I need one invite of B2S or HDC I think both the same Born2Seed or HDCorea [b2S] both the same [HDC *] [born2Seed] both the same either one [HDCorea]
  2. happy birthday invitescene may you live for another 100 years
  3. Carl Thank you so much for the invite you gave me !!!! REP added . Thank you so much
  4. thank you I apply for the fuxor invite . Thank you in advance !
  5. I do have interest in PTN invite . I do have a 1Gbps Server , I want to upload and seed ! Thank you in advance
  6. Hi , I am interested and apply for that invite Thank you in advance !
  7. I will seed seed seed and take care of it like my baby
  8. I hope I get the invite I am trying to be creative as always
  9. Is it still available ? If yes I would love to take the chance to get that invite
  10. Hello yes what a nice day , yes I am interested
  11. You guys I just saw the post right now, thank you so much , I love this Community it a great Site . It was my pleasure to Support you , Also a big big thanks to "Inviter"
  12. I am interesting in FTP Access is it still available ? let me know please the details etc . thank you in advance