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Invite Scene: Frequently Asked Questions

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The following are questions frequently asked by members of the community. The answers to these questions are subject to change at the discretion of Invite Scene Staff at any given time. This list will be updated as needed.


Q. I have been warned, what does this mean?

A. This means you have violated one of Invite Scene rules and it has resulted in a warn. Be careful, because 5 warns is an instant ban.
Q. Can my warning point(s) be removed?
A. Nope. Moderators do not have the ability, only Head Moderators and Administrators do, and we will not remove the points. Once you commit the infraction, it's there for life.
Q. I have a suggestion, where can I make it?
A. Best place is in the "Feedback, Suggestions and Support" forum, please do not PM anyone.
Q. How come many forum I want to see come up with 'You do not have permission to view this forum?
A. This is because your account might not yet matched with our requirements. You will not able to see the Protected Forum until your account matched with our requirements.
Q. Is Invite Scene recruiting staff members?
A. We are always looking for qualified members of the forum who show an undying dedication to the high quality of the board. Best place is in the "Staff Applications" forum, please do not PM anyone.
Q. I just got banned from the forums, can I get unbanned?
A. Bans happen for a reason. However, if you disagree with it you can make an appeal in the Ban appeal section justifying your actions and try to convince us to unban you.
Q. Can I delete my account?
A. Currently we don't have an option for you to delete your account, if you don't want to be apart of our site simply just don't visit it anymore.
Q. Am I allowed to share my account with other people, or have more than one account?
A. No and no. While we cannot prevent you from sharing your account with other users, we will ban your account if we detect that you are. Any violations committed by individuals using your account, is still your responsibility. If you are in need of another account for family or spouses living under the same roof, you may contact a Head Moderator or Administrator.
Q. How can I advertise on Invite Scene?
A. For all intents and purposes, advertising is prohibited. However, We offer an advertising package, which will allow for a banner and/or thread to be created and shared on Invite Scene. For more details, please send a private message to Inviter
Q. What should I do if I see a post or topic that is violating the guidelines?
A. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to "mini-mod". Actions considered to be mini-modding are:
  • "Calling out" the user
  • Publicly stating that the post or topic is in violation of the guidelines
  • Citing the guidelines to embarrass or annoy the user
  • Sending the user a harassing Private Message or profile post
  • Simply report the post, reference the rule being violated (if applicable), and let it alone.
Q. Why was X user banned or warned?
A. Putting it bluntly, it's none of your concern. We respect our users' privacy on Invite Scene, and any actions taken against an account is confidential. We will never disclose the details surrounding a banning or moderated post/topic unless it is absolutely necessary.
Q. When should I PM a Staff member?
A. Unless requested, you should only PM a Staff member when:
  • You need further clarification on our policies
  • Wish to discuss a warning or suspension issued against your account
  • Need to create secondary accounts for family / spouses
  • Friendly correspondence such as simple conversation or perhaps an invite to a fantasy league is acceptable

Q. Is it true!? The Shoutbox is back!? How do I access it?

A. Simple. You need fifteen (15) posts. Do not get caught spamming, or you may lose access to more than just the shoutbox. Remember to follow the Shoutbox Rules.
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