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Top 10 Sites To Send and Recieve Anonymous Emails

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Sending anonymous e-mails to people is handy when you want to promote your brand or product quickly and easily. Having the advantage of sending e-mail without using the real name of sender is very helpful. It protects your identity from several things. If you want to e-mail people about any secret or want to criticize something without letting people knows who you are, you should send your message through an anonymous e-mail. There are plenty of free websites on the internet for those People who want to know how to send anonymous e-mails without letting your identity recognized. We have featured top 10 sites for you to send free anonymous e-mails from.


1. Anonymous Email – TorGuard

TorGuard offers free encrypted web-mail security. It allows you to send anonymous emails to inbox and gives many features for privacy settings. You can communicate your message online with having proper security. With OpenPGP encryption, you can encrypt any message before sending it. 10MB storage is also provided. It is very easy to use and is compatible with all web browsers.




2. Tor Mail

Tor Mail is completely free source to send anonymous e-mails for any purpose. You want to promote anything quickly, send anonymous e-mail through Tor Mail. Tor uses many hidden servers which makes it completely untraceable. Tor Mail is hidden and does not requires any kind of information such as the name, address etc.



3. Secure Mail

Secure Mail is totally unreadable due to its 4096-but key encryption. Only you will have the power to read your mail. There is no personal information required or any IP address to sign up on Secure Mail. It also offers a policy against the spam e-mails. You can get your free e-mail address and utilize the amazing features of Secure Mail.



4. lets you send anonymous e-mails without any registration. Just fill out the simple form which includes; receiver’s address, subject and the e-mail content. There is also an option to attach a file with the e-mail. If you want a reply from the receiver, you can give a reply-to email address and if you don’t want it than just send the message without it.



5. 5ymail

5ymail gives you the proper right to send beautiful messages with good textures without letting the other person know who you are. But, you will receive the pass to 5ymail by giving a real e-mail address. You can also use more amazing features with upgrading to paid version.



6. CyberAtlantis

CyberAtlantis is very simple and easy to use. You just have to provide the e-mail address of the receiver, the subject of your message, and the body. It will remove your IP address when sending your e-mail thus making it untraceable. There is no personal information required for sending any e-mail and it is totally free to use.



7. GuerrilaMail

GuerrillaMail has a very unique feature that it provides to the user. It offers a disposable, self destructible and temporary e-mail address so you can send anonymous e-mails to anyone on the internet. The e-mail address is automatically deleted after an hour. There is no personal information required and is totally free to use.



8. VenomPen

VenomPen offers a simple way to send anonymous e-mails by filling a form on the website. Just enter the details of who you want to send the message, type subject of the message and the body. VenomPen will make sure that the receiver will get your e-mail without knowing who send it.



9. Send Email Message

Send Email serves over 100,000 free anonymous e-mail messages daily. It is one of the most used websites to send anonymous e-mail. You can show your love to someone, play a joke with friends, or use it for any other reason by filling out a simple form.




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