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Invite Scene - #1 to Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites

#1 TorrentInvites Community. Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites for Every Private Torrent Trackers. HDB, BTN, AOM, DB9, PTP, RED, MTV, EXIGO, FL, IPT, TVBZ, AB, BIB, TIK, EMP, FSC, GGN, KG, MTTP, TL, TTG, 32P, AHD, CHD, CG, OPS, TT, WIHD, BHD, U2 etc.


  • Invite Scene Feature Plan

    Keep up to date with what we have planned for Invite Scene going forward!
    1. IP.Nexus is now known as IPS Commerce. We'd like to reopen our donation system offering a handful of packages, possibly even tiers for donating. We do not yet have an ETA for this feature.

    2. Using our current Tracker / Feature Plan framework, we'll be developing a custom applications system designed specifically for Invite Scene. Many of the necessary features already exist within the framework, such as statuses, comments, and fields.

      Some additional customizations will be required:

      • Ability to hide a user's application from other members (similar to the Users can see topics posted by other users? permission).
      • Auto-notification on status change.
      • Ability to privatize comments from applicants, solely for Staff discussion of the application.
      • "Support" system, similar to the voting-style system that was integrated with the 3.4 applications system.
    3. Invite Scene's supporters are essential to this community's future. We'll be exploring additional options for expanding perks and advantages for our Donators to not only make donation worth it more than ever, but as a continued 'Thank you' to those who continue to support us.

    4. Implement and customize Invite Scene's very own Feature Plan, modeled after the IPS4 Feature Plan.

    5. Let's add a bit of flair to Invite Scene. We opted to utilize the default theme with a few necessary edits in order to allow ourselves to focus on potential bugs with the site and immediate upgrades. We're now nearly two weeks removed from our official launch of the IPS4 version of Invite Scene; time to shake things up a bit and put together a custom theme.

    6. Upgrading to IPS4 was a huge step forward for Invite Scene and long overdue, even. Site administration and moderators worked tirelessly to ensure that any applications / hooks (plugins) that were being used on the 3.4 edition of Invite Scene were available for IPS4 or at the very least, had a reasonable alternative. Invite Scene did leave a few features behind but nothing we couldn't do without for the sake of continuing to provide a stellar and valuable service to its community.

    7. Invite Scene needs to leave the stone age. Plenty of our users have found us via a simple Google search but just as many find us by way of our semi-inactive social media pages (Facebook and Twitter). A big step to increasing our social media presence would be to offer SSO (Single Sign-On) solutions that will allow you to sync your Twitter and Gmail accounts with your Invite Scene account. This will be completely optional, of course. We'd also like to display a Twitter feed on the site and offer more tools to interact with us on social media during downtime and just for every day use!

    8. By default, IPS4 only formats usergroup names / titles in a small number of sections on the site. By addon or by customization, Invite Scene will be formatting its usergroup names and member titles site-wide.

    9. On June 26th, Invite Scene will be taken offline to upgrade our hosting environment, which is primarily our resources and new server. Invite Scene will be much faster, much more responsive, and should offer better uptime at more affordable rates.

      We're excited for the big move as it will accommodate the demand of IPS4 and our ever growing database.

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