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#1 TorrentInvites Community. Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites for Every Private Torrent Trackers. HDB, BTN, DB9, PTP, EXIGO, IPT, MTV, RED, TVBZ, AB, BIB, TIK, EMP, FSC, GGN, KG, MTTP, TL, TTG, 32P, AHD, CHD, CG, OPS, TT, WIHD, BHD, U2 etc.

Invite Scene VIP Giveaways & Requests


  1. VIP Giveaways

    We are giving away 1 x, 2 x M-Team, 1 x, 1 x HDCorea (B2S), 20 x, 2 x, 2 x BitMeTV.ORG, 2 x What.CD, 8 x, 2 x (PTM), 4 x, 2 x, 5 x, 2 x, 4 x TranceTraffic, 3 x and much more.

  2. VIP Requests

    This section is only available for VIP members. You can request any invites or accounts here.

    • VIP members are allowed to open 3x Requests per month.
    • You will receive 50x Reputation points upon filling a request.