Invite Scene VIP Giveaways & Requests


  1. VIP Giveaways NEW!

    We are giving away 1 x, 2 x M-Team, 1 x, 1 x HDCorea (B2S), 20 x, 2 x, 2 x BitMeTV.ORG, 2 x What.CD, 8 x, 2 x (PTM), 4 x, 2 x, 5 x, 2 x, 4 x TranceTraffic, 3 x and much more.

  2. VIP Requests

    This section is only available for VIP members. You can request any invites or accounts here.

    • VIP members are allowed to open 3x Requests per month.
    • You will receive 50x Reputation points upon filling a request.

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Welcome to Invite Scene! Invite Scene is the largest community for private torrent invites. Our users buy, sell, trade and share exclusive private torrent invites to the most exclusive private trackers.

Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Signing up for an account is easy and you won't regret it!

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