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2 x ExigoMusic, 2 x PassThePopcorn, 1 x BroadcasThe.Net, 1 x, 1 x, 1 x So-Torrent, 1 x PolishTracker and Many...

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i would like to apply for specially (passthepopcorn, and scanbytes


nice giveaway


rep + thanks added









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Hello, dear @Inviter.


Is also a great pleasure to participate in this Birthday GA of InviteScene.


My applies: PTP, Exigo, HDCenter, So-Torrent, LzTr, PolishTracker and BTN. If I win one of these trackers will be happy.


Continue with this success and long life of the IS. Thanks!!

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Hi Inviter,


Very nice amazing giveaway! I would like to apply to

I'm searching for this one for a while, also I've post it in the request section in december 2013 :-/ ...

Why PTP? because it's one of the best tracker for movies and I like movies!!!


Of course you get my rep+1&Thx for this amazing work and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

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Hi EveryOne .

First Of All . HappY BirthDay For .::InviteScene::.

Really We Had Many Great OLD Times , That Wouldn't Be Forgotten , So Enjoy All !! :)


Well , I Have Seen Many GiveAways Like This One Before ( OLD Monthly GAs )

But Wasn't Able To Apply ( As Being A Staffer ) ..

At This Time , I Would Like To Apply For ExigoMusic .


My Words To Convince : I Really Like To Enter Such An Elite Place For Music Stuff .

MoreOver , I Passed Few Years In My Life . Seeking To Enter The Best Places As I Could .

I've Done Good Work On OLD .::IS::. , Helped Members As I Could .

I Hope To Get The Chance To Join Exigo ( My Word : I'll Use It Personally , For me ) ..


Thanks For This Great GiveAway .

Thanks For The Helpers To Make This Happen ( If Any ) .

Thanks For All ...... GoodLUck . :)



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HappY BirthDay  IS

Amazing giveaway
I Apply for ExigoMusic (EXIGO)
Best Music tracker
difficult to be a member of
Exigo is a lossless audio tracker, with most being in FLAC format files.
the best in the world for FLAC music tracker!

I can rip flac album . Can contribute to the site

I have extensive archives

Exigo very rare music tracker
I can provde proofs on request
Only Personal Usage ...



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A Perfect Gift for "IS" Community on this special occasion.

A Massive Give Away from Inviter as always

I would Like to Apply for "PTP" bcoz its Best Movie Tracker and I don't have account there so this is the Golden chance for me on this Special Day to get into PTP  :yes:


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:islove:  :islove:  :islove:  :islove:   HAPPY BIRTHDAY  :islove:  :islove:  :islove:  :islove:


Very Very Amazing Awesome GIveaway @ Inviter, Special thanks to @sword.pngYumma and @star.pngoculte


I would like to apply for PTP or BTN 


Thanks, Rep added. Many Many Congratulations for all of you to be a part of this awesome community.


I got lots  of things here, not only invites. Always I got very good & instant updates about torrent reviews, news & open sign up.


I salute those people who always put their valuable times to make this community more attractive & no 1 position for torrent invites world.


Keep it up ..... :islove: 

Thanks  in advance




:dance3:  :dance2:  :dance3:  :dance4:  :dance5:  :dance1:  :dance2:  :dance4:  :dance5:

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